Chapter 7: Downheartedness

The days were going on, and Aarons complaints about headache were increasing with every passing day. Mr. Asmar took him to various doctors, but his headache was not relieved by any medication. It was continuous and worse on waking up in the morning. He complained about the difficulty in looking at bright lights. Four Months passed, and he started having episodes of projectile vomiting and retching. He also started feeling very drowsy and sleepy all the time. His parents tension grew when his weight reduced up to five kilograms. All of his medical treatments failed to respond.

”Layla! please let us meet a neurosurgeon ” Mr. Asmar was sitting on the couch next to miss Layla.

”They can worsen the situation. I don want to lose him. ” Miss Layla doesn want to hear her husband.

”Layla, please! try to understand. Your father died of cancer and our son. . . ”

”shhhh! Please don . ” She hushed her husband. ”I don want to lose my son. ” her tears rushed through her eyes.

”Then we must consult a neurosurgeon. ” Mr. asmar said politely.

”Do whatever seems suitable to you, ” she said with a very heavy heart and wiped her tears.

Mr. Asmar took his phone and started checking about the best neurosurgeons in the city. Miss Layla was still sitting there, getting lost in her thoughts.

The days were passing by, and the court hearing was coming nearer. Her lawyer visited her every now and then.

”This evidence is enough to prove you innocent. ” The lawyer showed her a file.

”I knew it, They planned a conspiracy against my family. Thats great. Lets see what will happen in the court, ” Miss Layla placed the file on the table.

”Courts decision is obvious. The truth is about to reveal. ” He took a sip of coffee.

”you took this case very seriously, and I believe in you. ” Miss Layla gave him a smile, he smiled back.

April was about to end and the weather was changing steadily. The cold nights were becoming hot, and the temperature started rising.

Inside the apartment, Mr. Asmar and moneeza were sitting at the dining table, waiting for Aaron to come. Miss Layla was setting the meal on the table.

”Go, Layla! call him. ”

He is coming dad. ”

”Its five minutes already. He always starts eating first. Go and call him. ”

”Okay, Dad! going. ”

Moneeza stand up from her chair and rushed to bring him.

”Aaron? What happened? ” She rubbed his chest. ”Dad? Mom? please come. ” She shouted at the top of her voice. ”Aaron? what happened, open your eyes please. ” She Cried. Mr. Asmar and Miss Layla came with trembling feet, and helped him but he didn wake up. Mr. Asmar took him in his arms and ran to the door.

”Moneeza, go start the car. Layla opens the door. ”

Moneeza ran to the parking lot and started the car. Mr. Asmar reached and positioned Aarons on the back seat, took the car from moneeza and started driving.

”Mom please go home, we will inform you about him, ” Moneeza shouted from the car window. Miss Layla stood there, her neighbors came, they took her to her house and a lady helped her to drink water. She was racked by sobs.

On reaching the hospital. Aaron was shifted to the emergency. He had seizure, but seizure medications didn work on him so he was put on phenytoin infusion which helped in relieving his symptoms of retractable seizures.

”He will remain in our observation until we took all his tests. ” Doctor told Mr. Asmar.

”But is he okay now? can I meet him? ” Mr. Asmar was sitting in front of him.

”yeah! fine now. Did this happen to him before? ” Doctor inquired.

”No, doctor! he just complained of headaches and bright lights. ”

”Did your family has any previous record of brain disease. ”

”yeah, his maternal grandfather died of a brain tumor. ”

”But you still didn take him to any neurosurgeon? His symptoms are showing a greater risk of brain tumor. ”

”I took an appointment from a neurosurgeon, but missed because of Aarons final term exams. ”

”Okay, ” the Doctor wrote something on paper, ”we are admitting him for a few days. I am writing MRI for him. ” The doctor handed Mr. Asmar a prescription.

”Come back with the report. ” Mr. Asmar grasped the paper.

”Can I meet him? ” He asked with choking voice.

”yes sure, you can. ” Doctor nodded.

Mr. Asmar closed the door behind him. Moneeza was waiting outside.

”What happened, dad? what he said? ” Moneeza blocked his path.

Mr. Asmars lifeless eyes were telling that something bad had happened.

Mr. Asmar sat on the bench and covered his face with his hands.

”Dad? Are you okay? ” Moneeza sat on her foot and placed her hands on his knee.

”Dad, please. ” Moneezas tears rushed out. she had never seen her father like this before.

”He might have a tumor. ” His voice was heavy. Moneezas grip on his knee losed and she sat on the floor; Shocked, horror-struck.

”Our little stars brightness will fade away soon. ” He sobbed. Moneeza picked up herself and controlled her tears, Her eyes narrowed, ”Dad, you always advised me not to lose hope, irrespective of how challenging the situation is, and now you are saying things like this, even when it is not confirmed yet. ” Mr. Asmar hugged her tightly and wept a silent tear.

”You two are my whole world. I can see any of you in misery and living without any of you is shattering me inside. ” Mr. Asmar sniveled miserably.

Moneeza loosed her grip, grabbed him from his arms, and glanced over him. ”Dad, Aaron will be fine. Don cry. ” He was not looking up even the slightest bit. A lump passed through her throat and she blinked away her tears.

”Dad, please. hold yourself. ”

”I always tried to protect my family from all the evil. I even moved here for my family and now my family is shattered. ” He groaned in misery.

”Our family is not shattered, dad. We are still united. I promise everything will come to its place. ”

Mr. Asmars phone bell rang, he took out the phone from his pocket. It was Miss Laylas call. Moneeza seized the phone from him and picked up the call.

”Hello Mom, Aaron is okay and he is sleeping peacefully. Don worry. We will be home in an hour. ” Moneeza told in a single breath.

”Where is your dad? ” Miss Layla inquired with heavy voice.

”He is with the doctor. Now please mom, have rest. we are coming. ” Moneeza hung up the call and look at her father. He was looking at her daughter with tearstained face.

”Dad! until I am with you, I will not let you cry. ” She wiped his tears with her fingers. ”These eyes are not made for tears. Your stars are here, and will always be by your side. Now just like a good dad, get-up-and-go, and Lets get information about MRI section. ”

Mr. Asmar stood up with trembling legs, wrapped his arm around moneeza, and started walking along with her.

”you know why I use get-up-and-go for you every time you lose hope. ” Mr. Asmar asked and forced a smile.

”yes, mom told me; when I was learning how to walk, I usually fell down on the floor and started crying, then you encouraged me to walk by the slogan of get-up-and-go. I laughed and started walking again. ” She plastered a smile on her face.

”yeah, right, and after that, you never fell. ” He gave a gentle pat on her head..

”Because I remember that in every problem the best thing to combat the situation is to get up and go, instead of crying cowardly. ” Moneeza beamed, but misery was written all over her face.

They were walking towards the OPD, talking to each other. Their voices were fading with every step they were taking.

Time changes for everyone. A happy family can be shattered and a shattered family can be settled peacefully. Its all a matter of time. Moneeza was going to get a piece of very good news, but bad news eat her pleasure, but who knows the thing she was considering good was going to give only sorrow.

(To be continued. . .)

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