GodHunter Mage

A Mess Situation

The Sun was shining. There was no cloud that protected Amantha City from the heat of sun. Amantha peoples activities were same as normally, except for some reason there was commotion that happened.

”Catch him! Don let him run away! ”

”Step aside, don impeding us. ”

”Someone who could stop him will grant a prize from Snakehead Gang! ”

Kieran was running as fast as possible. He could beat them but it will take time, at the worst, One of three chiefs of Snakehead Gang will caught him. Kieran didn take the alleyway but he ran in the main road. His purpose was get out from this city. There was no safe place in Amantha City.

There was many people which filled the main road. As the effect, Snakehead Gangsters hampered to chase Kieran. Kieran past through the crowd by ran between the gap of peoples.

”Im sorry, ” Mio apologized.

Kieran knew Mio was regretting. but the situation already screwed up, Mio regret will not change the situation.

”We will go out of this city. The most fastest person in Snakehead Gang is Ryx. He could create a pair of wings from the wind. Its mean soon or later he will catch up us. ”

”May i know where we will go? ”

”In the Southern of Helcrotus Kingdom, there is a place called The Freedom City, Deborah. We will go there through the forest. ”

The gangsters were left behind. Kieran couldn find any gangster behind him. After which, Kieran saw the gate.

The armored men intention to stop Kieran, bit Kieran was avoiding him, while he run past him, Kieran threw 10 shallon to the armored men.

”i am sorry, but i must go. ”

The armored men catch the money and waved his hand toward Kieran, ”Be careful, and thank you for the money! ”

Kieran felt lucky that the armored men wasn realized about the problem yet. Kieran and Mio will easily find out by Ryx if he ran in the main road like this. It was different if Kieran went to the forest. The dense forest will make it difficult to Ryx to find them.

After went through the forest for 15 minutes, Kieran stopped. He need an intermission. He sat under a big and wide tree. He rested his back toward the tree. His chest was ups and downs with rapid breath.

Mio peeked at Kieran, ”Why you don give me to the Snakehead Gang? I think they would leave you alone if you give me to them. ”

Kieran silenced. He looked at Mio, Kieran tap her forehead with his finger. ”I do this not because of you alone. I am Asmodeus Believer, live in this kingdom will restrain me. ”

Kieran added, ”Soon or later i will go out of this Kingdom to The Freedom City, Deborah. I had heard Deborah allowed the evil believer mage as long as they are following their rule. So, i hope i could find Asmodeus Priest. ”

A priest have a power to give a quest to other believers. A priest also could teach other believers another skill. Yes, Three skill is a basic skill, but you could learn more from the priest. The last, to upgraded your class you must needed the priests help. So, find Asmodeus community in Deborah was Kieran purpose.

”I know Deborah, my father go there every years, ” Mio said.

”Deborah is an international trading center, it is located near to Strait of Chetorah which connected Eura Ocean and Cavisic Ocean. Every years there will be an auction that was running by Xiao Family. That auction is a number one auction in the world. I think your father go to that auction, ” Kieran explained.

A flapping sound was disturbing Kieran. He look up to the sky. Suddenly, a rough wind was messing the place around him and Mio. They were covered the eyes with hand due to dust which flew following wind flows. The trees were slopping, and its leaf was fall.

A deep voice and thunderous was echoing from the sky.

”Do you think you could hide from my vision? ”

That person was slowly went down. A black spike hair with a scar that form an X shape on his left cheek. His eyes were blue and shining. The most drawn attention was a pair of blue transparent wings on his back.

”Ryx, ” Kieran set up his stance. Kieran didn expect Ryx will be able to find them quickly. Kieran knew that he couldn beat Ryx with his power, so he chose to run.

[Asmodeus Bless : Activated]

Kieran gave Mio pickaback quickly. A wave of wind went toward him, Kieran jumped. The wave was cutting the tree beside him. Kieran quickly ran away from Ryx.

”Hmph, useless effort, you couldn run from me, ” Ryx flew chased Kieran.

Ryx pointed his forefinger to Kieran. He was grinning. This is one of his best skill to kill others.

A round of wind was compressed in front his finger. Slowly, his finger trembled.

[Wind Bullet : Shot]

The wind bullet was gliding toward Kieran silently. Without great sense, someone wouldn realized a wind bullet was flew toward them.

Mio fox ears was moved slightly, she bawled, ”Jump aside! ”

Kieran reflectively moved aside. Second later, a big stone was exploded due to shot by wind bullet. Kierans eyes was opened widely. He couldn believe a dangerous attack almost took his life.

”Thank you! ”

”You could save that after we are safe from that men. ”

Ryx hissed, ”Gzz, Kitsune. ” The space between the tree was too tight, it made him have a trouble in caught up Kieran and Mio. But he could match his speed to Kieran speed.

Kieran knew he should do something or Ryx would caught him.

”Hey Mio, stretch your hands, ” Kieran said.

Mio couldn understand what Kieran purpose, ”Why? ”

”Just do it. ”

”Ok! ” Mio gave her hands to Kieran. Kieran was grabbing the chains which bound her hands. He cracking the chains. After that, the chains was broke, Mio completely free from the seal.

Kieran chose to believe Mio wasn dangerous as he thought.

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