”Do enjoy your new life, I hear Westeros is quite nice this time of year ” The god of life and death tells me with a slight smirk on his face. ”I hope you utilize these gifts I have granted you ”

I reply as honestly as I can to the God hoping he doesn just smite me down where I stand. ”I honestly have no idea why you selected me but Ill give it a go ”

Looking back a few hours ago I can only sign in realization the path my life has taken


A few hours ago, Dallas Texas. MC pov

”Another blasted day of 104 degrees, god damn global warming is a bitch ” I mumble to myself as Im rushing down the street in Downtown Dallas coming home from work while sweating my ass off. Its not like I did much during work anyway though, I just read a new fanfic my friend sent me while acting busy.

I stared reading some Game of thrones fanfic my friend recommended me after the disaster that was Season 8 and I got hooked. Ive binged basically every decent fanfic out there and now I can say Im proudly an expert on crop rotation, glass making, steel production, and incest. Its gotten to a point where Im rereading the stand out fanfics because Ive run out of anything worth a damn. Ive never even seen Harry Potter but I am now an expert on everything House Black just from crossovers

It also helps I studied mechanical engineering at school and Im starting my masters next year. I wouldn say Im the smartest guy there is but I know my way around physics and chemistry better than most and could hopefully pull some of that technology out of my ass in a pinch. Not that I would ever want to be thrown into a medieval world full of politics, wars, death, and **ing ice zombies all while everyone wants to sit on a throne of damn swords.

Besides my slightly depressing fan fiction addiction my life was fairly normal, I even had a date tonight hence why Im hurting down the street to my apartment. I never even saw the Amazon Prime van speeding down the street as I was walking through the cross walk. I swore I had the clear as the little white man was definitely on the sign. Next thing I knew I was watching what was once my body, now a mess of limbs, blood, and gore, as I float up to what was hopefully heaven.

”You have got to be shitting me ” I mumbled to myself. ”That is the most embarrassing way to die my friends are going to mock me for eternity ” while Im not the most otaku guy out there I still enjoy a good anime or light novel and to get killed by Truck-Kun is just flat the worst way to go. I curse my luck as everything just fades to black and I embrace the afterlife.

The news that night showed a horrible death to a man named Brandon Lowry. Amazon released a statement apologizing for the drivers reckless behavior after the stoplight footage was shown him running a red and his family was awarded settlement money.


Gods realm, somewhere in the void. 3rd Person

”Ah crap that truck ran a red light and flattened that poor mortal. ” The God of life and death cursed. He feels guilty because that truck was rushed to its destination by his son who was enjoying life as a rich mortal. This particular mortal was not suppose to die for another 45 years and was going to marry the girl he had a date with that evening. Luckily for the God a small notification dinged on his God Phone.

”Hmm thats interesting, this mortal fits the criteria to that little problem my other children we
e having, looks like they will be getting a present sooner than I thought ” The God said while showing a rare smile. This problem has been a headache for him for a while and had to give some random writer the idea for novel he called A song of Ice and Fire

As the poor mortal materializes in front of the God he booms ”Welcome mortal, I do apologize for Truck-Kun running into you. That wasn suppose to happen and its an error on my end ”

”Uh thank you? How was it an error on your part and where am I and what is going on and who are you and… ” Brandon stammers as he get increasingly anxious and worried. Clearly freaking out

”Calm my child, I will explain everything ” booms the God as he waves his hand and a small orb of magic flows into his head, calming him down. ”That truck driver was unfortunately pressured into speeding to his delivery by one of my sons who is living life as a mortal on Earth and thus you were not suppose to be hit. As you know you can not be reincarnated back into earth with your memories so you have two options. I can toss you back into the reincarnation cycle of earth or you can help me with a small problem ”

Brandon looked as the God and began to wonder what he really wants from him. ”Just tell me what world Im going to and Ill agree if you can give me some sort of advantage or powers. As you can tell Im not cut out for more than being some sort of scientist or wise man. ”

”Of course child I will be able to grant you some boons. Now to my little problem. My children are some minor gods in charge of a realm known as Planetos. The story of ice and fire as you are familiar with quite frankly just doesn sit right with me and I want you to change the song ” God told him with Brandon now looking worried he is going to Westeros. ”Do not fret I will be giving you everything you need to succeed in your new world ”

Signing at his fate Brandon realizes this God probably won take no for an answer. ”Fine, but I want the power to survive and thrive. I won be some no name small folk that gets killed by some arrogant noble or something ”

”Of course, you are going to be born into the body of Brandon Stark as he is born and I will grant you 3 wishes to help you in this world ” Booms God happily as this young mortal is exactly who he needs. ”However I can give you like Harry Potter magic or the Dragon Born from Skyrim. I have to keep it realistic ”

”Ok, can I have all the knowledge that will help make the North powerful: farming, steel making, politics, glass making, etc. If Im going to be a Lord I want to be a good one. Second I want a canal built so can you make like an earthquake happen on my 6th nameday and have it open up some crypt in Winterfell with a bunch of gold and a nice Valyrian Steel sword? Lastly can you give me sword fighting instincts and powers better than Ser Arthur Dayne and unlock some magic in me or the North? Brandon quickly asks the God of life and Death. This is his chance to at live his own fanfic that isnt a power struggle full of despair.

”Well technically thats like 5 wishes but I can make an exception. Do enjoy your new life, I hear Westeros is quite nice this time of year ” Says God as I fade to black

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