Jeevan: Now! its time to start the game.What should I begin with?

I was so curious about the game. I set the equipment for it in a hurry. I was ready to play when

Jeevan:Whats this?Why isn it starting? Did I miss something? Lets see. Huh! why are these wires here?Weren these connected with the Hart?

As if I could know what was going on, the wires attached themselves with my left hand fingers and the blue veins appeared again.

Jeevan:What the hell! (trying to remove the connected wires off his fingers) get off of me.Why is this..thi… happening to me(faint).

I went to a deep sleep. I couldn see anything. I could feel something inside my body, on my chest, on right side something bright. I tried to see. But I couldn . It said, ”I am on ”, before I went into a deep sleep. After I woke up, the wires were loose. The game had started.

Jeevan:Wow! Lets see what it has to offer.

I started playing. After completing the first level,my mother called out for me.

Mom:Dear, its dinner time. Come down.

Jeevan:Ok mom,coming.

Suddenly the game character spoke to me.

Ra-one: You cannot defeat me.Complete the next level now.

Jeevan: I am busy right now.Gonna eat something after that I will see you.

Ra-one:(shouting)You cannot disobey me.I will hunt you down out of the game.

Jeevan:hahaha! Like you really can. Just stay still for a moment.

Ra-one:No come back,you bastard.

Jeevan:(moving downstairs)What a vulgar character! Who created this game anyway? Mom I am here. Where is my dinner?

I sat on the dinner table with my mother.We were talking, laughing and eating together. Suddenly something came down from my room. A dark red shadow. It attacked me. I went unconscious. Everything went blurry. I couldn see clearly. What was going on? I could hear my mom calling out for me.

Mom: Son,you ok?You,why did you hit my son?

Ra-one:I am here to kill him.

Mom: Do you think you can with me here?

Ra-one:Then I will get rid off you first.


I was trying to stand but couldn . I couldn see what was going on. Suddenly something held me up.

Ra-one:You brat! You took me lightly. Now unite with your mother in the heavens.

He tore my legs apart.He left me lying on the floor.I went unconscious.

Next morning….

Jeevan:Whats happening?Mom, mom.

My one finger of the right hand was in the socket, above my head where I was lying.I could feel my legs regenerating. My strength was coming back. I was absorbing electricity. I felt something shining on my chest. I immediately slid my edge of the shirt. Its the HART. But how? Did the ghost do something? Mom,where is mom?

I started searching for her.

Jeevan:(shouting)No it can be. Mom,mom,wake up mom.(holding her in hands)See I am here. Don leave me alone here, please. No.

She was no more. What have I done? Its my fault. Its because of me. I got her killed.

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