Flames of love and war

Escape of no good

Somewhere in Seoul…

The shabby walls were all covered with blood stains. A 26 years old bulked up man was too busy in taking the lives of some rebels.

”Clash ” and there laid the seventh bloody corpse on the ground. The man who did it just look at the badly cut bodies in front of him with dark eyes and whispered in his deadly mysterious voice..

”Dare to go against us and you will experience hell. ”

He walked through the dark silent spreads while wiping the blood of his gun.

”Huh, I wasted all my bullets for those freaks. ”

He stopped his speech when he felt peoples present near him.

”Hands up and give your all money to us or else ready to get beaten up with this rod. ” A group of four told him in threatening manner.

”What if I don ? ” the only words left his mouth when his snatched the rod pointed on his shoulder and threw it away. He turned to face those goons. One of them suddenly throws a punch on him which he is successfully douges off. The other one tries to grab him from behind but Jungho twisted his hand and smashes him on the ground. He was fighting all of them without letting any single scretch on his body.

”You all are nothing in comparison to my armed training. ” He said and left.

He enters an abundant building and goes towards its elevator. As soon as the door opens of the elevator, he press the emergency button which suddenly changes the old button plate to a brand new plate. He pressed the eighth button and the elevator took him to eight floor underground. This was their Seoul headquarters which was under his control. Suhong was hiding somewhere overseas. Jungho will accept all the illegal works except for the drugs and human trafficking. So Suhong was doing these works without him knowing. Though Jungho was an emotionless and tough person, he did had some principles. He was so handsome that it would be impossible to believe that he had such a tough life. His tall and muscular body goes perfectly with his attractive face. He walked pass the busy people, towards his cabin with his pokar face, still noticing everything on his way. Suddenly he stops on his tracks and turned right to face a sweeper maid. She looked down at her feet not being able to look at his face.

”What were you doing in the file section? I have told my men to clean it… ” he said dangerously ”So better tell me what were you doing ”

She started crying by holding his leg ”I am sorry. I… I was just cleaning nothing else. I swe… ”


And there laid the lifeless body of the maid with bullet stuck in her head.

Entering his cabin, he threw himself on the couch and closed his eyes. His peace when he got a conference call from Suhong.

”I have any important work for you. ” Suhong said taking something from Kimwoo, his assistant.

”This is something new for you but you have to do it no matter what. ” he said that getting a page from Kimwoo which was telegram to Jungho. ”You have to kidnap this girl. Not only that but you should do this without anyone knowing you should keep her with you away from everyone and take care of her needs. ”

” Are you telling me to kidnap or babysit a girl? ” Jungho scoff.

”Kidnap her without creating fuss.

”Why would an assassin will kidnap someone? You know well that all I do is kill then why should I be stuck with a girl? ”

”She is someone important for our current mission. You should hide her away from the world. Do your work properly. ” Suhong said and hung up.

Jungho received her pic in his hand

”Lets find you little rat. ” he said looking at her pic in which she was looking somewhere.

*Somewhere in Chicago*

”Hey are you excited for your 24th birthday? ” James almost yelled with happiness but slowed down when looks at his little sister being lost in her world. Giving her a cup of coffee, he sat beside her.

”Hey what happened? ” he asked

”I miss mom and dad. Its more than a year of their accident and you visit me so rarely after becoming the Minister of War! ” Raily said being little sad.

”Hey I miss them too. I swear I would kick my job to I to meet you. Are you feeling alone. ” he asked concerned.

”I am not at all feeling alone in fact I love being alone. Me and my music, books, paints. Everytime I feel suffocated if I talk to a person for more than 5 minutes and anyways you have left three guards for me. I don want any. Can you please take them with you? ”she said.

”I don understand you. You are the one of the friendliest person I ever known but you and your introvert nature! You are so intelligent why don you join the economic compartment? This way you will be able to be with in my touch. I promise to withdraw the security arrangement of House along with the guards if you do so. ” James spoke in a go.

”I am better as a writer, painter and musician. Keep your ideas and over protectiveness with you and if you don remember, you have taught me self defence techniques, remember now? ” she said poking her fingers on his head.

”Stop it. ” he said little annoyed but soon stop when he received a call.

”Sorry I need to go. I promise to see you soon. Don go anywhere without bodyguards. Don get into trouble. And.. ”

”Yeah.. yeah..yeah.. Don do anything stupid and everything. I know it just go now. ” she said pushing him out of her house.

Its been 24 hours since Jungho landed in Chicago and had been watching Railys every move with eagle eyes. He found out that your being kidnap was your relation with Minister of War. He notice your short cheerful interactions with people, the kind of type security arrangement around you and everything else. Finally after following really around for almost 2 days, he came up with his plan. On the day of his plan, he followed you from publishing shop of your poem to your arts university. After sometime he noticed you going to washroom after telling your guards to wait outside. He enter the washroom in an attire of an old lady. He saw that Raily was talking with someone, probably her brother on the phone. Raily gave a small smile to the old woman who was watching her through the mirror. She cut the call and when to the washroom. She came out and was washing her hands, when she saw a man on the door. Panicking, she was about the scream but that man pressed her mouth with cloth of chloroform. She kept struggling in the mans grip until her visions went dark. He hold her back when he saw her falling and tied her to his front. He opened the window and looked down from the three story high building that lead straight into the forest like area. He successfully brought both of them down and went straight towards the car he had already hidden into the bushes. He straightly took the car to the port and next thing he knew was himself and Raily into the basement of a cargo ship.

Slightly opening her eyes she tightly shut them back feeling extreme pain in her head. She tried to remember what happened to her but her senses got alert when she realised that she was nowhere near the city because of the smell of soil and sound of chirping birds.


Jungho was cutting wood after successfully hiding clues of his presence there. Before coming there he had already inform Suhong about Railys kidnapping but didn told where he was taking her.

”Finally, I can live peacefully without bearing the people around me. ” he thought letting out a sign.

Looking so hot when he was busy cutting the wood in his sleeveless t-shirt while his sweaty body wasn helping either. He hadn discovered the place so decided to do so after having cut the wood.He had to search of the basic items. Surviving in the forest without any thing, wasn a big deal for him, but he had to take care of the girl with him whether he likes it or not.

His senses got alert when he heard some noises at some distant, chattering with seemed to be coming closer. He quickly hide himself in a way that he could see everything without being noticed. He saw some tribal people returning from hunt as they were caring a dear on their back. He followed them and reach their village without being noticed. He was on his alert mode which made him quick to understand that these weren normal tribes but the humans eaters as noticed the skulls and ribs of the people scattered.

”I need to be careful of this danger. ” he thought and went to the other side of the forest for the food.


”What about the new missiles? Have you started test of them? Show us. ” James was discussing something the officials when one of your bodyguard came running and panting

”Sir… Your sister.. Your sister is kidnapped… ” he said trying to catch his breath.

”What!! When did this happened? Why didn you call me? ”James shouted in disbelief.

”I called you but you were in conference with President. She was kidnapped yesterday. ”

”What were you doing when that moron tried to lay his finger on her!!!? 24 hours!! She is kidnapped for freaking 24 hours! ” James held the guards collor in anger.

”Sir she was in the washroom and… ”

”Shut up! ” James yelled again causing the poor man to look down. James was about to tell his team to find you when suddenly he got a call from unknown number.

”What? ” James yelled till annoyed with your kidnapping.

”Aww… Is big bro missing his lil sis? ”

James put himself together after hearing about you.

”Who are you? What do you have to do with my sister? ” he ask in demanding voice while setting up the trace of the incoming call.

”You were born with bad memory I guess. I was the one who wanted to have a good deal with you but good boy decline my offer. Keep searching for your sister and until that wait for my call. ” the person said hanging up.

James pull his hair in frustration as the location of the phone kept bouncing.


It was midnight 2:00. And James was sleeping peacefully. His eyes shut open when he hear the voice of breaking vase near him.

”Did I woke you up? ”

Hearing a manly voice James turn to see the person in front of him not believing his eyes.

”Suhong! ” James whispered.

”Surprise ” the man say dramatically.

James try to push security alarm but nothing work.

”You think I won take precautions? ” the man said that with smirk when suddenly James fell on the bed, not being able to move.

”Lets start, I don have much time. So listen carefully I have an offer for you.. ”

”Shit man! I shouldn have let him escape that day. ” James cursed under his breath after he realising that Suhong kidnapped you.

She tried and tried but her efforts were in vein as it didn even loosen the ropes tried around her. Suddenly she saw the wooden old door open. The person who enter was staring at her soul. She couldn stand it and broke the eye contact.

”So you woke up ” He told her giving some fruits and untieing her. As soon as he untie her hands, she tried to hit him with her head. In a blink of eye, she was on the floor with her hands twisted at the back by Jungho.

”I am waring you, don test my patience. I will never pass in that test of yours. Don try to act smart and do as I say, understand. He said little irritated.

”Who are you. Why did you kidnap me. ” Raily trembled.

”You are here because of your brothers. Because your brother loves you a lot. Eat it if you don want to sleep hungry. ” He said and set on the wooden block and started to sharpen his axe. She looked at him with anger and push the food aside and slide back to the corner and curd up hiding her face. Jungho noticed everything with the corner of his eye. But he didn react cause he already knew something like this would happen but he had to take care of her no matter what.

”I need to control my anger in front of her. Thats why I stay away from the girls. ” he thoughts.

He woke up with the faint sound of the door trying to be open and thats when he held her hand from the lock and push her back to her place.

”I told you don act smart, didn I? ” he said blankly.

Thats when she looks up that him with complaining eyes. Jungho frowned looking at her.

”I am a human too. I need to go to washroom. Won you even let me go there alone? ” She said with same expression.

”Follow me ” he said and went out leaving her dumbfold .

She was now confirm that she was nowhere near the city and it would be hard to escape when she is stuck up with the sharp eared person like Jungho. On the other hand Junghowas feeling little awkward. He had never been near to any girl, not even when his gang were enjoying themselves in the striping club. He don know how was he going to handle her when he had been told to be careful with her. At last he came to a decision that he would go with the flow.He took her to a nearby pond.

”Don go near the pond and pollute it. Finish your business here. I am waiting out. Come quickly or else I will come here. Don act smart. Its an order. ” and went without listening her response. He was standing there.

”Follow me ” he said when he felt her presence.

”Whats your name? ” she asked not liking the fact that someone was bossing her around.

”None of your business. ”

”So Mr. None Of Your Business, what do you want from my brother? ” she asked.

”Listen don try to fool me around me. Be in your limits. ” He warned.

Usually it won affecte her if someone talk like that to her but his stares was scaring her to the death. Them reached to the ruin cottage. Both of them were busy scanning their surrounding, Raily for escaping, Jungho for spotting any danger. As soon as the reached Jungho started cooking food with the materials he had bought while Raily didn dare to even look at him because she was scared and sat at the corner still frightened by his behaviour. More than that she was worried about her brothers condition. He would be tensed. Thinking about herself as the reason of James stress, a tear unknowingly dropped from her eye. She was so much into her thoughts that she didn notice a shadow bending towards her.

”Drink this. ” he said forwarding glass of water towards her and bringing her out of her thoughts. She doesn responded at first and just stare at him and glass.

”Its just water. I don want to harm you. I have take care of you and I will do it until you do as I say. So drink it quiet he need you to be healthy for your brother to do as we say. ” he said he didn got any response but the way she was looking at him surely made him feel different.

”Jungho. ” he said.

”Huh! ” she frowned.

”My name. ” he replied.

She slowly took the glass from him and drank water.

”You can roam to in this cottage but not allowed to step out. ” he said more like warning.

”Just like a prisoner. ” she mumbled loud enough to hear him.

”You have no idea how we treat a prisoner. ” he scoffed.

”You want my brother to betray his country? ”

”No we want him to act like an ideal brother. ”

”You want him to choose between his sister and nation. Do you know how badly he would be suffering right now? How can you people be so emotionless? ”

Hearing her arguments, Jungho lost his control. He grabbed her jaw tightly, glaring sharply at her soul, he roared ”Because we have seen the world that is so selfish and cruel that won let any emotion survive. Don you dare anything with me. You are safe just because we want to use you, got it? ”

She nodded in response and he jerked her face harshly and went out after banging the door. As soon as he left, she let her tears down which she was holding and sob quietly. While on the other side Jungho ruffled his hair harshly. He was angry and the reason behind his anger was furstration. But why was he frustrated? Was it because he lost the promise he made with himself of not to get angry on Raily or because of the teary eyes of Raily which were caused by him?


”Did anyone found out anything? ” James asked the officials in hope.

”Sir we were only able to find out about the kidnapper and seems like your sister is in great danger. ”

”Tell me about that jerk. ”

”Jungho, right hand of Suhong and deadly assassin. He won think even once before taking someones life. He is 2 years older than your sister. What if he do something bad to her? ”

James glared at him. The guy immediately stop on his words.

”We need a plan. Everybody stop on your current work your. The only work for now is to find the location of that Jungho. ”he ordered.

Next day Raily woke up with sound of cutting wood. She already knew it was Jungho. She roamed her eyes in the cottage and observed it carefully. After crying yesterday, she finally decide to escape and go to her brother. On the other hand Jungho went in search of some food and returned with water and some mushrooms for their lunch. He wanted to give her nice breakfast so at least she could behave obedient and make his work easy. He entered the cottage and their eyes made a contact for a second but she quickly look away. Jungho sighed and walk towards her and extended the berries towards her. She didn say anything and looked at the another side.

”Eat it if you don want to die with hunger. ” he said frowning at her behaviour.

”I am not hungry. ”

”You think you could survive more than that? Just look at yourself. You look like a skeleton wearing skin. Your eyes look so pale. If you don eat then I have my own ways to feed you and trust me, you won like it. ” He said little annoyed.

She looked at the berries for a while and again at him. The frown from his face disappeared when she look into his eyes with same mystery look as before. She took the berries and silently started eating them.

She thought she needs energy to escape. And honestly she didn notice her state before he told her. Her mind was full of thoughts that it did not let her notice her body condition. Jungho feels different, every time when she use to look at him like that. He didn wanted this iching feeling. It was first disturbing him.


”Sir please eat something you didn had anything from last 2 days. ” his secretary almost begged him.

”How can someone eat when his only family is in danger? ” James stopped on his words as soon as his phone bussed. He let out a sigh and picked up the call.

It was silent for sometime than the person from the side spoke, ”I was waiting for you to shout on me but you didn ! ”

”Just come to the point Suhong. Where is my sister. Raily has nothing to do with it. ” James sounded tired.

”Nothing much. I just wanted to remind you that unless and until you don agree to my deal, your sister would have to suffer more and more. ” Suhong said nonchalantly.

”You motherf*****. Don you dare try to touch her. She has nothing to do. If I agree to you then millions of life will be in danger. Half of the world will be ruined because of the monster like you. ” James shouted.

”Correction! Its not monster, its devil. I just want to ruler nothing else. And I think you should worry more about your sister. I think you already found out with whom she is right now; and trust me James he won think at least once before doing something. Goodbye. ” Suhong cut the call leaving James yelling in anger and frustration.

Its evening and will be night soon Raily had planned all day how to escape and decided to do it at any cost. She took a log of wood that Jungho had cut that morning and stood behind the door. Her grip on the wood tightend when she heard the door opening. As soon as the door opened, she hit the back of head of Jungho and ran fast without looking behind.

Its been a while and she was running on track. Her eyes were tearing, not because of thorny path but with the guilt of hitting a person.

”What if he die? ” was the only thing running in her mind.

Thought she hate him, she was not a murderer.

”Stop it Raily. He was a bad person who kidnap you. You need to go to your brother. ” she scold herself while running.

Her leg got stucked into the trap and Puss in the next second she was lingering on a tree upside down. Before she could understand whats going on, she fell on the ground with Thud and she saw three tribal people surrounding her.

She thought they were helping her out because she got into their prays net and now finally she can escape but her happiness didn last long as she found them tieing her legs.

They growled when she struggled and finally tied her. A man was going to lift her up but suddenly a log came flying and hit his hand.All look in the direction and found Jungho. The man growled a little and other two men rushed towards Jungho with their weapons, ready to fight him. Jungho was fighting with them with his axe. During their fights, Raily was so terrified. Suddenly her eyes caught the sight of a pointed wood. With her trembling hands she tried to cut the ropes from hands and legs. She finally untied herself with major cut on her hands and legs, bleeding. But all she wanted was to escape. The man who was going to carry Raily, saw her running and went after her. Jungho also finished two men and went after her.

Raily was running through the stony path along a shallow river when she notice the previous man following her. He was just away from her when he pushed her and she stumbled on the stone. Her leg got twisted yet she managed to move back and try to back away from that man. That man was going to touch her when an axe came from behind and cut his arm off his body. The whole forest echoed with the painful scream of that man and frightened screen of Raily. The men man let out a painful whin before running towards Jungho. Both were fighting with each other like beasts, while Raily was scared seeing the scene from the earlier. Jungho and that mans deadly fight dragged them towards the edge of the waterfall. Grabbing the opportunity, Jungho pushed the man down the fall.

Jungho was all soaked in blood and took big steps towards Raily. She was already scared enough that she started to shiver after looking at dark and cold eyes of Jungho. He was looking so scary when bent down to her level. Raily was looking down, not having courage to look at him. Jungho bring his face closer to her face. Raily slowly grabbed a stone from ground and try to hit Junghos head but he was fast enough to catch her hand. He tired his grip around her wrist, causing stone to fell from her hand. At this moment Raily knew that she can escape now. She slowly lifted her head only to find dark pair of eyes staring at her dangerously.

Neither of than said anything. As soon as she looked down, Jungho pushed her down on the stony ground making her stunned. Before she could react, Jungho grabbed her leg and twisted it back. She screamed at the pain. Her breathes were uneven and rapid before she finally passed out. He lifted her in the bridal style and took her to their cottage.

Reaching the cottage, he placed her on ground and splash the water on her face. Raily immediately opened her eyes. Soon her eyes widened seeing Jungho so close to her. She opened her mouth to say something but immediately shut in down being terrified as she felt him rolling her pants up. She tried to get rid of his hand by pushing his hand but immediately stopped when he shot a cold glare at her. She freeze at her spot. She let out a yelp when he touched her ankle. Before she kicks him, he held her other leg and started applying ointment on the bleeding scretches. He completed treating her and was about to go when she grabbed his sleeve making him to look at her.

”You are also hurt. Let me help. ” She spoke softly.

Jungho just look at her not knowing what to say. Maybe she thinks that she is the reason behind it and want to do it as apology. he thought to himself before quietly siting back.

She applied the ointment on his exposed skin while having difficulty in her work as he was continuously staring at her.

Both Raily and Jungho, were of conservative mind. Never had they ever been in any type of physical relation.

Clearing his throat, he said, ”You can go outside and clean yourself. Dare not to do anything stupid like this. ” he said looking at the blood stain all over her body.

She sighed hearing him as she was afraid that he might try to do something bad to her. She was shocked and relieved that he didn even talk about that incident. All ahead to do now was to recover and run away.

Jungho was mad at her for trying such stunts. He was going to scold very badly but seeing her state, he couldn . The way she looked upon him with concerned eyes, her stares always tickles his stomach, were starting with a different sadness this time, which he felt unhappy. The terror of the bloody mess that he created, in her eyes was unknowingly disturbing him.

When she was bathing, he on the other side thought about her clothes. His clothes for sure won fit her as she barely matched to the level of his shoulders and ofcourse he had much broad shoulders than hers and he was all bulked up, she was having slim figure. Now he need to arrange clothes for her. Before he do anything, she came with previous clothes, which were no longer dirty, slightly wet, wrinkled a lot. Jungho was not expecting this. he thought rich girls only live in luxury and comfort enough not to have sense of adjustment. He decided not judge her. He then headed her towards the cottage as she was not able to walk properly.

He didn locked the doors this time as he was sure that she was not able to walk properly let alone running away and went outside. Raily release a scoff at his actions and sat in her usual corner with her heart fill with worries about her brother and about her future. She can trust Jungho, after all he kidnap her. After wiping her tears she again started to make a plan of her escape. She didn wanted to miss this time.

Jungho returned with few clothes and other necessary things along with food. He was welcomed by the curled figure of Raily sleeping peacefully. He got up and made a bed with dry hay. Before sleeping on it, he lot the fire and wrapped Raily in the shawl. He woke up at night after not being able to sleep. He felt disturbed. He knew something was going wrong cause whenever he felt reckless something bad happens. He let out a heavy sigh and his eyes fell on the girl sleeping peacefully in front of him. Suddenly the way she looks at him flash in his mind and he experienced same feeling inside his gut.

For him feeling and emotions were nothing but mere unwanted things that must be suppressed.

It was irony that he was very short tempered persona and yet calm at the same time. He was a dangerous man whose ice heart was soon going to melt without his knowledge.


”What do you mean by the team is missing? ” James yelled on officer frustrated.

He was looking weak. He had formed dark circles under his eyes and he looked so tired. He knew that now he was soon going to receive a call and as expected he got one. He immediately pick it up.

”So fast! Were you expecting my call? Am I that predictable? If you are so good in predicting then you wouldn have send your team to my hideout. You pushed to them in the death well, you know? ”

”They were just following my orders, Suhong. ” said James

”I think you don love your sister. Its already a week but you haven give us the information. ” said Suhong mockingly.

”Sir we have received a container of… ” one of the officer came running while sweating heavily. James got alert.

”Oh so my gift reached to you. If you don hurry your sister will be next in the container. ” he said and hung the call.

Without thinking twice, James came out. he ordered to open the container. As soon as the container opened, all of the officers and James eyes widened, having experienced the scene in front of them.

”He is a psycho! ” only words left his mouth. He saw the brutely murdered bodies of 13 members whom he sent to invade Suhongs hideout. The side terrified James. Now he was even more worried about Raily. He knew what kind of beast these monsters were. But the thing that was eating him the most, was what will they do if they know the truth? He need to come up with some plan soon.

Silence is observed in this chaos

The chaos caused due to hunger of power

The silence that comes before the storm

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