Next day, next morning, I was brushing my teeth when I heard my friend calling for me.

Piyush:Hey! G-one,you ready. We are preparing to leave.

G-one:Just a sec.

I got ready and went out with my packed bag. Piyush and Akash were standing with their mothers. They greeted me.

Akashs mother:G-one, son, you are going away from your home. Don let the past mess with your future.

G-one: Ok,mother. I will try.

Piyushs mother:And you three look after each other and try not to cause anyone any trouble. Come see us on the weekends, understood?

G-one:Ya, don worry about that mother.

Piyush:Ok mom its getting late. Let us leave.

We set off for our destination. A bus was taking us to the city centre.

G-one: So,what is the plan? I am sure you have arranged ourselves for a place to stay?

Piyush:We got a room buddy, a full 1 bhk. We can even work there without worrying about any disturbance.

Akash: Nobody is interested in peeping inside the space of three college boys.

Piyush: Ofcourse, who might know what we are doing in there(moves his right fist in air up and down).

Akash:What are you even planning to do?

G-one:If I understand what you mean, I don know about others but I am surely going to avoid that scene.

Piyush:Like I am gonna shake it off in front of everyone.

Akash:But the way you said it, sounded like a group party to me.

G-one:Keep me out of this. Doing that really drains me out.

Piyush:What about pleasure and relaxation it stretches through out our body, oh yeah!

Akash: Oh come on, that time has passed.

Piyush:This time is never gonna pass until we get ourselves a girl.

G-one:Thats nice.

Piyush: Nice indeed.

G-one:What! I was talking about the room. What did you think?

Piyush: Exactly, We can bring girls over to our room to party.

G-one:Wait, what! Why are you babbling out such crazy ideas like a crazy monkey. This is not why we came here.

Piyush:What! Stop talking like a bot,will you?Or the HART on your chest is turning you into a machine. This is how it is supposed to be. We are young, this is our time to do all kind of stuff. And try to enjoy your life a little. Be a boy, be a man. We are teenagers now.

G-one: What are you saying? I am a boy, why would I need to be one, heh!

Piyush: Then act like one, be perverted, be horny. It is necessary.

G-one:But I have never talked to a girl before.

Piyush:Its because you quit school you dumbass. Hey, why is Akash so quiet? And why is he grinning like a devil?

G-one:(pushing)Hey what is it? Did your mind short circuited or what? You don seem like yourself.

Piyush:What is this about?

Akash:(smiling)I can believe it.You both are still kids.

G-one:What part of these perverted thoughts looks like kids messing around to you?

Akash:I could understand about G-one, but Piyush I can believe you still don have a girlfriend.

Piyush: Whats wrong?you are talking like you have one.

Akash:(his mouth stretched like a mad joker smiling to scare you)

Me and Piyush:No way in hell.

Everyone in the bus started looking at us.

An adult in the bus:Kids these days.

Akash:Just keep it down,will you?Stop freaking out.

Piyush:you didn tell me , you bastard. How can you cheat us? And I am curious to know who grazed on your grass?

G-one:Why so surprised! He is handsome and smart.

Piyush:Why would you praise his beauty all of a sudden, are you gay?

G-one:Why the! Telling the truth makes me gay! Why don you stuff some shit in your mouth.

Piyush: Ya, and about you, you think I didn notice, whenever I went with you to the market,the girls kept staring at you and you too looked at them and smiled.

G-one:Hey yo, girls watch me, so, what can I do in this? They too have freedom to stare at anything they want.

Piyush:ok,its reasonable,but why do you smile when you look at them?

G-one: Then what you want me to do?You want me to scare them away.

Piyush:No, I didn mean that.I..

G-one: Its just a way of greeting someone which you don know, just look at them and smile. What do you do when somebody looks at you. Or is that nobody even bothers( high fives with Akash and both laugh)

Piyush: Someone without dick wouldn know that. Girls do look at me, and in comparison to your numbers too many.

Akash:Who has nothing to do the entire day, why would girls check on someone who roams around like a vagabond everyday.

G-one: (laughing) Nailed it bro.

Piyush:Shut the crap! Anyway, how did you manage to catch the fish?

Akash: What! I didn catch her, she caught me, I am the acting fish here.

Piyush: Figures! (laughs)

G-one: She fell for you, marvelous. Bravo, it is such a great feat man.

Piyush:What great feat! Ew ew ew, she managed to find herself an ATM machine on which she can cash in anytime.

Akash:She never asked me for any money. And she is not that low wisher nasty like you think.

Piyush: Nasty like on bed, hah! (Laughs).

Akash:No, she never asked me for anything, we just enjoy our time together.

G-one:This is pure, why would you say such things panda?

Piyush: Just a joke man. For you on the other hand, girls passing by very close to you seem like they wanna eat you up. Whats that all about? Some kind of perfume or what?

G-one:I don know and I don use perfumes, but I don have any problem with this.

Akash:Ya Piyush you are right.I was wondering too but I know now why it is so.

Piyush:What is it?

Akash:It seems some kind of positive energy releases from him. I feel very relax and energetic whenever I am around him. Didn you ever feel that?

Piyush:Now that you mentioned, ya, I feel the same. Sometimes his presence vanishes every trace of laziness around, now I understand why I never learn.

G-one: Don blame that ignorance on me, you piece of shit.

Piyush: This is your another secret power,huh.

G-one: But I never use that, then how?

Akash:Its a permanent power which is active always. See thats why I am so relaxed and Piyush has that much energy to freak out and get horny .

Piyush:What,what did you say?You bastard. And what are you doing in your phone?

Akash:Chatting with her, of course. Something is required to overcome these stupid full of crap conversation here.

Piyush:You, you think I am speaking shit, give that here.(snatches the phone) I am going to call her at our room.

Akash:No, you won . She is my girlfriend.

Piyush:So,wouldn you introduce her to us? Don you wanna meet her G-one?

G-one: May be, I wanna meet a little, wanna see hows the girl who fell for Akash.

Piyush:(angrily)See, he wants to meet her too. Where does she study?Maybe you can ask her to introduce me to her friends.

Akash: She is also joining our university.And you should ask that to her by yourself.

Piyush:Don be rude buddy,will you not help your childhood friend?

Akash:No,I won .And give my phone back. Who do you think she is, a broker.

Piyush:You son of a..take this ..(typed something and sent)take your phone back.

Akash:hey! Watch it.What did you type.Your nudes.You bastard , I knew you were a devil.

Piyush:No,no no no,I didn do it on purpose.It must have been autocorrected.

Akash:She is typing something,she read it, this fast,damn it.I hate you,she hates me now because of you.You did it on purpose. I am going to kill you.

Piyush:I didn intend that,tell him G-one.

G-one:Kill him,you kill him,both die, shit twats and let me sleep for a while.

Piyush:I will tell her the truth when I see her and apologize to her, ok.

Akash:You better should.

Piyush:What you better should,I will apologize, but don you think you have your mistake here too?You should have told me about her earlier.

Akash:Why should I? You my granny? Did you tell about yours?

Piyush:I don have one.Stop pulling my leg.

Akash:I know you have one.Dont lie to me.

Piyush:No, I am not lying. And If I had one why would I tell a termite like you?

Akash:What,you called me a termite?

Piyush:Yes I did. What will you do?

Akash:You , take this,(a punch)

Piyush:You punched me? Bitch! Take this.(a punch)

A fight broke in the moving bus.I was sleeping carelessly because I knew we are best friends and nothing can break our bonds. They were going to stop soon.

Bus conductor:Hey,you two , if you wanna fight, throw your guts out of the bus. Stop it now.

But the fight and the journey continued…..

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