Chapter 80: The Merchant’s Misfortune

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After purchasing goods in the village, the merchant, Marches went back to the big city to sell the goods and get money from the merchant association for his business.

His back was full of confidence in his bright future.

Maybe this is what a successful person looks like.

Tauro saw him off.

The next time he comes back, he will have a lot of money and he would make another breakthrough as a merchant in this village.

A few days later, Marches returned by carriage.

I wondered if he was really looking forward to having a store.

It was a short-lived thought.

When I looked closely, I saw that Marches had changed his appearance and the cart was still loaded with the same goods he had purchased in the village when he had left.

Marches stopped the carriage when Tauro approached him.

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“What happened? Did you change your mind?”

“Tauro! Arrange to meet the owner of the land right now!”

“What’s going on?”

“Hurry up, I’ll tell you then!”

Marches was in a panic, his eyes were bloodshot and he didn’t seem to have slept much.

“Please calm down, I’m going to call the landowner now.”

Tauro ran to the landowner, this was no ordinary matter.

“So, can I get the money back?”

Marches got down on his knees and appealed directly to the landowner.

“Hey, hey! I signed the contract at your suggestion didn’t I? Asking me to give it back is really out of line!”

The landlord was beginning to feel resentment at Marches’ flip-flop.

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“I’ll go bankrupt as it is!”

It seems that something is really wrong.

Marches was desperately clinging to the landowner.

“I don’t care about your personal reasons.
I’ve signed the contract you proposed.
You must pay in full by the due date.
If you don’t, we’ll take all your deposit!”

The landowner was indignant and left the place.

Marches was still trying to cling on to the landlord, but Tauro stopped him.

“Please explain what happened exactly from the beginning.”

Tauro calmed the frantic Marches down.

Marches was overcome with despair, but he began to talk.

When the representative of the Damaski Corporation, who Marches was supposed to get support from found out that he had signed a contract, he suddenly flipped his hand and said that he would not buy any products and would not provide any funds.

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The representative of Damaski tried to play it down using the fact that they had only made a verbal agreement and hadn’t signed a contract and in the end he even went so far as to say that if he was to go bankrupt, their business association would take the entire deal with the village of Dansas.

He was so proud of his victory that he talked on and on.

He must have been planning to do so from the beginning.

I don’t know if they didn’t like the fact that a young peddler was making such a big profit, but I’m certain they were planning to trap him and take the profits for themselves.

Marches had been set up.

At this rate, Marches would lose all his money and go bankrupt with his inventory.

He would lose the business he had been wholesaling to Damaski chamber of commerce and the exclusive contract he had with them would be in trouble.

Then Damaski would come in and try to make a deal that would be profitable for them.

Of course I won’t let that happen.

Marches, I’ll pay for the rest.”

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Marches was taken by surprise and for a moment did not understand.

“Oh, of course, I’m lending you the money, but you have to pay me back.”

“…Ah, yeah… I mean, it’s not like… but it’s a lot of money.”

Marches was still confused, as if he didn’t understand.

“Here, then.”

To help him understand, Tauro pulled out a leather bag containing the money from the magic storage.

He put it in Marches’s hand.

“This is an investment for you, Mr.
Also, please keep this between us.
I’m going to need you to sign a contract just to be sure.”

“Eh… yes, with pleasure!”

Feeling nostalgic at the lines he remembered hearing at a tavern in his previous life, Tauro nodded and decided to discuss the future with Marches.

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