After ate some broiled rabbit, Kieran and Mio went back to Amantha city. After walked for half hour, Kieran and Mio saw wood fence that encircled the city. In front of the city, there was a huge wood gate. Two armored men were guarding the gate. Kieran ensured Mio was covered her fox ears and tail.

One of the armored men straightened his hand and blocked Kieran way, ”Stop! Where are you come from? ”

Kieran showed his bag that full of herbs. ”I have gone to the forest to collect the herbs. Come on, you see me everyday don you? ”

”Haha, i am sorry but this is the procedure. By the way, ” The armored men lowered his voice and whispered to Kieran, ”Who is that? ”

Kieran took 10 shallon from his pocket and gave the money to the armored men, ”She my girlfriend. This, your money. ”

”Thanks. ”

”Bye. ”

Kieran clasped Mios hand and pull her into the city.

Kieran return to his house. He opened the house and went in. Mio that had been silence for a while, strip off her hood and took a breath. Then, strip off her coat. She was breathing hardly, ”It so hot to use a coat. I don want to use that again. ”

Kieran who was about to go to the kitchen, twisted his head, ”You should wear it in outside, or anyone will realize who you are. ”

After that, Kieran brought the bag and go to the kitchen. His mother was herbalist. She taught Kieran about herbal. After kicked out from Moore family, Kieran and his mom was living here. Everyday her mother was brewing the herbal medicine and sold it to the pharmacy.

Due to boredom, Mio followed Kieran to the kitchen and watched Kieran brewing the herbal medicine.

”I kinda interested, you have a good knowledge. Are you have a relation with noble family or have learned that from school? ” Mio questioned.

”There is no school here. But i had attended school in Avania, capital city of Hecrotus Kingdom. ”

Kieran looked at Mio, ”How about you? How someone like you have kidnapped by some random gangster? ”

”Someone doesn want me live there, so they trapped me and sold me, ” her little red lip was quivered.

Kieran was interested with Mio background but he knew that was Mio privacy to tell him or not.

Smoke was flying out of the pot. Kieran turned off the stove and took the pot with tattered cloth. After that, he poured the green liquid to the bottle. Soon, five bottles was full of green liquid. Kieran took the five bottles and put it to the bag.

”Lets go. We must sell this herbal medicine. ”

”Go again? I am lazy, I just want to wait you here, ” Mio was recumbent and closed her eyes.

Kieran stepped his foot on Mios tail.

”Kyaah! What the hell are you doing? ” She immediately sit up and looked at Kieran angrily. She rubbed her tail softly.

”Follow me. ”

After some indignant babble from the Kitsune, Kieran and Mio were went to the pharmacy. After they arrived in the front of pharmacy. Kieran look something odd. He saw numerous gangsters was roving around in the main road. They were visiting every shop and stand.

Kieran whispering to Mio who was beside him. ”Do not let people see your ears and tail. I think they are looking for you, ”

”Why we don beat them simply? ” As a mage Mio didn understand why Kieran was extra careful just because several gangsters.

”We will get trouble, what i mean is not them, but three chiefs of snakehead gang. Furthermore, are you forget about your weak condition? ”

Snakehead gang was the only gang which operated in Amantha city. There was three chiefs of snakehead gang. First was Zed Feroz, he was a former adventurer from the capital city. He was Sun Lord believer. Second was Greysia Luminus, She was cousin of Amantha Mayor, Redruff Luminus, she also a God of Knowledge believer . Third was Ryx, immigrant from Gordon Kingdom and Sky Lord believer.

Kieran knew they were a mage. He was sure about that. He didn know how strong they were. But he pretty sure, they were stronger than him.

Soon, Kieran and Mio entered the pharmacy. This pharmacy was located at road fork. It size was quite small and look old but that pharmacy was be trusted by the people around it for twenty years or more.

An old man who wore long red sleeve with black vest on it and black jeans, he also wore a pair of white gloves. In his face there was round eyeglasses.

The old man realized Kieran, he turn around, ”Hai, Kieran, Its a bit fast. Im not used to seeing you this early. So, wanna sell your herbal medicine again? ”

Kieran put the bag on the table. ”The only one that make me here is this herbal medicine. ”

The old man took 5 bottles from the bag. As usually he do, he was checking about the herbal. Even if Kieran do this everyday, a bit carefullness was not harm.

”Hey Uncle Sam, I see Snakehead gangsters on the road, whats happen? ” Kieran asked.

”Hmm, Theyve asked me about some beastman or something. I don put attention on it. You shouldn take attention on it, as long as you didn disturbing them, they wouldn made a problem with you, ” said Uncle Sam who was focusing his attention on the herbal medicine.

Kieran look at Mio. He saw her looked at shelf that full of medicine. Kieran warned, ”Do not touch anything, i will not pay if you cracking some medicine bottle. ”

Mio was grim, she stamped the wood floor. ”I ain kid you know? I know what i can do and what i canno— ”

Her stamped make the shelf trembled. The trembled was causing one medicine bottle fell. Mio grabbed the medicine bottle reflectively. But, it made her hood fell.

”This is your mone— ” Uncle Sam speechless. He didn make any move.

Kieran immediately grabbed the money. Then, he grabbed Mios waist and put her on his shoulder. He was running as fast as he could. A second later, Kieran heard Uncle Sam shout.

”The Fox girl that you search about is there! Catch him! ”

Kieran was exasperated, ”Damn old man, i thought we are friend! ”

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