Chapter 57: An Unexpected Development 

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Today he was to collect medicinal herbs, a staple of F-rank quests and one of Tauro’s specialties.

Tauro has “true eye” that he learned from his garbled skill.


It used to be an appraising eye specialized in objects.

Now, with his knowledge of plants, he is able to find the specified medicinal herbs by linking it to his true eye.

It is also linked to his ability to detect signs of life, which he also learned, and has the ability to react to people and monsters within a certain range.


He wasn’t sure if the “True Eye” was evolving or if it was just releasing some of its original abilities, but it was certainly very useful.

Tauro was steadily gathering herbs with his “true eye” when he noticed several figures with his “presence detection”.

One of them was a man, and the four behind him were goblins, judging by their silhouettes.

it seemed that he was being chased.


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Tauro used his “presence blocker” to eliminate any sign of himself and immediately rushed to the scene.

It was Bob who was being chased.
He looked dizzy and almost unconscious.

Tauro decided it was a dangerous situation and killed two goblins with his bow and arrow in quick succession.

Immediately, he used “Prestige” to stab the remaining goblins who stood up.


“Are you okay, Bob?”

When he turned around, Bob was lying on the ground.

He was stabbed by a goblin, but that wasn’t all.

The knife in the goblin’s hand was coated with what appeared to be poison, and he seemed to have been wounded by it.  The consciousness he had maintained until a moment ago was now gone.


Tauro hurriedly took out a potion from the magic storage, poured it over the wound to stop the bleeding, then poured the anti-poison potion into his mouth and forced him to drink it.

“I’ll be worried with just this alone, just to be careful…”

Tauro muttered and cast the “Abnormal Condition Recovery” Spell.

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It was the first time he had tried it on someone else, so he was worried about the effect, but he decided that if he used it in conjunction with the anti-poison potion, it should have some effect.


After a while, Bob’s breathing stabilized, and it seemed to be working.

After checking, Tauro decided to carry Bob on his back and return to the village.

An eleven-year-old child had returned from the forest with an adult adventurer on his back.

Normally, that would be enough to earn him praise, but the reaction in this village was a little different.


The story was that the stranger adventurer had failed in his quest and had almost died, but the child adventurer had found him and brought him back.

“What are strangers doing in this village anyway?”

“I’m glad he didn’t die, but you’re right, why are they here?”

“Oh, dear, what a mess.”


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Some of the villagers made some unkind remarks.

Tauro was surprised by the uneasy atmosphere and was hesitant to even say what happened.

It wasn’t just a matter of being wary of strangers, he thought.

There was something about the whole atmosphere of this village that made him think that it was strongly against strangers.

Tauro ignored all this and went to see the doctor about Bob.


The doctor said that the treatment had been quick and that there was little bleeding, so everything seemed to be fine.

He added that he was only sleeping now, so he should wake him up and go home.

The doctor also had a thorny attitude.

But as he was told, he tapped Bob on the shoulder and called out to him to wake him up, then dragged the dazed Bob back to the inn.

“Tauro? I was poisoned by a goblin, and then…”


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“I found you when you were down and brought you back.
Don’t worry, the wound and the poison have been healed, so there’s no problem.”

“I see…  I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you.”

“No, I just happened to find you while I was gathering herbs.
…By the way, what quest were you doing Bob?”

“Me? I was killing monsters around the shrine…”

“A shrine?”


“There’s a deity that’s been worshipped in this village since ancient times.
Since there was an increase of monsters around the area, the festival in honor of the god has been canceled.”

“So, you were trying to get rid of the monsters in the area?”

“Yeah, the monster extermination was going well, but I was worried about a weird stench and when I looked into it, I got carried away and let my guard down.”


“I’m a dog-human, so I’m confident in my nose and intuition.
My nose warns me that the shrine is suspicious.
It’s not that it stinks, of course.
The village has the same faint smell, but it’s a condensed version of that smell coming from that shrine.”


Tauro felt that the shrine might be the source of the strange atmosphere in the village.

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