Gone [Hero with a HART]

The bright shining Moon

G-one:What is this?Where am I ? Where is this sobbing noise coming from?

Someone was sitting in front of me, sobbing.She had her face covered with her two hands. She appeared familiar.

G-one: Mom,is it you?

Mom:(crying)You did this, you killed my son.

My 16 year old body was lying before her. I approached her.

G-one:But I am still here, its not me.

Mom:You killed my one and only son.

Suddenly the body raised with an instant and caught my hand tight with blood coming out of his eyes like tears.

Body: (grabbing my arm shaking)You killed me.


Bus stopped. Nightmare even in the noon. Awkward.

Piyush:Atleast let the noon rest. Its the period of your life to have wet dreams and you are still living in the past. Get up we are almost there.

G-one: Right, I wasn comfortable in the bus anyway. So, you both are done with your fighting.

Akash:I realised, I was wrong.I should have told you both about it.

G-one:Oh! unbelievable.How many punches did it take?

Piyush:Ah! beat it, I agreed to apologize. Now lets leave it here. Get your bags off.

We got off the bus. It was a long way. We were standing on the edge of the city, somewhere around start of the buildings, not many, but enough to have appropriate crowd around here on the road. The environment was unexpectedly very quiet. So Akash was right about the fear but it was supposed to be in night. I sensed people staring from the open windows like we were outsiders, aliens, came from another world. I felt like to be in a thrilling action movie walking midst of a desert with nothing around. After dropping us,the bus vanished like it didn wanna stay here and there weren any more passengers to be dropped here except us. If it were to the bus driver he would never come here but a job is a job. I was wondering what is it in this place that makes it a hot zone when suddenly a group of people came on bike rushing and got a hold of our bags and flee.

Piyush:What the..

Akash:Lousy dickhead, thats how you were holding our bags.

Piyush:Like I was expecting that punk termite, they just jumped out of that corner.

G-one:I thought there was no one around.

Akash: (shouting)Get them, we got our everything in those bags.

G-one:Run, hurry.

We ran after them. Unexpectedly my speed began to increase.I was running faster than usual. I was almost running with the speed of a race car. I was surprised but I took it as an advantage.

Akash:What the.. his another power.How many abilities does he have?

Piyush:Oh that game freak and that HART on his chest have more for us to see, I am sure and I surely know that I am going to quit punching him early in the morning or he is going to rub me off on the ground next time.

Akash:There is no transport around here.What are we going to do?

Piyush:We have nothing else.Lets catch them on foot.

I followed them to an abandoned train station. I realised there eyes were shining red. They were being manipulated. I didn want to harm them.I try to do some talking to sort this out.

G-one:This is how you welcome people in your city.

Man1: It wasn a welcome for you. It was our invitation for you to join us in serving our boss.

G-one:Well, well, job opportunity this early, am I supposed to get excited or panic? Let us settle down around here first.

Man2: The people standing here, most of them were newly arrived when we recruited them.

G-one:(looks around)Wow! quiet a party you all have got. Your boss must be paying you all handsomely.

Man1: Who cares about money, you are lucky enough even to see and work under him. He is a god.

G-one:A god! Living in modern times and blindly following a god. Come on, you are cracking me out.

Man3: Insolent **, He is a science made god. Now, you have a reason to believe him.

G-one: (whispers) Science made. Interesting. I like your comment. I am searching for someone like that. Whats the name of your company.

Man1:(look at each other) Name, I don know, name, what is it?

G-one:What! You don have a name for your company. I cannot work for a nameless company. Give me the bags, I will come back when you have a name for your company.

Man2: No,you will have to join us first. We noticed, you have some catchy abilities, you maybe a good use to us.

G-one:I refuse, I don have them for you. First I will like to see your boss and get our bags back.

Man1: If you are that persistent then,(calling)Hey get some men down here ,we got an intruder.

G-one:(whispering) Ghosh! It came to this anyway(takes the battle stance). Lets see what I learnt.

An air assault on me from the top. I dodged.Attacks started raining down on me. I tried to dodge to avoid any damage to the people being manipulated.

Man3: Sir we have got a situation here.

Ra-one was inside a room in that abandoned train station, running diagnostics on a body.

Ra-one:What is that?I told you not to distrub me for your human troubles.

Man3: A person is ripping through the entrance, knocking down our men.

Ra-one:(turns his faceless front towards the man with only his eyeholes shining red)Who is he?

Man3: Don know sir,appears to be new to this area. But he has some abilities similar to you.

Ra-one:Impossible,only one had those powers and I killed him ages ago. Now who is this I wonder.

Man3: Sir what are your orders,then?

Ra-one:Try to halt him I am coming.

Man3: Ok sir,on my way.

More and more people were popping out of the blue. I realised that when I was touching someones head,they were being freed of the mind control. All of a sudden I got a visual on him,

G-one:(roaring, eyes shined blue)Ra-one!

I jumped towards him.

Ra-one: You, you have the same digital presence like him. But you are a human.

A hand to hand combat started. While fighting…

Ra-one:Who are you?You don seem G-one to me. You look like human.

G-one: Forgot me already, huh! I am the one whose mother you killed. Now you are gonna get **ed.

Ra-one:But, I killed Lucifer with his mother too. Who are you talking about?

G-one:What are you talking about? Who is Lucifer?

Ra-one holds and rips my shirt off.

Ra-one:(recognising the HART) A human with G-ones HART.

G-one: What!! Are you surprised?huh.

Ra-one: So, it can be done, the thing I have been trying for this long. You are a true specimen. The digital D.N.A. fused with a person , interesting. Thats why you are stronger than the G-one I killed before.

G-one:Are you trying to stall me with your shit blabbering?

Ra-one:(with a grin on his faceless mouth)I am not the one who killed your mother.hahaha.

G-one:You piece of …

I was out of energy. I wasted too much energy healing the controlled ones. I was knocked out.

Ra-one:You never had a chance against me.What did you think you will defeat me,huh.(puts his foot on G-ones face)


Ra-one:Fortunately you gave me an idea. I am going to fuse my digital DNA in to normal humans,and it will enhance their abilities.

I fainted. Every people I rescued was running out of the station.

Piyush:(huffing)Is this the right place?

Akash:I afraid so, the tracker shows his position here.

They saw people running out of the station.

Piyush:Whats that? This many people . What are they running from?

Akash: G-one, where is he?

Goes in…

Piyush:Whos that?(shouts to call)What!! G-one…

Akash:(blocking Piyushs mouth with his hand)Look someone is there with him. Wait for a while.

Ra-one sucks off the remaining electricity inside my body and goes off leaving me there to die slowly.

Ra-one: Don worry, the last trace of electricity has been squeezed out of you. Now, shut your eyes and fall into an eternal sleep like a good little kid you are.

After Ra-one left, My friend came to me.

Piyush:He is wounded.What should we do?

Akash:G-one,G-one,wake up buddy.What is happening? The shine in his HART is diminishing.

Piyush:Lets carry him to our room. Let me pick him up, get that bike left by the men.

Akash: Hold him tight.

Piyush:Don forget the bags.

Friends are important part of life. No more proof I need….

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