Ghoul Hunter (Prodigy)

Chapter 2.2 A Mysterious Person

The forest turned cold as if winter had come, despite being a tropical country Ice started to form and freezes the grass. A loud voice echoed through the forest and it chanted.

”Crystal Prison! ”

The atmosphere was tainted blue, the sound of ice forming into crystals had resonated to the forest and petals of snowflakes scattered like cherry blossom leaves.

Ice crawled at the feet of the giant being, slowly being consumed in Ice. The Kapre panicked that it tried to destroy the crystal but it was futile. Almost like an instant, the Kapre was frozen to death.

Similar to what happened in mine, the Kapre who was holding the Dark elfs body froze too and became a Pillar of Ice.

I was damned terrified yet grateful for the sudden events, but I kind of remember whose voice that was. The voice of the person who froze the 2 Kapres in an Instant.

”What the heck was going on here? ” Asked by the person in the forest. She was there floating as mist gathered beneath her feet. I know that voice, and its the-

”The Lich ”

”Care to explain, young ghoul hunter! ”

An hour after the events, We went inside their mansion. I took a cup of tea and savoured a sip on it. I sat on the sofa whilst relaxing my feet. I looked at the surroundings and Damn, those things inside their house are expensive.

*Sips* I continued to sip on my tea. The lich looked at me and asked.

”What happened earlier? ”

*Sips* I savoured the sweet taste and answered her ”We
e being chased by 2 Kapre out of nowhere ”

”I know that, Im asking why? ”

”I don know, don ask me ” I continued to sip my tea whilst glancing at their living room.

”Did Sly-chan agitated them? shes not that dumb make a monster angry like that! ”

”Now that you mention it ” I remember that paper we saw in the forest… ”There was a paper that we blamed, might be the cause of it ”

The lich refilled her tea and asked. ”Paper? ” Then she took a sip of the Tea.

”Theres an Abaca paper the size of an A4 lying on the ground, The Dark elf touched it and afterwards, we
e being chased ”

”You mean that paper is a Catalyst? ” She looked at me.

”Ohh! Catalyst, that might be the word ” now that you mention it, why is there a Catalyst that summons 2 Giant Kapre out of nowhere.

I looked to the right beside me as I sipped my tea, there was a girl lying unconscious whilst her eyes were wide open and pupils dilated. Shes breathing and all but she looks like a dead person with her saliva dripping out her open mouth.

”Its been an hour, when will that Dark elf wake up? Im kind of doubting that shes still alive ”

The lich answered ”Dark elves developed a mental structure that helps them overcome Post traumatic mental experience by making them dream about a happy scenario inside their head. So the next time they experience this, theyll get better somehow ”

”Thats a thing? ” I asked.

”Yes, Though back on the Catalyst thing, what else did you see? can you understand the words encrypted on the spell? ”

”I only know 4 languages and the language in the Catalyst is not one of them! ”

”Urgghhhh, This is Generation Alpha, get on their level and youll blow your mind! ”

”HEY! we
e in the same generation! don diss me! ” Generation Alpha refers to people that are born in the year 2010-2025.

Speaking of the Catalyst, I asked the Lich. ”You know about the Kapre right? Lich…?- What is your name by the way? ”

The lich answered ”My name is Kuro Minamoto, and yes, I know about Kapre ”

”Okay so bitch, About the Kapre- ”

e extremely rude, where are your manners? Are Gen A like this today? ”

”Don talk like we
e not from the same generation! Anyways, I kind of wonder about the Kapre. Ive heard some mythology concerning it but it somehow differs from what we experienced earlier, is the myth a Lie? ”

The lich answered. ”I don know what the general public myth is about for them so could you elaborate that to me? ”

”Elaborate huh, Basically ” I started to explain to her what a Kapre is. ”A Kapre is a Giant being much larger than a human person. They are tall, Dark skinned and live in mango trees smoking cigars. I heard there are 2 variants consisting of the good ones and the bad ones and they have the power to produce miracles in exchange of worshipping them ”

”The Devil Jinn huh ” She said. I asked her, ”Jinn? ” She elaborates- ”Did you know, That Kapres aren Ghouls but an Oddity? ”

”What? ” I asked. Confused since these concepts are unknown to me.

”The Strong Jinns, or as the People in the Local country names them as Kapre are Divine beings, representing Strength and Power, Kapre too, exist in Japan ”

”eh? seriously? ” I was surprised.

”We call them, The Wise Devil, or the Wise Jinn. They possess Redskins and long noses, wearing a costume that people wear in festivals. People worships him in exchange for granting them knowledge and wisdom ”

I ask ”How can that be considered an Oddity? ” She answered. ”Because they
e divine and grants wishes. Did you know that there are 3 types of them? Two of them are those I mentioned, And the last one might surprise you ”

She looked at me and continued explaining. ”The Final and last type, Im sure a lot of people in the world is Familiar with, The Magical Jinn, or the Jinni, Possessing Blue skin and grants wishes that falls in all categories ”

I looked at her in silence trying to comprehend all the information at once. Theres something in my head that keeps jumbling inside but it all kind of makes sense somehow but I can 100% verify.

”You mean, Kapres are the same as the Jinni in Aladdin? ”

”Same type, Different purpose and structure, ” She answered.

I think back to when we encountered the Kapre. It all makes sense now why it was incredibly powerful despite the myth I was familiar with. Whoever taught the Myth should be changed now or more victims will be victimised by false information.

”The Kapre was strong, But you manage to defeat them ”

”I just used an Element that is unfamiliar against it ”

”What do you mean? ” I asked. She sipped her tea and answered. ”The Strong Jinn or the Kapre are as the name implies Strong, they
e the strongest among the 3 in terms of physical strength that their brute force could shatter an entire forest in a single punch. They
e also immune to elements such as Fire, water, Wind and earth, dealing almost 0 damage against them. Though they
e not perfect ”

I listened carefully. ”Whilst it can tank a lot of attacks and can regenerate, Elements that are unfamiliar will hurt them, such as Metals, Ice , Electric and many more could procure massive damage against them. Though its not easy, but they are not unkillable ”

”I see ” Ive taken notes inside my head in case Ill deal with another one next time. She continued and said. ”Talking about Oddities, did you know young boy, that you
e emitting the Kapres curse? ”

”Kapre- what are you saying? ” I ask her. I have knowledge about the concept of curse but Ive never heard about this one.

She explained ”Since youve fought against an oddity itself, fighting one will procure the concept of attraction, or since youve fought a Kapre, its called The Kapres Curse ”

She continued. ”Basically, you
e emitting a radiance that will tell another oddity like Kapre that youve fought one of them. Keep the curse, and theyll come for your neck afterwards ”

Oh, I get it. ”So this is the same concept as the superstition Pag-Pag? ” She answered. ”Correct, but it has different method to remove such curse ”

Pag-Pag literally means ”to shake off the dust or dirt ”; it is also a superstition that says you should not go straight home from a wake. Instead, spend some time somewhere else to confuse the spirits so that they would not follow you home.

I ask her. ”How should I remove this? ”She took her empty cup down the table and positioned herself in cross legs, along by putting her palm in her face. She answered. ”Strip ”

I took a moment of silence to the word she answered for a few seconds, I looked at her with a disgusted face and told her. ”Fuck off ”

”Why? ” She was confused. I told her. ”Why the ** am I stripping you stupid maniac, are you a perverted lich? ”

She explained ”The Kapres curse will not directly attach on your body but will remain inside your clothes. wear your clothes for a long time and the curse will attack your body that youll need a specialist to remove it ”

I ask her. ”Do we burn the clothes? ” she answered. ”Washing them off using detergent will suffice, every type of curse is weak against sea water after all ”

”I see, ” She continued. ”Before stripping though, Can you stand? ” I nodded No. Since my ligaments are torn, my ankle joints can make me stand. she says ”I want to make you heal faster, worse case scenario, this thing won heal anymore ”

”And whose fault is that? ” she answered back. ”If you did not attack me, I would have not in the first PLACE! ” She stood up and went away for now.

Walking behind my back, I turned around to see her come out of a room and came back with a medical kit within her hands. I asked. ”Whats that thing gonna do anyways? ”

She kneeled down facing my feet and took an empty syringe. ”What that do? ” She did not answer me and took the syringe inside her mouth and inserted the needle in her tongue.

”Seriously, what are you doing? ” She talked back and told me. ”Shut up ” after putting it in her mouth, white transparent fluids are being inserted inside it. I ask ”What the ** is that? ”

”My Saliva ”

”YOOOO! What the ** are you doing with your saliva!!! ” I asked, then she answered. ”Notice my arm came back together after you cut it? now imagine that happening in your ligaments ”

”Whats the point of the Saliva? ”

”My saliva has a property that can reconstruct a cell damage and repair it. its a tad weaker than my own blood but since its just a ligaments, Im sure it will be fine ”

”Wait, you
e inserting that saliva inside my feet? ” She answered ”Since my blood will likely poison you, Im using my saliva ”

”Ewwww ”

She looked at me with a scary face after saying that word. her eyes were looking inside my soul and asked me ”Do you want to be healed or not? ”

”Im sorry madam ”

She injected her saliva on my feet and massaged my ankles, after a few minutes, she did it again but on my other foot. she told me.

”The healing is weaker but its a lot better for now, as I can feel, your ligaments are starting to connect and is being healed, in exactly 8 hours, you are back in full strength ”

”So tomorrow? ”

”You can stand now actually, try it, just don pour magic on your feet or my reconstructive saliva will die ”

I tried to stand up, my ankles are gaining strength but it feels extremely painful just to stand up, but after a few moments, I managed to do it.

”Ohhhhhhh…, Nice, I can stand now ” I was a little bit happy gaining my strength back, but it was still painful just to keep standing.

She then asked ”Now strip! ”

”What? ”

”The Kapres curse, did you forgot? ”

”Ohh, right, do I only take my shirt off? ”

”Your slacks too, keep your boxers, its probably not cursed or anything, just a guess, but they are usually not ”

I slowly took off my white shirt and removed it. The white shirt is really burnt and has a lot of dirt staining it, so its really perfect if they could wash this. There was a mirror facing on my side and I looked at it.

Now that I look at it, I have a pretty good body, it was like the body of a chiselled Greek statue. I have only 4 packs of abs but the 6th pair are a bit visible. Im not extremely shredded since I need a bit of fats especially since Im a hunter and I need those to fight longer.

I also have traps like a boxer, and my biceps are in good shape. I flexed my body in the mirror and took a liking into it.

”Stop flexing you idiot! ”

I gave her the t-shirt and took my slacks off too, after removing my slacks, you could see that Im not skipping leg day.

I gave her the slacks, and now Im half naked with a black boxer brief. I also took my bag and asked her. ”Could you also include my uniform? ” She looked at me and told me. ”Okay ”

She went away and told me. ”Im also giving you something to wear, I don want a half naked person loitering in the mansion anyways, especially not when Sly-chan is here! ”

Speaking of the dark elf. Shes still not waking up. I started walking and kept looking inside their mansion.

There was a cliché that Vampires or any type of undead tends to be wealthy, but that cliché is seriously strong with this one. What are their jobs that made them money like this?

Inside their mansion, there were tons of expensive stuff, including vases with plants in it, Antiques, and chandeliers that probably were worth millions.

I stood in front of the laying unconscious dark elf and took a look at her face. Then appeared the lich after she came back from the other room. She told me. ”I have this t-shirt for you, this is the only medium side we have, probably will fit you I hope ”

She then tossed me a blue t-shirt and I took it. I told her. ”Thanks ”

”My, My, Even a rude person can say thanks. ”

”Yeah, Thanks bitch ”

”I take that complement back ”

I wore the T-shirt she gave me and looked at the design. As I see, there is graffiti engraved in the shirt with the word Slyvyna. I looked at it and remembered, this is a name.

More importantly, this is the Dark elfs name, Slyvyna Lockwood.

”This is the Dark elfs clothes isn it? ” I asked, she answered. ”You think my clothes will fit you? ”

Anyways, after wearing it, I was waiting for the lower part to be given clothes. I asked her. ”Wheres for my Dick? ”

She looked at my crotch and told me ”You think a girl will have the same waistline as you? Im sorry but nothing seems to fit you so go wear that boxers for now, it kind of look like shorts anyways, don bother it ”

”Wait! Seriously? ”

”Very Seriously ”

She sat down and poured another tea in her cup and asked me. ”I Forgot to ask, what is your name? ”

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