GodHunter Mage

Collecting Herb

>[Asmodeus Bless : Activated]

Kieran felt a warm mana was spreading over his body. After that, he could sense that his body was stronger than before. Suddenly, Kieran was running. The silent and tranquil forest became noisy with Kieran activities. Kieran jumped, punched the tree and do other actions. After 5 minutes, Kieran stopped.


Name : Kieran Moore

Class : Apprentice Mage

Strength : 2.0

Speed : 2.0

Agility : 2.0

Intelligent : 2.1/2.4

Luck : 6

Evaluation : An ordinary beginner mage.


1. Asmodeus Bless(lv1)

Effect: Increasing your physicall statistics 30%.

2.Darkness Construct(lv1)

Effect: You could create an object using the Darkness. Object you could create is limited by size and complexity.

3. Night Doom(lv1)

Effect: In the next 20 second, everything in 5 meter range from you, will entered an absolute darkness. Light couldn be used on this area. You gained 40% extra damage and lowered defense ability of everyone in that area except for you.]

”5 minutes and 0.3 intelligent was gone, so time limit of this skill is 40 minutes if i successively use this skill without use another skill. Now, how about the third skill? ”

Kieran activated the third skill. In a second, the view was changing into darkness. He couldn see anything, but he able to sense everything in the doom. Kieran was trying to punch the tree. He could sense the punch was more powerful than before.

After 20 seconds, The skill was inactive. He saw that his intelligent decreasing again to 1.6/2.4, its mean Night Doom was cost 0.5 Intelligent for one use. It was really a high cost for one skill. Kieran realized that he must increase his statistic, especially the Intelligent.

”The first and third of my skill is buff type skill, and the second skill is conjuration type skill. ”

Conjuration skill was a skill that could create something out of nothingness.

The most common thing to increase the intelligent was meditation. The problem was every religion had unique meditation which different from other. Kieran who was finding the scriptures, obviously, didn had someone who could teach him about Asmodues Believer meditation.

Kieran snapped his fingers, ”Huh, i almost forget about breakfast. ”

In this forest, most common animal that you could find was wild rabbit. Kieran was hunting in this forest almost everyday. He was experienced to hunt wild rabbit. Usually, he used a trap, but this time he directly attacked the rabbit. Kieran used [Asmodues Bless] to catch the rabbit. After 3 minutes, he catches 4 rabbit. Despite rabbit, he took amount of fresh fruits.

Then, Kieran went to Mios place. He saw Mio was sleeping use the full of herb bag as her pillow. The coat and her Kimono looked messy which make Kieran could see Mios white pant.

Kieran turned his face away. He walked approached Mio and kicked her body softly. ”Oy, old loli wake up! Don use that as your pillow, ” Kieran rebuked.

”Ngh~ ” Mio stretched her hands widely. Then she pushed her body to the sit position. She opened her eyes widely and looked at Kieran with a smile, ”Good Morning. ”

Kieran threw an apple to her face.

”Aw! ” Mio would angry but she saw what Kierans threw was apple. So, she grabbed the apple and bit it.

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