Leon could have never imagined he had this luck. People could never pick up a treasure when they are randomly picking up any objects.

Exactly Legendary Swords aren cabbages that you could pick up anywhere.

After calming down he started to think. This sword can get me in disaster any minute if he takes it out in front of everyone.

He doesn know anything about the ranking of weapons in this world nor does he know what the highest ranking weapon is. But he knows one thing a legendary sword is a name not to be looked down on and isn also something a random NPC would have. It only can be seen in the hands of major characters.

Leon immediately started racking his brains up. ”Why am I thinking from the perspective of being in danger? Lets think of another way. ”

After thinking for a while he found his answer. ”Maybe I will not be in any kind of trouble. When I was seeing it for the first time it didn show me any information related to it and when I was carrying it up from the cave to home it still didn show any sign of releasing information. ”

”And those guys sword, bow, and that compass have to be treasures. I was close to them many times, in the village and in the forest too. Those things also didn show information. Maybe These weapons only show to recognized people or when they are holding it. ”

Thinking about all this he came to a conclusion.

”No matter what, I will never be in trouble taking out this sword in public and this sword looks so simple, If I don draw it from the scabbard, it will look like I am just carrying a plain old stick. Nobody will come to a conclusion this is a legendary sword. ”

When he finished his analysis, he wide opened his hands and fell back on the bed. After a while, he started laughing crazily.

Ever since coming to this world, he had never been sad. He also got a sword he never could have dreamed of.

He was so happy today that he was seen smiling all the time.

Rick tonight at the dinner table, seeing Leon happily gobbling up the foods on the table couldn help but ask. ”Leon, what happened today? You seem to be happier and smiling more than the rest of the time. ”

Leon didn hide anything because the old was the only closet family he ever had but still just hid small details . ”Old man, I went on an adventure today and luckily picked a sword. This sword is also the best one. its a Legendary-Rank sword. ”

Rick was nodding happily during the first half. He guessed kids this age should find fun going through wild forests. But in the second half when he heard Legendary sword, he stopped nodding and his always closed eyes become wide open.

”Wha- What did you say Legendary-Rank? ” Rick said while stammering.

”Yes old man. It says Legendary-Rank. Is there any problem old man? ” Leon became suspicious when he saw Rick stammering.

”Leon, I have the most humble background so I may not know many things. But I was lucky enough to hear that the highest ranking weapon is Diamond-Rank. This old man has never heard of Legendary-Rank. ” Rick said while staring right into his eyes.

Leon knew Legendary-Rank was a high-ranking evaluation for a weapon. But he didn expect anybody to even hear of this type of weapon.

Seeing Leon in a daze, Rick thought he was worried that his sword may bring trouble. He comforted him. ” Don worry about it if you don say anything about it no one will know. But you still will not tell anyone about this again. ”

He knows no one knows about this sword. Heck, he even suspects if he tells someone and shows it in front of them, they would start spraying him for making fun.

Still seeing this old man care for him and advising him, his heart became filled with a type of happiness he had never felt before.

”Old man I can guarantee you that this word will not be able to escape this house, ” Leon said with assurance.

”If you can assure me this, I am also fine. ” Rick was happy that his grandson didn lose his mind.

”Okay, I am going to bed. You sleep early after washing the dishes. ” saying this Rick went to his room.

Leon also started gathering the dishes to wash them outside. There is no water system in this world. The only way to get water is from water sources. There is also no such thing as a basin to wash dishes in rural places. The only way is outside by carrying water yourself.

When Leon was focusing on gathering the dishes he heard a sound of someone or something falling.


He found the sound came from the old mans room.

he hurried forward to his room.

When he opened the door he saw the old man was laying on the ground on his front chest. His head was bleeding and there were many scratches on his hand.

”OLD MAN!! ” Leon immediately shouted when he saw the old man in this situation.

He rushed towards him and picked him up from the ground to lay him on the bed. Seeing all the blood he went to take a bucket of water and a cloth.

He sat in the bed after dropping the bucket down. He first cleaned up all the blood. After that, he wrapped up his injured head with a clean cloth.

Then he checked if the old man is okay. He found that his breathing was okay but there was no sign of waking up.

He found a chair and sat beside the bed.

The only family he had ever gotten and then he was in this situation.

He had become worried,….very…, very worried.

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