Ghoul Hunter (Prodigy)

Chapter 2: The Origin

”Um, Crimson? Im going to the restroom ”

”Go ahead ”

Me and the Dark elf went to a restroom where people don usually go to, Its a bit far from our classroom but she insisted that we go here.

”Um, Im really going to ”

”Go ahead ”

”Ah, b-but our hands are still stuck together ”

”Where the problem at? ”

The dark elf stared at me, her legs are sliding on each other, telling itself that she wants to pee now.

”Can you uncuff me for a second? ”

”No! ”

She stared at me again.

”But Im really about to pee, and lunch break will be over ”

”Go pee now ”

”Ergh ”

The dark elf turned around and lowered her head.

”If I pee now, can you please not look? ”

”Sure, I mean I won do it even if you didn ask in the first place ”

”Im having doubts, are you sure you
e not going to peek? ”

”Ive seen a lot of shameless people who walk naked inside the house, no problems! ”

I raised a thumbs up.

Then the dark elf slowly looked at me as she entered the toilet. then after going for a while, she stopped.

”ummm, It won reach ”

”What reach? ”

”I can sit at the toilet ”

”Why? ”

”The handcuffs is stopping me ”

”Is that so? ”

I entered my whole arm at the room.

”KYAAAAAAAA, Do-Don put your arm inside! ”

”but you said you can reach the toilet ”

”I know I said it but- ”

”Can your butt reach it now? ”

The dark elf sat on it.

”Oh, it reached ”

”Good ”

”Make sure you don peep ”

”I won ! ”

She slowly removed her panties, put in below her legs and started to pee.

”Do-Don listen to me pee!!! ”

”I can help it here! just turn on the faucet or something! ”

”faucet? oh ”

She turned on the faucet.

”Are you done? ” I ask

”Just a bit more ”

”Youve been peeing for 30 second straight ”

”Waahh, Thats not true! ”

”Just finish it quickly! ”

After peeing, she flushed the toilet and put back her panties.

After doing so, she immediately went outside the room with her face all beet red.

”You didn peek right? ”

”I didn , by the way ”

”Hmmm? ”

”I also want to pee ”

”Eh? ”

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