Chapter 50: I had a dispute with the Viscount…

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The Viscount of Saisi asked for him again and again.

At first, he wanted to make him the youngest member of the vassalage as a foil, but when he found out that he was only ten years old, he changed his mind and wanted to make him the Viscounty’s little lord.

This time, the Viscount’s messenger approached Tauro directly.

He was waiting for Tauro to come out of the guild.

The messenger tried to persuade Tauro saying that he would be taken as a playmate for the Viscount’s children, that he would be able to enjoy luxury and that it would be an easy job, as if he were an ordinary child.

Of course, Tauro refused.

“I will continue to live as an adventurer, so I will decline your offer.
Please tell the lord that.”

He tried to be polite, but the viscount was furious.

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He sent out soldiers to capture him and take him away.
The situation developed into a standoff between the adventurers and the territorial soldiers in front of the guild, and the branch manager Leo came out to talk with the person in charge.

“So, how did this happen?”

Leo asked in a resentful manner, as if he knew the captain who was in charge of the territorial army.

“I’ve heard that the rumored child insulted the lord, and he’s very angry about it.”

The captain used polite words as if he knew Leo well.


The Viscount heard the rumors about a child adventurer who is more popular than him in this town and he is not happy about it.
So the messenger complained to the lord about the way the child insulted him and this is how it happened.”

“Tauro is not the kind of person who would say something insulting.
If you’ve listened to the rumors, you’ll know that Tauro is not the kind of man who speaks out of turn.”

“I said as much myself…”

“Anyway, I’ll talk to the lord, so get the hell out of here before things get out of hand.”

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With Leo’s words, the territorial soldiers were driven back.

The commotion caused a stir in the city.

The people of the city knew of the good rumors about Tauro.

Recently, he had been active in defeating bandits, a story so famous that it had even become the subject of a puppet show.

However, some people have begun to suspect that this is why he had gotten carried away.

It’s a wild speculation, but the people who say it make it sound plausible.

The rumors divided the city and Tauro was heartbroken.

“Don’t worry, Tauro-kun.
The rumors will die down soon.
It’s just a baseless story.”

Nei was worried about Tauro and encouraged him.

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“Yes, all the adventurers here know that you’re a good guy.”

Nei’s words were echoed by the adventurers in the reception lobby, who were all offering words of encouragement.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“My son is a fan of Satou.”

“Only a few people believe those rumors.”

Tauro’s heart was filled with joy as he realized that all the hard work he had put in had come back to him in the most important way: trust.

“Thank’s you guys.”

Tauro struggled to suppress his tears.

A few days later in the morning, the territorial guards came in again, this time in a more somber mood.

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“Is Tauro Satou here?”

The situation in front of the guild was the same as the last time, a standoff between the guards and the adventurers.

“Tauro-kun, you can’t leave.”

Tauro, who was just looking at today’s quest, was about to leave when Nei stopped him.

A territorial soldier who had entered the guild building spotted him and tried to confront him, but the adventurers intervened and a shouting match ensued.

Then, the captain came out and said

“Tauro Satou, a warrant has been issued for your arrest on suspicion of being a member of the bandits, and you will accompany us quietly.”

He displays the warrant.

“Arrest warrant?”

This surprised not only Tauro, but also the adventurers and staff in the lobby.

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