In a cave that full of spider nest, Kieran and Mio took a rest. Outside the cave was dark and cold. After went several hours from Ryx. Kieran and Mio had been deeply inside the forest.

Mio sat in the corner of the cave with her head sank on the buckling hands. After got her consciousness, Mio was blaming herself for hurting Kieran. Though Kieran had told her that Kieran already forgave her, Mio wasn heard Kieran and keep silent along the way.

Kieran looked at Mio and said, ”Come on, I told you that Ive forgiven you, didn I? ”

”Leave me, I cannot control myself, ” Mio answered with low and vibrant voices.

Kieran stood and strolled toward Mio. He crouched. Then, he put his hand on Mios face. He turned up Mio face, which had been looking down. Slowly, Kieran could see Mio face. A damp eyes with drop of tear which wetting the cheeks. messed bangs and depressed expression made Kieran felt sympathy.

Kieran realized that Mios sadness was not only about him, but about her past and trauma. Maybe something happened to him was had happened in the past.

”Hey, I don know about your past but if you be wild again, I will stop you, ” Kieran brought out the green liquid bottle and showed to Mio.

”As long as this thing available, I could stop you. Don forget, Ive saved you several times, you haven paid my kindness yet. ”

Mio wiped her tears and smiled. ”Thank you. ”

Silence filled the air. Mio looked nervous, frequently she glanced at Kieran.

”May I hug you? I mean, this cave was so cold, Kitsune like me are not used to sleep in these circumstances, ” Mio begged as she shivered.

Kieran didn expect Mio begged a hug. But he didn have a reason to reject her. So, he opened his hands widely and said, ”You can hug me as comfortable as you feel. ”

Mio leaned toward Kieran, She opened her hands and hugged Kieran. She sank her head to Kieran chest. Kieran could feel a warm and softy Mio body intimately. His thigh was sat by Mio, while Mios tail was sprawled on Kierans feet.

Kieran put his hand on Mios head gently. Kieran stroked Mios hair and fox ears gradually. He saw that Mio had not a problem with what Kieran do, so he continuously stroked her head.

Under the pleasurable hugged by Mio, Kieran entered the dream world.


”Hey, wake up. Its already morning. ”

Mio opened her eyes slowly. She saw that she was sleeping on the ground with Kieran coat as her pillow. A savory smell made Mio gulped, she gazed at Kieran who was roasting a chicken whole.

The chicken was brown and full of spice. Mio approached Kieran, and sat beside him.

”Where you found the chicken and the spice? ”

Kieran stopped to roast the chicken. He took one of chicken leg and bite it. Then, he answered, ”I search it, it was taken three hours to find and cook this chicken. ”

Mio took chicken leg too, she asked before bite the chicken leg, ”Why you didn wake me up earlier? I could help you. ”

Kieran threw the chicken legs bone. ”I think you need more time, you know, to improve your mood after what happened yesterday. ”

Mio remembered yesterday she was depressed, ”Forgive me about yesterday. Im really sorry for gave you trouble. ”

”Its okay, but don do that it again. ”

”By the way, It is delicious, you have a talent. ”

They were enjoying the chicken for a while. After that, they were continuing to walked to the southern. The more they were walked, the more lush the plants were. There was no human trace that could be seen.

”Are you really know where we must go? I feel like we already lost, ” Mio spoked as she looked around. She felt the forest became more fearfully. She was imagining some monster was watching them from the darkness frequently.

Kieran rolled his eyes. ”We won lost. I have a good memory. I had looked the map while I was at school, I remembered perfectly. ”

”Are you sure? ”

”Yes, I am. ”

Kieran stopped, he felt something wrong. He glanced at the tree and saw the tree was trembled. Birds were flying from their nest.

”It is earthquake? ”

”No! Look at that! ” Mio pointed at some place. Kieran narrowed his eyes and saw what happened. A huge lizard was walking toward them. The lizard had 4 or 5 meter height and walking with his back feet. His front feet was looked like a hand.

”Run! ”

Kieran immediately lifted Mio and put her on his shoulder. Kieran ran with all his power. He activated Asmodeus Bless and quickly ran away from the lizard monster. But the monster seems interested with Kieran, so it was chasing Kieran.

Mio panicked, she complained, ”didn you tell me the forest was safe? ”

”I never go this deep to the forest! ” Kieran declared.

The lizard monster slowly caught up Kieran. It had a better speed than Kieran. Kieran realized that the lizard was going to catch him if he was do nothing.

”Hey, could you attack that monster, like you do to Ryx? ” Kieran asked.

Mio refused, ”If I do that Ill go crazy again. ”

Because Mio was refused, Kieran could only do was ran. As the monster got closer, Kieran saw the forest end, in several meters. He was confused, in the map, the forest end was not here.

He arrived at the forest end. Kieran stopped to run and shocked as he saw a cliff in front of him. The downside of the cliff was covered by the mist.

”What we will do?! ” Mio was panicked, the monster walked closer and in front of them was a cliff that might end your life if you jump.

”Just one that we can do. ” Kieran reassuring himself.

Mio looked at Kieran with opened eyes, ”Are you crazy? ”

”Just believe me. ” Kieran walked backwards, then, he ran forward and jumped to the downside of the cliff.

Kieran changed Mio position, so she was lying on his body. After that, Kieran hugged her and activated the 2nd skill to create a ball that cocooned them.

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