The moon shone high above the skies, scattered with dark clouds, brightly illuminating the verdant rolling hillscape. Hundreds of tall emerald Oaks, Maples, and Pine Trees adorned the hills, creating a thick and luscious forest.

Smoke rose into the skies from amongst the trees, billowing as it came from a small cottage in a tiny clearing in the forest. It was a minimalistic one-room cottage with an equally little kitchenette and a small table with two chairs. Intense flames roared from the chimney in front of an oversized chair; an elderly woman sat on the edge of a bed.

She tucked in a young boy with shaggy, sandy hair and bright green eyes before grabbing a sizeable worn book from the nightstand beside the bed and ruffled the hair, covering his forehead with a warm smile.

”One chapter! Thats it! We have an early day tomorrow, Jackson! ” She said sternly as she wagged her finger at his face; he giggled and pulled the blanket over his mouth.

”Okay, Grandma! ” Jackson replied innocently as she opened the worn and tattered binding of the large book.

”Long ago, many years before you or I were born, our entire world was covered by humans. They lived on every inch of the ground and ruled over everything on Terra. However… ” The elderly woman read as Jackson turned his head and stared out the window toward the bright moon.


The skies turned a bright red as the clouds burst apart and disappeared. The trees exploded, sending flaming thatch and splinters everywhere, creating a raging inferno across Terra. Lava began erupting beneath the planets crust, bursting from volcanoes and cracks underneath the oceans. The oceans started boiling as the mountaintops were split apart, and earthquakes ravaged the continents.

Humongous towers began floating down to equally gigantic metropolis cities throughout Terra. The structures casually descended until they floated a few hundred meters above the ground creating massive gusts throughout the skyscrapers.

Immediately each of the towers opened a massive panel on each face, and luminescent staircases began unfolding out and down to the ground destroying the buildings underneath as they expanded out and connected to each other, creating a starkly beautiful image amongst the destruction of the cities.

A neverending sea of beasts emerged from the towers and began charging down the brightly lit red stairs. Giant wolves with dark fur, large fangs, and claws ran alongside giant rats and massive insects that crawled along the ground beneath their rampaging feet.

Panic set in an instant as everyone began trampling over each other as they attempted to flee from the towers. Local authorities tried to cull the beasts but were overrun in moments. Chaos ensued everywhere as people hid and barred themselves but to no avail.

Militaries sprung into high alert and were dispatched, but even with the increased firepower of their armored and air divisions, more giant and stronger monsters emerged from the tower and were quickly able to defeat the armies that were protecting humanity.

The world leaders were cut off from the public, and roughly half of humanity was eradicated from Terra in the brink of a few hours.

A Young man with long, flowing golden

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