I was sitting beside my mom. There was a knock on the door. I didn get up to open the door. It was already open. It slightly moved, my friends were standing at the door.

Piyush:Jeevan,we came here to pick you..what has happened here?

Akash:Why are you sitting like this?And what happened to Aunty?

Jeevan: (sobbing)She is dead.

My friends rushed toward their house and informed their parents.After sometime Police came their and investigated me about what had happened. I told them Ra-one from the game did this. But they didn believe. No one did. Except my friends. Akashs mother hugged me while crying and told me not to worry she is there for me and Piyushs mother patted my head . After everyone was gone I was taken to Piyushs home for stay. I stayed there for the night.But next day I decided to leave. I didn want to cause them any trouble. She told me I could come to her whenever I want.My friends came with me to my house.

Akash: Now,what are you gonna do?

Jeevan:I will destroy the damn game first.

I burned it to ashes.

Piyush:Now, what?

Jeevan:Now,I am gonna work for living.

Akash:Work!But you are still a kid.

Jeevan:So what, I don want to eat at your place everytime.

Piyush:What about studies?

Jeevan:I am gonna study myself.

Akash:Wouldn you come to school with us anymore?

Jeevan:No,not anymore.Who is going to pay for my fees?

Piyush:If you want we can help, you know.

Jeevan:No,I don want to bother you.

Akash:But we won leave you alone.

Jeevan:If you are that persistent,you can help me with my self study.

Piyush:Ok then,you don have to spend anything on study.We will bring you the books.

Jeevan:Don tell any of your mother about this.

Akash: About what?

Jeevan:That I am planning to quit school and work on my own for living. They would worry for me which I don want. Tell them that my grandparents are helping me for the studies and living.

Piyush:But what about not going to school?

Jeevan: Just say that he need some time to cope up and then he will be back with us.

Akash:Jeevan, this is!

Jeevan:Please, understand. (sigh)Ok then.I want to show you something first.

Akash:What is it?

I showed them the HART making sounds like a heartbeat on my upper right chest. They were surprised.

Piyush:What…what is this?

Jeevan:Its Hart.You remember I told you about a shining thing I found in the house,this is it.

Akash:But how did it get there?

Jeevan:I don know. I too found it this morning. After Ra-one tore my leg off, I think it helped me to regenerate.

Piyush:This means you have powers.

Jeevan:I suppose.

Akash:Like the in game character.Which one?

Jeevan:I think its of G-one.

Piyush:G-one!doesn it sound like your name?

Jeevan:No, my name starts with J and its with G. But, however it is kinda homophonic.

Akash:Now I will call you G-one.What is your powers then?

G-one:I was absorbing electricity and my legs were regenerating.And my strength was also coming back.

Piyush:So electricity is your source of power then.


G-one:I don know anything else about it .But I know I am gonna use it to destroy Ra-one for good.

Piyush:I am going to help you then.

Akash:Me too.

G-one:But I don want to get you in any trouble.(Sadly)I don want to loose you like my..

Piyush:We know,but I know you won let that happen again. And this time you are not only you, its we. We will never leave you alone.

Akash:Piyush is right.

G-one:(crying and hugging)I will never let anything happen to you both.

Akash:Cry my friend,rid all your sadness you store within yourself. We are going to kill him before he hurts someone else.

Today I ate at Akashs house. But I slept back in my house. I had the nightmare of the scene and woke up early in the morning. I called out for my mom but there was no response. I remembered,I was alone in the house. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I came downstairs . My friends came to see me off before school. I waved them bye. I felt my mom standing beside me rubbing my head like she used to do before going to school. She was smiling. I couldn control my emotions and tears rolled down my cheeks. That day I cooked by myself. I felt my mother again standing behind me.She was happy because I cooked for the first time.I couldn forget her smiling face.This made me more sad and gloomy, left me powerless to do anything.I went out to search for work. But who would make me work for them.I was still 16. Everywhere I went everyone refused to give me work. Lastly I went to a construction site and offered myself to work as a labour and the manager agreed. I started working there. Everyday I went to work after my friends left for school. I met them after the school and they taught me what they learned in the school that day.I never told them about my work.They used to ask and I lied to them every time.I renovated my house like before, by myself. I learned it by watching the workers at the construction site.I don know but It somehow was being saved in my memory on the first watch. Everything my friends taught I felt it easy and memorised the whole book in just a look. I suppose that intelligence and memory is also a power of G-one. I tried to learn more about my powers and learned many things. I used them at the construction site for heavy lifting. Everyone was shocked and I told them that I have started exercising. I became familier with everyone at the site. Labourers are much wiser and smooth talkers kidding and working at the same time enjoying their work. They treated me like a friend and a fellow workmate though I was younger than them. They understood about my situation and helped me however they can. They felt like a family. I used to enjoy working with them and forget about everything else. But every morning that nightmare used to refresh every pain I felt that night. It made me remember my heart breaking loss always, every single day.

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