nd monsters. Monsters and beasts have their own patterns and territories. As long as you are careful, didn enter their territory, and didn cause a commotion, then they most likely won bother you.

On the border between the Hecrotus Kingdom and Deborah City, there are many bandits who often rob people who pass through the area. ”

Kieran was surprised, this was the first time he had heard of this. ”Really? But I rarely hear of people being robbed. Didn the border troops from the two regions securing the territory anyway? ”

”Thats because the city of Amantha and also the city of Deborah have escort services. If the border troops of the two countries make the area safe, then the merchants and people will not use escort services anymore. You know, paying for these escort services is very expensive. Thats why I often take a shortcut through this forest. ”

Kieran shook his head, he didn expect there to be something like that at the border. However, seeing how a gang could still grow in the city of Amantha, it was not surprising that the same thing was also happening on the border.

”Old Hansen, could we go with you? We also intend to go to Deborah City, ” Kieran said to Hansen.

Hansen nodded, ”Of course. You don seem like ordinary people, your presence could also help make my journey safer. ” Hansen seemed to have realized that Kieran as well as Mio were mages.

Moments later, the three of them were continuing the journey. Hansen carried a cart pulled by two horses. On the cart there are various kinds of objects. Kieran sat on the wagon while Mio sat in the front along with Hansen. The three of them continued on their way.

Hansen explained that it was not only him who used this shortcut, but also several other merchant caravans often came here. The proof was that the shortcut road looks pretty good. No tall grass blocking the road. Unfortunately, in the rainy season this shortcut couldn be used because it was very vulnerable.

After walking for a while, Hansen stopped his horse carriage.

”Whats wrong? Its not night yet, do we need to rest now? ” asked Mio curiously.

Hansen shook his head, he then said, ”We will stop at Jormund village and continue the journey tomorrow. ”

”Jormund Village? Do you mean in a deep forest like this there is a settlement? ” asked Kieran in surprise.

Hansen didn answer, but a few moments later Kieran could see the settlement in question. There was a high wooden fence with a fairly sturdy gate. Above the gate was the inscription Jormund Village. Kieran narrowed his eyes and saw the two gatekeepers standing in front of the wooden fence.

”Ned, Jimmy, open the gates. Its me Hansen! ”

”Ooh old Hansen! You
e here. Come on in! ”

”Hansen, did you bring the thing I ordered? ”

Hansen calmed the two gatekeepers.

”Relax, let me come in first. ”

e right, forgive us, please come in. ”

Hansens carriage entered the wooden gate. As Kieran was focused on observing the surroundings, Mio suddenly grabbed Kierans shirt and pulled it gently.

”Whats wrong, Mio? ”

”I have a bad feeling. ”

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