GodHunter Mage

Collecting Herb

There was a young girl who had fox ears on her head and golden furry tail which surrounding her body. She wore a dishevelled kimono with couple of stocking. She looked at Kieran and tilted her head.

She was winked her eyes and urged, ”Could you help me? please. ”

e Kitsune, why you could end up here? ”

Kitsune was beastman sub-race which had mixed feature of fox and human. Kitsune race was ruling Farest Archipelago and known as highly beastman sub-race. It was common sense that kidnapped a Kitsune was really dangerous, cause you could hunt by one kingdom. Literally, every Kitsune were noblest.

”Someone caught me. Ill pay back your kindness, so could you break this chains?. ” She showed the chains which bound her hands and foots.

Kieran approached the young girl. He kneel infront of her, then he looked at the chains carefully. He realized on every metal rings of the chains there was a word on it.

”What happen? Can you break it? ” The young girl asked. She was look down at Kieran.

”This chain… there is a seal on it. There is no way someone put the seal on a young normal fox girl. So, who you are? ” Kieran narrowed his eyes. There was a suspicious things about this girl. Young normal girl wouldn be so calm in this situation.

She was avoiding eyes contact and smiled shyly, ”Maybe you wrong about it? ”

”Nope, in this world, just one family who has this kind of seal. Moore Family, the family who has been worshipping The Savior Lord. ” When he said Moore family his showed explosive anger.

She sighed, ”My name is Mio Kinutsuka, i am a mage. Even though i looks like young girl, i am definitely older than you. Are you satisfied now? ”

”So, you
e mage. Its mean you are dangerous. Im sorry but i won help someone who could kill me in a second. ” Kieran stood and turn around, but when he was about to leave her. Mio shouted.

”Could you just broke the chains which connected to the box? Please? ” Mio said with a lilting voice.

Kieran twisted his head, ”Aren you a mage? You are multiples stronger than ordinary human. That chains just locked you from using your skill. ”

”They put some poison in my body, so its make me, physically weak. ”

Kieran rolled his eye. Finally, he broke the chains which connected to the box. It was made the chains just bind Mios hands and foot. After that, Kieran intended to left this place. After all, others gangster might came here.

But he heard someone jumped and clinked of metal rings which was very disgusting. Kieran turn around and saw Mio followed him. He took a harsh breath, ”Why are you following me? ”

”I don know about this place and with this weak condition, I think the best choice is to follow you, ” Mio made an innocent expressions.

Kieran squeezed his forehead. ”Whoever that kidnapped you is someone who has connection to Moore family. While I hate that family so much, I know that family is dangerous enough to make me die. Furthermore, I don want to put myself in a deadly hunting from your family or some gangster who kidnapped you. ”

”So? ”

”Its mean, go away! ” Kieran barked.

”Im really need your help. Please give me help, okay? just 3 days, or you know, until im getting stronger and the poison is disappearing. ”

At that time, Kieran realized this look young but old Kitsune will always follow him no matter what he spoke. So, he just gave up. Kieran walked approach Mio. Then, he grabbed her waist and lifted her up. Her body was jolted, but she was did not refuse to be lifted. After that, he put her on his shoulder.

”Why you don do this earlier? ”

”Shut up! ”

Kieran went to home carefully. He ensured no one see him especially when he was carrying a girl who has fox ears and golden tail.

Kiera home was an old crumbly hut. This hut built in the shabby area. His neighborhood was beggars, paupers, and amputee who couldn work anymore.

Mio pinched her nose, ”Do you live at this fusty place? ”

Kieran opened the door. ”Yes, are you regretting it now? Its not to late to go away from my fusty place. ”

Kieran put Mio down. Then, he broke the chains that bind Mios foots. Now, the chains just bind her hand. But Kieran wouldn break that chains.

She was looking around the hut, and said, ”Im adaptive girl, so i think this place isn too bad. ”

There was two room on this hut. First, main room that used as main activity room such like sleep, eat, and other stuff. Second was kitchen, he used this room to cook something or brewing the herbal medicine. Herbal? Yes, Kieran was a herbalist. That was why he went to the forest and luckily found Asmodeus scripture.

”I had kill five people, i don know if the quest count it or no. ”

Kieran opened the status. An organized word was reappering in front of him.


Name : Kieran Moore

Class : Apprentice Mage

Strength : 2.0

Speed : 2.0

Agility : 2.0

Intelligent : 2.4

Luck : 6

Evaluation : An ordinary beginner mage.


1. Asmodeus Bless(lv1)

Effect: Increasing your physical statistics 30%.

2.Darkness Construct(lv1)

Effect: You could create an object using the Darkness. Object you could create is limited by size and complexity.

3. Night Doom(lv1)

Effect: Everything which has 5 meter range from you will entered an absolute darkness. Light couldn be used on this area. You gained 40% extra damage and lowered defense ability of everyone in that area except for you.]

Kieran took a deep breath, then, he raised his left hand. To activate the skill, Kieran use a command on his mind.

[Darkness Construct : Activated]

A glob of seems like mud which had black colour popped up on Kierans hand. Second later, That mud transform became a knife. Kieran grabbed knife handgrip and scratched it to his skin. A small shallow cut appear on his skin. Kieran shook his head, he understood that this knife was really sharp and had a better hardness than ordinary knife.

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