enerations of popular actors, Qin Yize is one of the rarer ones who never hypes or plays big names.
He is serious and rigorous when filming, and he is also very polite in dealing with people.
All the actors he has worked with say that he is easy to get along with, and I like him a lot, so for the male lead of my next movie, I went directly to him, the contract has been signed, and the filming will start in February next year.”

Caesar looked down at his cup and thinking, he said: “Brother Huang has such a high evaluation of him, it seems that this young man does have some skills.”

Xi Wei wondered: “Why did you suddenly ask about him? I remember that you have never been interested in the entertainment industry.
So, why are you interested now?”

Caesar smiled and said, “Since it’s someone Luo Ning knows, I asked casually.”

Xi Wei quickly figured out the reason and said, “Are you afraid that Luo Ning will be spoiled by people in the entertainment industry? Don’t worry, Qin Yize has a good personality and is famous for his reputation in the circle.
Luo Ning chatting with him and making friends is nothing.”

Caesar nodded: “That’s good.”

After Xi Wei left, Caesar put down the coffee cup with a chuckle, and said, “Luo Ning, I want to see how long your made-up story can hold up.”

After this, Luo Ning seemed to have completely forgot about it.

After a week of calm and peaceful days, Luo Ning thought that his father was busy with government affairs and was not in the mood to care about him for the time being.
As a result, on the evening of December 15, Caesar suddenly asked the chef to make many of Luo Ning’s favorite pastries and called Luo Ning over.
With them having dinner together, Queen Lin Yuan was also present.

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When Luo Ning saw his father, he immediately sat beside her.
Everyone knew that His Majesty Caesar was a model husband who doted on his wife and someone from whom all Alphas in the empire should learn from.
Caesar handled political affairs very decisively, but most of the time he listened to his wife in family affairs, so it was the right way to please his father.

Luo Ning diligently served his mother with vegetables, and at the same time looked askance at her.
Lin Yuan became impatient after being looked at like that, and frowned: “Do you have something to ask me?”

Luo Ning: “…”

Just as he didn’t know how to speak, Caesar suddenly glanced at him and said in a low voice, “Luo Ning, since you have grown up, has Father ever scolded you?”

Luo Ning hurriedly smiled and said: “Not even once.
Father has always loved me, I know it in my heart.”

Caesar looked at him seriously: “Then why did you lie to your father? Your Majesty?”

Luo Ning’s back stiffened slightly, and he forced himself to calm down: “Father, how dare I lie to you?”

Lin Yuan pricked up her ears when she heard this, and stared at her son displeasedly, “You really have grown up.
You’re getting more and more senseless! You dare to deceive your father, do you want to be beaten? Do you want me to take care of you?”

Luo Ning immediately shrank his neck: “I really didn’t lie to the father.”

Caesar looked at his son and smiled meaningfully: “Then show me the person you like – if there is such a person.”

Luo Ning: “…”

Luo Ning’s scalp suddenly became numb when he met the deep gaze of his father.
He almost forgot that although his father was very gentle and tolerant towards them princes, the most annoying thing to him was if the princes tried to trick him.
Once, the little prince secretly changed the score on his paper because he failed the exam.
He was severely criticized by his father and was taught a good lesson by his mother.
He was lying on the bed for a whole week and could not even walk.

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The miserable appearance of the younger brother’s face full of tears appeared in his mind, and the smile on Luo Ning’s face gradually stiffened.

——What Qin Yize came up with was not a good idea at all, but a big bad idea!

Now, his father had said so much, if Luo Ning admitted that he had lied, he may really be caught and beaten.
But if he continued to lie, where was he going to find such a “favorite person”?

After returning to his study in the evening, Luo Ning sent a message to Qin Yize with a bitter face: “Your idea is not very effective, my father insisted that I bring the person I like back to see him, if he knew that I was lying, he would definitely not let me go.”

Qin Yize said with a sullen face: “My mother also urged me to bring the person I like home for dinner.”

Luo Ning: “…”

Qin Yize: “…”

It’s true that they were sympathetic to each other.

Would you like to cuddle together to keep warm?

Thinking of this, Luo Ning suddenly boldly said: “I have a very risky idea, I don’t know if you would agree or not.”

Qin Yize said: “Let’s hear it.”

Luo Ning said: “Since it is a lie, then just lie to the end.
Anyway, you have a headache at home from being urged to marry, and I’m also annoyed by those who come to propose marriage.
Why don’t we pretend to be a couple for a while, so that the parents on both sides can feel at ease and their mind is stabilized, and then think of other ways.”

Qin Yize thought carefully for a moment, nodded and said, “I think it is feasible.”

The two hit it off and happily became each other’s “marriage shield”.
They thought that with this shield, they would be able to live happily for at least a few years, but they didn’t expect that the plan would not be able to keep up with the changing circumstances.
Once this scene started, it would not end so well-the hole they dug for themselves, in the end, they would have to fill it by themselves as well.

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