For a woman who lived her whole life in control of everything around her, getting her caught would not be easy at all, even if he was a strong man. A woman has always been much stronger than a man.

While the man trains the muscles of his body, she trains the muscles of her brain until she has reached the highest stages of intelligence.

”Ill teach you who Lilia is, handsome. ”

Those words she uttered in front of the long window, staring down after letting him go to shower. Lilya already knew that the soldiers bath did not take long, so she hurriedly took the bed sheets and tied them together tightly, despite the smallness of her fingers and their beauty, but they were more like that than the knives he carried. Any man to defend himself.

She wiped the little sweat that poured from her hair and set out to get up from the bed and stand in front of the window and watch the distance. She lowered the fabrics that she tied together to reach the end. Then she tied the end from the top to the end of one of the feet of the bed and pulled it hard to test its strength, but it was as strong as I expected, so I ran lightly towards the window. Slowly and quietly, she lowered her legs, as if nothing had happened.

”Thats cool, now I can take you down, handsome. ”

She kept calling him handsome while walking in the garden barefoot and was able to pass the men standing at the gate after making a noise near her made them go to check and she turned from the other side to run fast without any of them noticing

She ran nonstop like a runner in a race or a marathon, a sly smile on her rosy lips as she turned back every now and then.

”Now he has to start over looking for me, poor man, I hope he will face hardships for it, but I will guarantee him that he will not find me anymore, but that will happen after I make him regret putting me in this shameful situation. ”

”I will destroy you, handsome, I promise! ”

She stopped running and started walking, but she was trying to hide her face after she saw a group of men who had gotten drunk walking staggering in all directions and after covering her face she turned to find a group of long earthen plants to bury herself in, waiting for them to move away because it was late but she She was strong-willed to leave at this late hour.

She said in a low voice so that no one could hear her

”I would rather fight with these idiots than even stay with that man for a minute in his bed!! ”

”Its disgusting ”

She shook her head when she remembered how he was touching her body and that shiver entered her body, but she was not satisfied with that, but she had come out from among the tall grass to run again after those men had moved away from her, but the most shocking thing was that she hit a man from the front after she was running with her eyes back without To look in front of her because she was trying to get as far away from those men as possible.

”Damn!!! Who the hell are you and how do you stand in the way in the middle of the night? Are you stupid?! ”

As for him, he was staring at her calmly and coldly, his eyes looking down and her eyes looking up, but the sharp exchange of looks between them should have ended with someones concession

And whoever gave up was already when he raised his head up and took his cigarette out of his pocket and lit it and started smoking coldly. Then she tried to move away from him to the right side to continue her walk, but he grabbed her arms hard and pulled her towards the back and she tried to kick him on his leg, but he grabbed her leg after Michael did it to her the first time

”Damn it, what do you want? ”

She cursed him and cursed him while he was wearing that hat that hides his face, so he took it off and made her eyes widen greatly when she saw him and said

”W-what?–w-why are you here? What brought you here? Why are you standing in the middle of the street? ”

As a gentleman he took off his long overcoat and threw it over her little shoulders who looked like a child in her fathers clothes, but that didn move her even a little, so he took her hand lightly and said to her again.

”I heard from your mother what happened and I did not accept it, so I was on my way to the palace of General Michael Aleron, but I saw you from afar and knew that it was you. ”

”Wait a minute, why did you go back to the country at this particular time? Is this the time when my mom is going to sell me to that guy and come here to play the hero? ”

”You have to remember that we only act and sing and that what happened between us in that movie was just acting. ”

She rolled her eyes and was annoyed by that mans behavior with her. She was about to punch and she felt like she really needed to.

”Can I punch you in the face just once? Please give me the ear I want to hit you so that your mind may return to its rightful place! ”

”Stop, what are you talking about, after I came here to save you, you meet me like this and that stupid talk?! ”

”And did I tell you to come to my rescue? Do you think I am the weak woman who was with you in that movie? ”

A quarrel took place between them in the middle of the street at night and he tries to make her shut up and closes her mouth with his hand every now and then, but she is not the woman who will be silent only for a simple matter like closing her mouth.

So she heard steps from behind and she was watching the eyes of that man standing behind her as if he wanted to kill her, but the person who was standing in front of her put him behind him and stood in his face and said to him

”Sir General… Im sorry to bother you but I took the lady here, so let her think again about marriage please and Ill be grateful to you. ”

Those respectful words were coming out of the mouth of that gentleman standing in front of her, but General Aleron was about to explode with those veins that protruded from his forehead when he saw his wife clutching that mans jacket from behind with strength as if she was leaning on him and escaping from her husband.

He sighed, trying not to cause any problems before he officially received the title of Marshal, then he extended her hand in front of her and told her in a calm tone that indicated his attempt to calm the situation.

”Come to ”

He said these two words with difficulty as he tried not to let his body tremble in anger at the behavior that came from her after he entered and did not find her in the room, and more than that, he could only curse the guards and expelled them from work without introduction and left the palace without any guards for the time being, and came out in only pajamas And a loose white transparent shirt standing in front of her, his hair moving in the high air

”Come on, go home with me. ”

He was trying not to make any suspicious movement, and the trembling smile on his face made her feel so terrified that the man who was standing in front of her trying to protect her walked away and told her

”What are you going to do now? I think hes your husband and you should really go with him, aren you right? ”

She raised her head towards him and stared at the man who was supposed to have come to save her, but the generals appearance seemed to be more frightening to him so he only had to give up what he wanted to do.

He extended his hand in front of her as if he wanted to present it to him on a plate of gold.

”Here, Mrs. Aleron, go to your husband. ”

The general answered him calmly and sighed in relief

”Thank you, sir, for your understanding. ”

But Lilia had another opinion when she stepped back and threw her boyfriends heavy coat on the ground and ran, screaming loudly, but the place was empty of houses and other buildings

”Bastard men!!! ”

The two of them kept looking at her strangely until she disappeared from before their eyes, and Aliron said to the man standing in fear, and it was evident on his arm that was trembling.

”Its okay, I appreciate that you came thinking she was forced to, but she just wants to play the hard part with me. Thank you again for coming and Im glad my wife has friends like you. ”

”Oh, thank you, sir. Im the one who should thank you. I was about to take your wife for a misunderstanding. ”

He rubbed the back of his head and sighed in relief as if he had gotten out of the problem that the fugitive Lilia had put him in

”You can leave, sir. ”

Aleron said these words and walked back on his feet in his house clothes, or rather in his loose pajamas, but his eyes were drawing sparks from them.

Aleron waited for that gentleman to leave by another road and climbed into his car to leave the palace, sprinting behind her, but would he know where she would have gone.

Elsewhere in one of the simple, ordinary house, there was a knock on the door so hard that the mother, who was about to get ready for bed, got up from her bed with her old husband, who was already asleep.

”Who could have come so late? ”

She got up from her bed and got out of the room and went downstairs, and her daughter came out behind her, putting on her heavy pajamas in the freezing cold. She opened the door that had been knocked hard, and her daughter was standing behind her.

”Madam… Good evening, how are you, can I stay with you today? ”

Lilia was in a miserable situation when she fell to the ground after saying these words and she was panting heavily, so the mother and her daughter caught her and brought her into the house and put her on the sofa and the mother rushed to light the stone fireplace in the middle of the living room.

”Lilia, are you okay? What happened to you, please tell me? ”

That friend was trying to wake up the unconscious Lilia with light slaps on her cheek, but Lilia was completely unconscious.

”Mom, tell me what are we going to do? Lilia is unconscious and not responding. She seems to have run away from the house, but why? ”

As for the mother of that girl, she was in complete control of the situation and told her daughter words that made her feel reassured about Lilyas situation.

”It seems that she was running a long distance, that is evident on her sweaty clothes, despite the cold weather outside, but don worry that this is because of the long distances running and in addition to being tired, she has never been through physical hard conditions on her. ”

”Then, Mom, tell me, is it necessary to bring a doctor here or take her to the hospital? ”

The mother shook her head in denial and was smiling to reassure her daughter that her friends condition was normal after she was subjected to psychological and physical pressure, so the mother and daughter supervised Lilyas change of clothes and placed her in her daughters bed. And that loyal friend was taking care of her friend and putting compresses for her after her temperature rose.

”You need to get up quickly, Im really tired! ”

Her friend said this after she put her head on the edge of the bed and her body on the floor and fell into a deep sleep after her mother had gone to sleep about an hour ago

What is this, where am I, what happened and what is this house??

Thats right, I came to Jennys house yesterday, I think Im lost and blemished and at the door I don remember anything that happened after her mother opened the door for me

Lilia stared at the entire place and knew that this room belonged to her friend, so she got up from the bed lightly and sat on its edge after removing the cover from her body.

She lifted her hair up and tied it with a hair tie that was wrapped around her wrist and got up to stand in front of a tall mirror.

”What am I going to do now, that man won stop chasing me as long as Im in this place, should I leave the city and leave, but what about my work, what am I going to do… ”

I walked out of the room with simple, calm steps I headed down when I heard the sounds of talking downstairs and I heard some talk before I got down

”Mom, make a plate for Lila too, you should have some food. ”

”Yes baby, shell be fine, Im a little worried about her and Im also curious why shes running away here from her house. ”

”Ahh.. that little girl, I hope she is fine, if there is a problem between her and her mother, I will not hesitate to go to her mother to talk to her, that girl has reached her dreams after putting so much effort so she deserves to be treated well in spite of Being an actress and singer, her real character is very strong and she doesn like men at all!! ”

Her friends father was more excited than her daughters pain when he spoke in that angry way and this made Lilia smile and she went down quietly and said after standing in front of the kitchen at the door

Good morning… I apologize for the inconvenience I caused you.

The mother ran to her hurriedly to hold both hands

”No, dear, we were worried about you! Are you okay? ”

Lilya felt weak for the first time when she saw a kind family in front of her, a complete family loving one another, neither enmity, nor selling nor buying between them.

This is what made her tears fall, so she closed her eyes and raised her hands from the hands of the old woman to put them on her face to cover that tired crying face that she did not want anyone to see.

But the mother embraced her and patted her head, trying to relieve her of her crying and those gasps that came out of her involuntarily.

”Baby, don cry… itll be fine, Ill go talk to your mom if theres a problem, just tell us. ”

But will she be able to tell her friends family that she was forced into marriage and that she was kidnapped in the middle of the night by a man she didn know?

”Im fine, there are some problems with my mother only and I ran away from the house without telling her, thank you for taking care of me all this time, I tired you so much ”

The mother was about to make her a meal, but Lilia was insisting on leaving the house in her pajamas until her friend stopped him after she grabbed her hand to reach the door and said.

”You should slow down, eat some food and go up to my room, well talk upstairs, and then Ill give you some clothes. ”

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