it with the Manderly ships 4 moons after my Father wrote to the Mermaid Lord. All around the south of Westeros and esos the lords and ladies were buying the ice like it their life depended on it. We nearly sold all 250 tons of ice at 1000 dragons per ton. Minutes shipping, crew, and Lord Manderlys cut House Stark made over 160,000 dragons from the initial few moons of trading. Obviously the price is going to go down after the novelty passes of having ice for everyday use but I predict we can still get around 300 dragons a ton of ice.

After the first shipment came back successful I had my father write to Lord Manderly again to search out for a few specific things I knew were essential and with my new funds it was now possible. The first and most obvious was getting a ton of rice from Yi Ti to plant in the neck. How no one has cultivated rice in Westeros baffles me but it will be a major boon to the food in the North. The second thing I asked for them to obtain was the best horses they could buy from any city. Dothraki or zhorses from north if Yi Ti it didn matter we were going to begin some cross breading to try and make the best possible horses we can. Third I had the mermaid house seek out Rye, Potatoes, and carrots to plant as they survive well in the cold. Lastly I had them find any talented worker and offer them work in Winterfell as I would be needing all of them in the future.

The second notable action that occurred was the earthquake that hit the North a few days after my father accepted the ice trade proposal. I asked for it to be on my 6th name day but a few weeks after didn really matter. It basically split the north along the Fevre river right in front of Moat Calin. Its almost 75 meters across and 10 meters deep. Large enough for any ship to pass through but small enough to easily build a bridge over. It took about 3 moons for the report to come back and my father immediately sent people to repair the Moat as it now has immense financial and military importance.

Following my boons I ”accidentally ” found an ancient vault of gold in the crypts while ”exploring ” about a moon after the earthquake. All in all if we found around 3 million gold dragons and 2 Valyrian blades. Twin bastard swords we named Frost and Winters Bite and Ill be begin training in duel welding soon. I can wait. The gold is being use to repair the moat though that will take years or until I invent concrete which hopefully will be sooner than later. The rest is going to be used to upgrade Winterfell and after some convincing my father gave me an additional 100,000 dragons to start my ”projects ”. All in all a good 6th year in Westeros. Now all I need to do is wait for my small farms to show progress and my father will give the green light for me to show everything at the harvest festival in 270 AC.


A few moons after the success of the ice trade experiment

3rd Person POV:

”Father I have some ideas that can help the North, now that we have extra coin from the Ice trade can you hear my out. I promise this is worth the investment ” Brandon Stark looks pleadingly at his father while he looks over the stack of papers his sons just casually tossed on his desk. How he came up with this he will never know, not that he could guess he is from Earth, but he sees the merit in them. First an expanded forge that is in fact a smaller and slightly less efficient Bessemer furnace that would easily quadruple their steel production. The design is based on Benjamin Huntsman crucible steel making technique and a smaller version of the 19th century large Bessemer furnaces that you are pouring tons of processed iron and coke to make steel. While not as efficient as the factories of the 19th century its still hundreds of years ahead of the steel making of Westeros.

Second was a design for a water mill to help provide kinetic energy to both the sawmill and furnaces. The water mill is a simple design based on the French furnace and cutting water mills from the 14th and 15th century. If they placed them along the many rivers in the north they can increase lumber and steel production 5 to 6 times it is now. It took 4 moons for each of the furnaces and mills to be completed along the White Knife and with the string current the river provided the project was a complete success. It took a while for the workers to respect the 6 nameday Lord ordering them around like a seasoned overseer but after showing and explaining the designs they started to worship the young lord. Most notably is a young blacksmith named Mikken who was practically worshiping the ground the young Heir to Winterfell walked on after seeing the Bessemer furnace start churning out steel at an unseen speed. With all this new steel he began to build steel plows, seed drills, and large steel plows that were to be pulled by horses.

A few moons into the construction of the river workstations Lord Manderly personally came to Winterfell praising the young Stark for the idea to sell ice to the Southerners. He also delivered all the requested items directly to Lord Stark. Brandon immediately flooded a small field along the White Knife and planted some of the rice brought back as well as utilizing some of the prototype farm equipment to begin farming the decent sized farmland his father let him experiment with. Everything was set for the harvest festival in a years time. Now he just hoped that the Lords take him serious enough to humor his ideas.

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