h more like a real pet no matter how I look at it! They’re two beings of completely different categories that just can’t be compared!

In any case, the event has just entered its second half, so if the predictions of Mika and the other players on the forums are right, the event mobs should start appearing in more areas soon.

I wonder how things are going? Let’s go gather some information about the event, on the forums, while taking a break.


Well, would you look at that?

I was planning on looking up information on the event, but by the time I realized it, I was already looking at something completely different.

Namely, a Frontiers Wiki.

You can’t access most web pages from within Frontiers.
Not even the homepage of the game is accessible from inside the game.

There are only a few websites that one is allowed to browse, and all of them are managed by the development team.

However, since it became possible for players to have their own personalized webpages, many people made their own sites that could be accessed from within the game.

Most of them are blogs like mine, or pages introducing one’s own clan, but some users created other types of websites with the tools provided to us.

One of those sites, was the wiki.

It seems like quite a bit of work was put in it without me noticing, so we now have a splendid wiki that covers quite a bit of information.

However, it is unavoidable that the wiki is heavily biased towards the combat system, as there are many more people who participate in that.

Nonetheless, the wiki still has some info on crafting.

Most of it is more of a newbie guide though, like recommendations on how to raise skill levels, or what are good skills to get early on and the like.

It’s not really useful for me, but it is nice for beginners alright.

Considering that such things can be viewed from within the game, then maybe a better wiki might help increasing the overall number of crafters, as they’ll feel more comfortable trying it out if they know what’s the best way to go about it.

Then, I guess I should add some information to the wiki too.

Like, the number of library users seems to be gradually rising for one, so since the information about it is already spreading, I guess I might as well put it up here for everyone.

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After all, the only people that really want to go to the library are the crafters who want recipes, so it makes sense to put this kind of information on the wiki.



I think I wrote it pretty well.

There was basically no information on Magical Formations on the wiki, so I wrote quite a bit about it!

Magical Formations are quite wonderful, aren’t they?

I wrote a lot about the wonderful experience of mixing up curves and straight lines, and how them making up the key points of a composition creates a wonderful final work!

I have no doubt this will help increase the number of people making Magical Formations!

It would be wonderful if the love for them was spread.

Then, let’s draw some lovely magical formations right now!

… Well, I think I should make steel gear instead.

I ended up drawing many Magic Circles while I edited the wiki, so I think I had enough love for now.

I almost have enough for the advanced facilities, after all, so… I’m not at the last spurt just yet, but I’m gonna make a lot of steel equipment today too!


“I saw it.” Hime said.

“Woah!? W-what happened!?” I replied.

I was really concentrated on making steel gear, when I suddenly got a call from Hime.

That was surprising.
To suddenly have a call pop up on me like that…

I usually don’t even notice it if I receive messages, but the same can’t be done with calls.

“Wiki.” Hime told me.

Did you see the page on Magical Formations perchance?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She replied.

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“I think I was able to write it well.

“How about it, Hime? Why don’t you start making Magical Formations too?” I asked.

“Well…” Hime started saying.

“It’s fun! My personal recommendation is…” I tried making a reply, but…

Event mobs.” Hime stopped me.

“The curve that… Wait, are you in battle, Hime?” I asked her.

In the City Buried in the Sand.” Hime replied.

Seems like the mobs got in the way of my recommendations of my favorite Magical Formation patterns to draw…

That said, the City Buried in the Sand is a high-level area, so event mobs appearing there means that the event has progressed.

Mika and the rest of the people on the forums were right.

And the Goddess’ Announcement appeared at just the right time.

There’s no doubt about it then.
Now that the event reached its halfway point, it has accelerated.

“It’s strong.” Hime told me.

“You okay, Hime?” I asked.

“I’m fine, but I’ll need to cut this off.
See you later.” Hime replied.

“Yes! Do your best!” I told her.

“Work hard.” As she said that, she finished the call.

Seems like the strong mobs require Hime’s full attention… I guess the event has become quite difficult then.

However, that should also increase the amount of good drops we get, so it should only be a matter of time before something even better than the Large Shadow Crystals appears.

I’ll definitely be needing not only a high skill level, but also very good facilities and tools to properly work with it, so, for that reason, I absolutely need to purchase that advanced facility!

In other words, let’s make more steel gear! I’ll do my best!

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