GodHunter Mage

Asmodues Scripture

”I want to become stronger. Please, whoever you are, whatever you are, give me a power. I need a power! Give me a power whatever it will cost. ”

In front of old book, a young boy was kneeling at the book. the book had a black cover with symbol of inverted triangle on it.

The room was dark. Candle couldn last as it light was faded. cold air entered the room through ventilation and lowering the temperature.

Suddenly, light of candle was vanished. The young boy lifted his head and looked at the book. slowly, the book was opened its cover. The page was shifting slowly. Soon, the book was stopped moving. The page was emitting a red light that make the room brighten.

”Wh-what happen? ” The boy stammered. he closed his eyes due to flashy light.

He opened his eyes slowly. Then, he shocked when he look at the air. He gasped and stretching his hand to the air. There was a floating organized word.

[Congratulations, you have became a mage. I am Asmodeus, greeting you to become my believer. for unlocked your skill you must complete the quest]


Kill 5 human, whether is noble, farmer, merchant or any kind of human. Stronger and higher position human that youve killed, will efected to your reward.]


Name : Kieran Moore

Class : Lesser Mage

Strength : 2.0

Speed : 2.0

Agility : 2.0

Intelligent : 2.4

Luck : 6

evaluation : Stronger than ordinay human, but weaker than real mage.]

Kieran gulped, ”Its real? ”

He lifter both of his hand and focused on hands muscle. He could feel the strength that bigger than before. He had known once a human become mage, even its was the lesser one, he would gain an amazing power. His strength, speed, agility, intelligent was twice than normal people usually has.

”Hehe, I couldn believe this! Mage! Ive became a mage! This book is a real one! How lucky i am, ” Kieran chuckled. He found this book yesterday. the book was found in the mountain cave, several miles from this city. He guessed the cave was Asmodeus believer hiding-place.

This book was enchanted scripture. Enchanted scripture was scripture that had received a bless from the god it self. Enchanted scripture could change a normal human become a mage, but it could only be used once time. After that, enchanted scripture become a normal scripture. Only a high priest that had a power to bless a normal scripture become the enchanted one, of course, with permission from the God it self.

Kieran took an igniter from his pocket. He grabbed the scripture and raised it. Then, he turned on the igniter with another hand. Kieran was burning the book. Slowly, the fire was devouring the book. its smoke was spreaded and filled the room.

There was a rule in this city, Amantha. Every evil believer mage was a criminal despite they were doing a crime or not. Hecrotus Kingdom was a kingdom that established by three religion. God of Knowledge believer, The Sun Church, and The Savior Lord. These three religion was categorized as light Fraction. In this world, there was three fraction, evil, light, and neutral gods and goddesses.

After the book was burned out, Kieran walked out of the room. He opened the door and saw chain of grungy house. In front of them, there was a muddy alley. Kieran walked through the alley slowly. The moonlight made him easily to look the things around him.

”Quest, 5 human to kill,

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