Gone [Hero with a HART]

The known stranger

Slowly opening my eyes…

G-one:Where am I?What is this?Wires!!!

Wires were plugged into my hands.My wounds were healing.

I could hear heavy breathing. I instantly raised my upper body to see what was going on. To my surprise, both of them were doing push-ups. And their coordination was eye catching, lowering themselves then rising up with a high five with each other using opposite hands simultaneously.

Akash:You are awake,huh. We brought you here, don panic.

Piyush:We plugged those wires,don worry. You told us electricity helps you regenerate, and we followed it.

G-one:What is with this outfit?

Akash:(going up and down and breathing heavy) Don , uf, know, it, hah, appeared of nowhere.

Piyush:(high fiving to Akash) While hu! you were unconscious.

G-one: It looks similar to one of the costume of G-one in the game.

I joined them, sharing the high five with one of them simultaneously.

G-one: Looks like, um, armour. How am I supposed to get it off?

Piyush:Whats the problem? Now you have your superhero suit anyway.

Akash:Better than ruining your shirts and donating it to your rivals as a toilet paper.

G-one:I, uff, cannot walk outside like this.

Suddenly the outfit slowly began to disappear.

Piyush:Problem solved. Appears like some kind of skin transformation.

G-one:Whoo! Like a snake.

Akash: Looks like when you get enough charge, your body or say the HART generates the outfit on its own.

G-one:I understand, this is something to come in handy.

Piyush: You need to master this outfit activation and deactivation soon or you might not be left with enough shirts to cover your body.

Akash: What if next time he rips off his pants, the main tool is down there, if G-one exposes that then how is he gonna live?

Three of us roll over laughing and retrieving our breath lying on the floor looking at the ceiling.

Piyush:(giggles) He is gonna live alright, it is getting exposed not detached.

Akash: People would be talking about his size. Do you know, the well known hero, G-one, he is very small, hilarious.

G-one:(chuckles)What, no, I am not that famous, and how do know my is small? You have so much intimate information about my thingies.

Akash: Just a guess, I thought it won be much more than 3 inches.

G-one: Do you think no one has bigger than yours?

Akash: No, my is bigger. I was describing yours.

Piyush:You work too much, measuring around peoples penises.

G-one:( laughs)

Akash: Talking about you, I don have to measure yours, cause you don have one.

Piyush: How can someone ** you without a penis? I did it to you last night, forgot already? And you enjoyed it too.

Akash: Shut the ** up, bitch.

G-one:Easy guys, its over. Thankyou for bringing me here.

Akash:Did you think we will leave you there?

Piyush: Never in the seven lives.

G-one: I know(smiles). I have a very faint memory about it, but what happened there?

Akash:Ra-one beat the crap out of you nothing else happened.But the people are free of manipulation.

G-one:Where is he now?

Akash:We don know. But we know that he owns many bases around the city and that was the first base we discovered.

Piyush:Atleast, we now know that it is Ra-one behind it all. So, try to chill for now. You saved so many people today for god sakes. We will look for him later.

G-one: We saved everyone today.Without you both, I won be here anyway.

Piyush:You know better how to give credits to other when you did all the work.

G-one: We all did our share of work. And anything that will come up in the future, I know I will need you both, more than myself.

Akash:(raises himself up)I forgot,we need to get some home supplies from the store. We don have anything to eat.

Piyush:Ah shit! I forgot too. Damn it. Tell me what you wanna eat I will get it.

G-one: No,you wait , I will go and get it . Its dark already and let me handle these kind of works. I know better what to get, living on your own does have its benefits.

Akash: We better stay indoors, or we might end up like one of the half torn victims.And since now we know who is the mastermind of all of this, not even G-one could defeat him, we still are drinking milk compare to that.

Piyush: What do you expect from a psychopath superhuman digital creation ripping people half to aid his purpose? We are not his relatives that he will not make us bounce.

G-one: Point to be noted, but why do I get the feeling that you both indirectly insulted me and I am agreeing on that.

Akash: The grocery store is not even that far from here.But for any circumstances, take this device with you. Since you don use phone, it will tell us where you are.

G-one:Ok(puts the device in his pocket). But I wonder if any of you can cook?

Both of them smile selfishly.

Akash:We knew that you knew better than us in that department, living on your own has benefits, right.

G-one:(smiles forcefully) Fine, since I don have my share in the rent, hahaha?!

Piyush:Ya, we thought you could cook for us then we should let your rent be forgiven.

G-one: Oh! Its pre-planned then. This much I can do for you since both mothers treat me like their own son. (Steps outside)Just don make me wash your dirty underwear now.

Akash: Don worry, we got that handled, atleast that we learnt for ourselves.

G-one: (waved my right hand and walked away)Good to know.

Piyush:(gets a call) Ya mom, we reached. Ya, ya, everything is fine. G-one is with us, nothing bad can happen with him around.

I was walking along the road. It was a beautiful night. Full moon, cool breeze and a deadly silence. The moon was shining brightly on my face. It felt very pleasant. Then I saw someone standing behind a tree. Ba-dum!! My heart beats loudly and my head ached a little, he was fully dressed in white. I rubbed my forehead and went close to check. No it was a girl. I couldn see her face clearly, she was covering it with her two hands. And the thing to worry was she was crying and my heart was beating bad.

G-one: Hey!hello,miss,you ok? Everything all right?Did something happen?

She removed her hands off her face. What a beauty!!!Like an angel, an innocent and cute face with blue eyes and blonde hairs. I thought I was the only one who got a sudden gift of blue eyes. She hugged me all of a sudden. My heart raised. I was surprised and soon shrieking headache caught me over and a series of memories ran through my head which I never had experienced before. Before I could understand anything, I uttered a name.

G-one: Moon!!

As I said that name, my headaches stopped and heart went back to its normal condition.

Moon:Help me, G-one, save me from those people.They are trying to catch me for some reason.(crying, still hugging)

Suddenly some dark and disastrous memory flashed and my eyes shined bright blue with anger. I couldn get my senses together. Then I saw some men coming towards us. I held my self together and gently moved Moon to a side. No wonder she would be followed by someone. Such a pretty girl would be definitely hit on if she walks alone at night of all times. Good thing is she didn fall in Ra-ones hands. I thought no one was out wondering around at night and here I see people roaming around like its nothing. I know her somehow and she knows me too thats for sure. Who are these guys I wonder.

Man1: There she is. Lets get her.

Man2: Who is that boy with him?

Man3: That doesn matter. Get her.

G-one:Yes sir! can I help you with something?I was told that its not safe walking on the street around this time.

Man2: You don have to worry about us. Hand over the girl.

G-one: Oh she! Do you know her sir?

Man2: It doesn bother you.

G-one: Yes, it surely does cause I know here.

Man3: Ya,we know her. Now,get lost.

G-one:(asking moon)Do you know them Moon?

Moon:(wipes her tears)No,I don .

G-one: Oh man! she refuses to identify you.

Man1:(Angrily)You little piece of shit..don put your nose between us. It is not going to end well.Who are you to interfere?

G-one:(I glared at them with flashing blue eyes)I said leave before I forget the fact that I forgave you for making her cry.

Moon:He is my fiance.


I didn know what to do.I thought she was trying to avoid fight by saying so. I agreed too.

G-one:Ya,ya..(faltering )She..she is right.I am her fiance.

Man1: If thats so,why are you hesitating that much?

Me:Hesitating, hah! Cause I am trying to suppress my urge to break your bones.

Man2: This mad bastard, looks like you are new to this city you don know the language of the street yet kid, this means we will have to get rid of you first then.

Moon:Stop this, I said he is…

They came over me,

G-one: (punch blocked) Who are you to decide the language of the streets?

It didn take much out of me for those drunk dogs.

G-one: I wanted to shake this off without any ruckus, but you wanted to use her as a toy, and girls are not toys. I hate those people who treat her such. But you all were very persistent. (shook out my hands) Ok miss, now you are safe.Do you want me to escort you to your home?

Moon: Why are you calling me miss now when you know my name and no,thankyou I can come on my own.

G-one:Sorry Miss Moon, see you later then.

I started towards the store. I walked a few steps when I felt someone was following me. I turned back. She was still behind me.

G-one:(smiling)Miss Moon, you have your house on this route I suppose?

Moon:Appears so.

G-one:Not sure, are you?

Moon: I am not sure about this realm yet, its a miracle that my father sent you here too and I found you, so take me wherever you are going.

G-one:(frightened) What! Your father sent me! Why would I take you with me? I don even know you, or do I?

Moon: What are you saying? You don know me, I am Moon, your fiancee.

G-one:(hesitates)My ..my fiancee. I thought you said that to prevent the fight.

Moon:No,its absolutely true. You are my fiance, G-one. Did you loose your memory or what? Did some one curse you with memory lapse magic?

G-one:(Faltering)Looks like you came out after watching some fantasy movie or something. Or are you drunk?

Moon: Shut up, I don drink, until I am mad on you for some reason. Whats wrong with you? I am your childhood friend.

G-one: I only had two close friends during my childhood.

Moon:Yes, me and Saurya.

G-one:Why, no.

Suddenly the memories began to pour in like a waterfall, the pain was intense, I couldn balance myself on my feet.

Moon:(supported me)G-one! (Pulls me up) Whats happening? Someone has really influenced you with some kind of magic. Don strain yourself.

G-one: Magic!!? I didn forget anything. I remember no girl as my friend in my childhood. I have only two friends until yet.

Moon: Ya thats what I am saying.One is me and another is Saurya.

G-one: I cannot process this right now. Please stop playing the jokes over me and return to your home?(starts walking leaving her behind) Heaven! Magic! Gods! What is she talking about? In this modern age, some people are so crazy about Gods and stuffs, they start weaving unusual stories. Whats with these visions? Looks like Ra-one messed up with my head somehow.

Moon:G-one, I am a God too.

I stopped and turned to her in surprise.

Moon: And you are a God too.

I started rolling on the street laughing crazy. I couldn comprehend her words.

G-one: Haha! Thankyou, I needed that. The headaches were killing me.

Moon:Did I miss something?

G-one:No, the joke was really funny.

Moon:It wasn a joke G-one. You are a God.

G-one: Let me smell it, you are really drunk, aren you? I am a human. A true human. I might posses some powers but it is thanks to science. There is nothing magical about that.

Moon:Nothing magical, huh! Then you don feel anything? You do not sense anything in me?

My heart began to raise again.

Moon:Tell me how you know my name. Tell me how I know you when I have never met you before.

I could sense something in her. She wasn normal. She was radiating an uneven energy. I never sensed such kind of energy before. Is that magic? But how?

Moon:Do you want to leave me alone like this in an unknown place?

Now when I know she isn normal, I cannot leave her behind.

G-one: Ok, ok, you win. You can come with me.

Moon:Don worry, I am going to make you remember every thing.(heart melting smile) Lets go home first.

G-one: I have something to do before going back home. I need some things.

Moon: You are going to the market. They have markets here too.

G-one:We are going to a convenient store. They have markets here but most people in the cities don really prefer market products. Markets usually setup in towns and village areas.

Moon:Convenient store! Huh! I heard that human world is one of a kind, they have developed many wonderful things for their comfort. Looks like these are one of them. I have studied about human world but never saw it before this. I still have lot to learn about this realm. However, you must know much about this realm, also you have once came to this realm before.

G-one:I never came here before. I was born here. This is my realm.

Moon:You don remember anything. Don worry I will bring back everything.

She was walking hand in hand with me resting her head on my shoulder. My heart was beating fast. I never was that close to a girl before. But she didn even look bothered about it . I am her fiance all right but I don remember that right now, she can atleast hold all this until the time my memories comes back. Those visions, they appeared so real. I feel like I have been with Moon before. This is completely messed up. On the other hand she was happy.

G-one:( hesitation) Moon, ca, can we please not do this?

Moon:(a gentle smile on her face)What?

G-one:The way you are holding me.

Moon:Let me be like this for sometime. In everything that has happened, you, me and Saurya stayed away from each other for so long. You feel the same as always. It feels so comfortable.

I looked at her face, she appeared a little sad.

G-one: What caused you, me and Saurya to divide like that?

Moon: I don know. The elder gods and my father, there was something wrong between them. Then you and Saurya started fighting with each other. To avoid any unwanted result, my father chose to send you away. After that I never saw you again.

Again a memory flashed,

Moon:When Saurya came to meet me, I don know why but my father sent me away as well. When I came here, there was nothing. Nobody to interact with, nothing to see. Three days, I have eaten nothing. I thought I will pass out but I found you.

G-one: You haven eaten anything for three days. Here we are. Let me get you something to eat.

Moon:There are so many things,I never saw that many things before.

I smiled at her innocence. The way she was examining everything was cute. Looking at me and asking about everything. I gathered everything up and went to the counter.

G-one: Miss, count everything quickly please.

Lady employee: Yes sir, wait for a few minutes please.

Moon was observing everything thing like a child.

Lady employee: Sir, here is your bill.

G-one:(hands over the money)Here,

Lady employee: You appear new to the area sir.

G-one: Fortunately I am.

Lady employee: Please be careful on the streets sir. Its not safe these days walking alone at night.

G-one:This explains why there are very less customers here.

Lady employee: We get very less during the night sir, people are scared to come out of their houses.

G-one: Better to move in groups then. Before something bad happens.

Lady employee: Thats how people are surviving. The people here all came in groups.

G-one: What about you? Won you go back to your home?

Lady employee: We spend the night here. Then we head out in the morning. We have enough staff around here as you can see. This reduces the fear atleast.

G-one: Don worry, everything will be back to normal soon. I promise.

Lady employee: Oh! I wish that too. Atleast some people are positive in this dire situation.

G-one: Ofcourse, we will get through this as always. God is watching over us all anyway. Ok, you take care then, have a good night.

I started walking outside and Moon followed me.

Lady employee: You too sir, and thankyou for visiting.

Moon looked at her staring at us and smiled.

Lady employee: What a person he was! Uff! Such a charming and comforting character.

I went with Moon for a distance where we found a bench on a corner. I sat there.

G-one:Come, sit.

Moon:(sits) Aren we going home?

I gave her a chocolate.

Moon:What is this?

G-one:Eat it. Might not be enough to satisfy your hunger, but it will give your stomach some rest.

Moon: (eats it) Its chocolate.

G-one:You know it.

Moon:Why? You thought this realm only had chocolates.

G-one:Ah right! I forgot you live in heaven where everyone wishes to go. Here, I have something more.

I gave her a burger, she began munching on it.

Moon:Its good. This realm do have some delicacies.

I was watching her eat. She slid towards me and rested her head on my chest and my heart began to launch.

Moon:Its been ages since we ate something together like this. (Raising towards me) Do you want some?

G-one:(smiles) No, I am fine.

Moon: Its good. I am telling you.

G-one: I know, but it is for you. I have more if you need.

Moon: For me, thankyou. I was hungry.

It felt very sad that she was that hungry for three days. But her happiness cancelled everything out.

G-one: It has been tough, hasn it?


G-one: Without eating anything for three days. Must have drained you out of your energy.

Moon: Yeah, it did. But we don have one source of energy though.

G-one:Really, whats the another one?

Moon:Magic! I already told you. We are gods. We don just live on foods. However foods do give us energy but the main source is magic. You too have magic in yourself, don you feel it?

Is she calling my electricity magic?

G-one: I don think so. You are mistaken.

Moon:(nods) No, you can sense the magic inside me, can you?

G-one:Yes, but that is not because of…

Moon:Only a person with magic or magical knowledge can sense magic in others. However, my magic is faint right now. But I will gather them back soon enough.

G-one:Whats the trouble? Is the magic present in our realm not enough?

Moon:It could have been, but you don have much trees around here.

G-one: What trees have to do with magic?

Moon:Nature is magic. Everything comes from trees, plants, crops. Don you know that? Where there are trees, there is magic.

The thing she said hit me hard. I fell into a self conscious thought. Thinking about how people carelessly ruin forests and lands. If only they knew what they worth.

Moon: We have so many trees in heaven. We never lack magic. Everything there is magic. We even cook with magic.

G-one: Okay then, as soon as you recover your magic back, you will use it to cook for us.

Moon: Ofcourse, food cooked by magic replenishes magical energy very quickly.

G-one: I wonder, we still have so many trees, there should be enough magic available.

Moon:Ummm! I think somebody or something is limiting it. Maybe it will get undone when a huge magical energy breaks out through this realm. Then everyone might be able to use magic here too.

G-one: Right!(laughs) I wish that happens soon. I want to see how science and magic co-exist too.

Moon:(punches) Why are you laughing? Is this a joke for you?

G-one:Uff! No, Maybe not for me but for the people who are into smartphones and laptops, computers.

Moon:We have those in heaven too.

G-one: My god, really?

Moon:Not the smartphone, but that laptop and computer you said, I think I read somewhere it is used to store a huge amount of information or something.

G-one: You really know so much, don you?

Moon:Maybe. (Staring at the sky)I read that there was an open sky on earth as same as heaven. However we have sun and stars but no Moon in heaven, that is why father gave me this name. He said it needs a moon here too, cool and calming. And now when I see it here, with the stars, its is so beautiful, isn it?

I looked towards the sky then saw Moon resting on my chest.

G-one:(staring at Moon) Yes, it sure is.

Something was happening to me. I was feeling different now. It felt like there was not a single word of lie that came out of her. Even though I didn know her, I met her the first time, there was a bond between me and her, which seems to ask me to protect her and never let her leave my sight ever again. But I was not sure if Piyush and Akash are really going to let a stranger stay….

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