Previously,we have seen how Lucifer(Prateek) tries to revive G-one and he was successful but the revival was of short period. He then thinks of an idea to revive him for infinity. He decides to play the game again. He considered that he has only the HART(HERTZ AMPLIFYING RESONANCE TRAN**ITTER) of G-one so only G-one will come out of the game and if Ra-one somehow passes through, they will deal with him like they did before. Today it is the day when it all started. Date, 31st May 2011,day Thursday.

Mom: Prateek, son you are still busy with that HART. Why don you understand he is gone?

Prateek: No mom, I can bring him back and today surely I will. I got a plan.

Mom: Son,You are so into it. I don want to demoralise you but you know he has to do it to save us. Why don you give up on him?

Prateek:Why don you understand? I lost my father I don wanna loose him too. I will bring him back any how.

Mom: Ok, if you are so obsessed with it.(Rubs his head) Don do anything that you will regret. Now come downstairs to have your dinner ok. I am waiting.

Prateek:(sigh)Ok mom! I am going to do it.

He started the game. Now he connected the HART with the system. Game was loading… After few steps to begin with, the game started and the HART started to glow bright blue and said ”I AM ON ”. Now for him to revive G-one for good he has to play one level and stop and he did the same. Then he revised the G-one program and HE STARTED EMERGING FROM HIS HART. Prateek was so happy he rushed for his mother with G-one to show her.

Prateek:Mom,mom look I did it. He is back.

Mom:Prateek I told you that(looking at no this can be( hugging Gone). We missed you.

G-one:I missed you too. Thanks to Prateek I am back.

Prateek:And now he is never going to leave us.

They were enjoying the moment till when a dark red shadowy figure sneaks out of Prateeks room. It was him Ra-one, upgraded. He attacked G-one and Prateek and blasted them out of the way. He then caught his mother and broke her neck immediately.

RA-ONE:What were you thinking you brat!You can defeat me again this time.

Prateek:Mom(crying)you, you were not supposed to be out of the game. Your HART was destroyed .

Ra-one:You fool(shouting). The game created a new HART as you started a new one. Now I am stronger than before. You know that right, your father created me like that. With every defeat and every level I will get upgraded.

G-one:It doesn matter to me(attacks).I was made by the same man to defeat you.

Ra-one:This time Prateek will die and you cannot stop me, G-one.

Ra-one tore G-one in two halves and started towards Prateek.

Prateek: You killed my mom, I will have my revenge.

Ra-one:Only if I left you alive. It was a mistake for you to replay the game. For whom? Him? see(indicating) I defeated him in an instant . Now rest in peace Lucifer.

Prateek:I will see you through.You bast….

Ra-one ripped off his limbs and legs away from his body and threw them on the floor and pinned his leftover body on the wall. As Prateek died, G-ones ripped body disappeared and Ra-one walked out of the house leaving no trace behind.

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