Chapter 40:  In My Imagination

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A month of Reversi immersion was about to pass.

Today, a game of Reversi was held in the royal palace between the prince and Prime Minister Barriera.

As the invited senior nobles and Tauro looked on, the prince finally won two out of three close games against Prime Minister Barriera and the reputation of Prince Fleue and his instructor Tauro was on the rise.

Can I call you Tauro?”

The prince asked Tauro, who had been watching the game from the back, impressed by his victory over the prime minister.

“Of course, Your Highness.”

‘Tauro, thanks to you I was able to beat Barriera, and please call me Fleue.”

“All right, Prince Fleue.”

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“I don’t need the “prince” title.”

“As expected that would be too much.”

When Tauro responded and laughed, the voice of the world echoed in his mind.

“Confirmed one of the conditions for activating special skill [&%$#] Obtained [Spirit Magic (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Light, Darkness)].”

In quick succession…

“Confirmed one of the activation conditions for the special skill [&%$#] .
You have acquired [prestige].”

Tauro was surprised to find out that he had learned two skills at odd times.
But now, it was Fleue’s happy moment, so they both rejoiced and celebrated.


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Tauro’s contract as an instructor in King’s Landing has come to an end.

At last, he was free from all of this, from Reversi, from the tense days.

Tauro was alone on the terrace of the inn, doing a guts-pose.

On the terrace, Tauro tried out his new ability, spirit magic, but it was not so good.

He was able to see and summon spirits and he was able to use magic, which was a great development for an otherworldly story, but the magic itself was unexpectedly poor.

The fire was just something you could ignite with a lighter, the water was enough to drink, and the soil was not much to look forward to.
Wind was just enough to dry clothes with a gentle breeze, lightning was just enough to harass people with static electricity, light was just enough to light up a room and darkness could be used in battle because it could block an opponent’s vision.

In other words, it was at the level of everyday magic.

“Well, I use purification magic regularly, so it will be better to use these in that same manner too.
If I use it regularly and sharpen my skill, I might improve.”

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Tauro had a positive mindset.

He was looking forward to it.

The problem is “prestige”.

It seems to be an ability to exude dignity to those who are weaker than you, and he wondered if it’s any use for him as a commoner? Tauro remembered that he had tried to use it on a passerby’s child and had frightened him, so he wondered if it would be difficult to use.

There was a knock at the door.

It was Mina, who had finished preparing to leave.

He had planned to go shopping with Mina later today for souvenirs.

In fact, the amount of money he received for instructing Fleue, the Prime Minister, and the senior nobles was far more than he had imagined.

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At first, he was disappointed to be given a leather bag that was lighter than he had hoped for, but when he opened it, he found that all the contents were platinum coins.

This surprised Mina, who looked into the bag and Tauro, who screamed and froze.

Sebas, who had brought it to him, told him that His Highness the Prince had said that it was shameful to express his gratitude to a friend with money, but that he should take it.

The total was 20 platinum coins.

Tauro had become a wealthy man thanks to the margins at the Yasuragi-tei in the city of Saïsi and some of the sales from the Reversi, but this amount was unexpected.

The money sense of the royalty and aristocracy is something to be feared.

However, having received this amount, he immediately decided how to spend it.

Tauro and Mina decided to go to that place first.

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