nd thoughts.

An Nuan felt like shes fighting over a man she doesn like, she sneered and walked to Lu Xie front.

She kicked the bag and sent it flying to the other side ”If it isn valuable to you. It could as well be used as a ball ”.

Lu Xie smiled faded as she saw her bag been tossed towards the end of the mall.

She hadn expected it from An Nuan, she knew that An Nuan won take this bag and had come up with a plan to stylishly take the bag but now that it has been thrown away. She can pick it up now.

An Nuan simply walked to Gu Ji pulled enjoying the conflicting look on Lu Xie face. that serves her right,An Nuan thinks.

Facing Gu Ji, she said ”Shall we go back home ”.

Gu Ji broad smile broaden. He had wanted to help her but he saw that she had everything under control and had decided to step out when she no longer has the upper hand.

He held her hand again and she gave him a quizzical look ”You know that people are going to misunderstand us if you keep holding me like that ”she voiced out and he discreetly snorted.

Let them misunderstand,he thinks within and dared not say it out loud.

He sneered ”Its not like theres anything wrong in that ”he immediately said ”You
e not my type anyway ”.

An Nuan felt like puking out blood.

Why does people keep on annoying her, she just want to rest, she complains inside.

” Of course am not,you prefer ladies with plastic surgeries ”she said sacarstically and continued walking with him towards his car when she felt her pocket and panic flashed through her face.

”Whats wrong? ”Gu Ji asked.

”I think i left my purse in there ”.

She must have left it while in cahoots with Lu Xie.

”I have to go get it ”she dropped what she was holding and handed it to Gu Ji.

”Come on,let me go ”Gu Ji hurriedly said,An Nuan rolled her eyes.

”What man keeps a woman waiting. Let me go and get it. I won stay long ”.

An Nuan didn bother to hear what hes going to say and ran back to the mall.

She was thankful that the crowd had dissipated, she looked around for her purse and went to the receptionist ”Is there a lost and found here ”.

The lady seized her from her head to her toes and her eyes filled with disdain. She didn move an inch and said ”All the stuffs in there had been taken ownership of ”.

An Nuan didn give up and continued walking looking downwards.

”Are you looking for this? ”

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