In the guest room at the headquarters of the Garfish Trading Company, the conversation with the companys representative, Mardai, continued.

“So, thecloth that doesnt allow youget wet that was explained to me along with thelantern the other day……”

‘Yes. So you did exactly what Aeris described and the prototype didnt turn out well?”

“Yes! How did you know that!”

Mardai bent forward, closing in on Tauro across the desk.

“If Im imagining it right, the slimes bodily fluids didnt settle on the fabric.”

“Yes, it didnt! The surface didnt become as smooth as the cloth Tauro-dono showed us!”

Mardai wanted to know why.

Tauro looked around the large guest room.

“This is a big room,”

He pulled out a large workbench from his magic storage and placed it in a corner of the guest room.

“This is ……, a workbench, right?”

Mardai asked Tauro as he stood up and looked at the desk closely to make sure.

“Yes, But its not just a workbench, its a magic workbench.”

“it has magic specs?”

“You do know that magic stones dont come out of slimes, right?”

“Yes, of course. Therefore, it is the weakest demon that is not even a target for defeat. However, if left unchecked, it is a nuisance because it melts many things. ……”

“Melting ……, oh, I just thought of that! No…… sorry, we were talking about cloth now. The slime, however, has a weak magic power in its bodily fluids.”

“Body fluids?”

“Yes. So this desk has a magic circle that uses the slimes weak magic power to fix itself to the cloth.”

” ……, that means …….”

“If you dont work on this desk, no matter how many times you work elsewhere, the slimes bodily fluids will never settle on the cloth. Aeris just watched me work on it at home, so she didnt notice it.”

“I see. ……. So thats what you meant! This is great. Unless you have this workbench, theres no way to imitate it anywhere else.”

“I have a few of these workbenches available, If you have a tabletop, all you have to do is put the magic circle on top of the tabletop and glue it to the surface of the workbench. If you peel it off, the anti-theft system will erase the magic circle, so it cant be stolen.”

“Can I have some workbenches delivered to the fabric store that we have contracted with? If we dont start the work, the fabric store will become a slime farm since weve already collected slime as raw material…….”

“Thats troubling, lets head over there right now.”

Mardai must have had a large amount of slime collected in advance for the production of “non-wetting cloth.

The cloth store was located far from the Garfish Trading Company, so we decided to go there by horse-drawn carriage.

After a long ride, we found that the cloth store was located on a large plot of land near the city walls, which was not a good location.

“The cloth merchant used to be a cloth producer and wholesaler, but he was on the verge of closing his store because of competition, so we set him up here. It is far from the center of town, but we were able to secure a large plot of land, so in addition to production and wholesale, we also invited a sewing shop to streamline the entire process of creating products. Since we are in a remote place, we havent received any complaints about the slimes.”

Mardai explained as he got off the wagon.

‘So this whole area belongs to the Garfish Trading Company?

‘Yes. I thought about owning land in the center of town on the workshop street or the sewing street, but the land is expensive and the lots are small, so I got a lot of space here away from the center of town at a low price. All it would cost me is the cost of transportation and time.”

Mardai is a merchant after all.

When Tauro had talked to him before about improving efficiency, he had immediately understood and put it into action, purchasing such a piece of land.

He must have originally had a plan to abandon this cloth shop, but when I told him about the “non-wetting cloth,” he immediately changed direction, quickly gathered slime, and is now trying to make a prototype, so I bow down to his ability to execute.

However, I wish he would not do this without consulting me…….

Mardai showed us a large warehouse in a remote location, where many barrels were piled up.

The contents of the barrels in this warehouse are all slime.

“Huh, ……. All of this?”

“Yes, all of it.”

“……We still dont know if we can sell it, isnt this too much ……?”

“Its okay. Dont worry, these will sell just as well as the lanterns!”

Mardai said confidently.

“No, the lanterns havent sold yet either, have they?”

“Tauro-dono, you must be confident! I guarantee you that this will be the biggest seller since Reversi!”


Mardais exuberant laughter echoed through the warehouse.

Tauro thought to himself, “Ill leave the rest up to this clever merchant”.

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