HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 111 Chased.

“Be quiet, if can, hold your breath,” Archie said as he held Novas shoulders and pulled her closer to him. Eve was staring at Archie and was a bit displeased that he put another woman so close to him. “You dont want all those parasites to come out because theyre at least one close to King-type parasite,”

“Are you serious?” Nova asked quietly as she stared at Archie with anxiety written on her face.

“Yeah, so lets be quiet and start to find a way down,” Archie looked at Eve and nodded his head.

Eve led the way with Archie right behind her while Nova was on the right side and hugged the wall because she didnt want to be the first one to get attacked by the parasite.

The three of them walked down the muddy ground and it was quite hard to stay quiet with the sound of their boots stepping on the wet mud. Thankfully, the sound of the parasites and waterfalls was loud enough to cover their presence, and also it was thanks to Eves aura that made the parasites wouldnt care about whoever came from the hole.

The forest was right in front of them and Nova hesitated to enter the forest because she didnt want to be down there in the first place. On the other hand, Archie and Eve entered the forest so casually which made Nova have no other option but to follow them because it was safer for her to stay close to them than to have to climb back up to go back.

Archie clenched his right fist and raised it to signal both of them to stop moving. They walked closer to Archie and looked in the direction that he was looking, they saw a parasite that looked like a bat with four arms and legs eating something on top of the tree.

“We need to deal with that or we are going to be stuck here,” Eve said as she put her hand on Archies shoulder. “It has quite sharp hearing like a bat and its eyes are just an accessory so you dont have to be worried,”

“Let me deal with it then,” Archie replied as he looked at his surroundings and made sure there was no parasite around..

Archie quietly grabbed a pebble on the ground, he looked at the tree on the other side of them. He threw it and hit the tree trunk, and it was enough to attract the parasites attention and flew toward the tree trunk so quickly.

Archie wanted to know how fast it move and what it was capable of, he knew that the claws and the fangs were dangerous so he needed to be careful with those. He looked down and grabbed another pebble then threw it as hard as he could and right on the parasites head.

The pebble shattered into tiny pieces and the parasite turned its head toward them. Archie unsheathed his sword and flicked the blade to attract the parasites attention.

The parasite flew toward him and was ready to tear his body into pieces but Archie dashed forward as he swung his sword vertically at the parasite. He cut the parasite into half like paper and killed it in an instant before the parasite could even call for help.

Archie looked at his arm and noticed the change in his strength, he was quite amazed and grateful that he got exposed to the radiation. He thought that he would be overpowered by the parasites mass and momentum but he wasnt even get pushed back when he clashed with the parasite.

“Wow, that sword is really amazing,” Nova said as she looked at the clean cut on the parasites body.

Eve chuckled and looked at Archie. “Yes, of course, it was all because of the sword,” she said mockingly.

Nova stood next to the parasites body and it was as big as an elephant, she didnt believe something that big could move really fast. The more she thought about what kind of parasites live down there, the more scared she became.

As they went deeper into the forest, a loud roar echoed throughout the whole place and it scared all the parasites. Nova looked up since she heard wings flapping right above her and to her surprise, the same parasite that Archie killed back then, there were hundreds of them above her.

“What was that?!” Nova asked as she leaned her body toward Eve,

“Thats the one we are looking for, lets go,” Eve said as she walked deeper into the forest with Nova kept clinging to her arm.

“You know, thats really a bad idea, right? Knowing those parasites were running away from the roar, we should do the same,” Nova replied as she kept looking up and watching the parasites fly away.

“Thats exactly why we have to go there because the parasites are running away and that means the only danger that we are going to deal with is that thing,” Eve answered and started to walk faster.

Nova sighed and trembled in her breath. “I hate it when youre right about it,” she said.

Eve just chuckled and kept on walking with Archie following from behind them.

As they went deeper into the forest, they saw a river and Eve decided to walk over it because there was a hill not far in front of them. She wanted to get a better look at the area and needed to find a sign of the King-type parasite.

“Alright, we can relax a bit here because this place should be the safest place in this whole cave,” Eve said as she looked at the mountain on the other side of the cave. “The sound must be coming from that mountain over there,”

ɴ[0)ᴠᴇʟ “You want us to go over there? Thats like, two hours of walking,” Nova said as she looked at the mountain. “Fuck it, lets do it. Its not like we have another choice,”

After they rested for half an hour, they went down the hill and straight to the mountain.

It took them two hours as Nova expected and the ground was shaking because of footsteps that came from inside the mountain.

Archie took the lead and looked for a way to get inside the mountain by going all the way up and hoping to find an entrance.

“I found it, the entrance into the mountain,” Archie said as he looked down where Eve and Nova were still climbing up the mountain.

“Great! Now, all we need to do is to create a plan, a plan to get out of this place safely,” Nova said as she looked at the entrance and at the hole, they came from. “Wow, we really came all the way here without even getting any trouble,”

The moment Nova said that another roar was heard and it was deafening that they all had to cover their ears. The mountain looked like it was about to crumble any time soon but it was just in Archie and Novas minds because the mountain was actually fine.

“I guess the plan is simple,” Archie looked at both of them. “We get the parasites attention, and we just run all the way back with the parasite following us from behind. With that parasite with us, the other parasites wont dare to get closer to us since they all would run to save themselves,”

“As long as Im not in the back, Im fine with that,” Nova replied.

“Alright, lets do this,” Archie said as he walked into the mountain.

“We are inside of a cave, of a cave, of a cave. If theres another cave, I think we might get lost,” Nova said as she walked next to Archie and Eve.

The tunnel was getting wider and wider until they reached the end of the tunnel and inside a vast and spacious cave. Both Archie and Nova were shocked when they saw a carcass of a massive animal or parasite that looked like a dragon.

“Is that a dragon?!” Nova asked as she looked at the skull stuck on the ceiling.

Eve looked at it and it was the King-type parasite that she killed back then and bathed herself in its blood. It was when Cherubim told her that the last Adam had been chosen, that she never thought that her life would change drastically just because of a single person.

“This thing should be at least a hundred feet tall. Who killed this parasite?” Nova asked and touched the bone.

“Maybe another King-type parasite,” Archie said and tried to imagine what the dragon looked like when it was still alive. “Anyway, we need to go deeper and find the parasite,”

The three of them went deeper into the mountain until the heat started to bother them. They could feel the vibration from the parasites grunt and growl in the distance, and there were so many tunnels but thanks to the noises, they knew which tunnel to go to.

They ended up on the edge of a cliff, and the lava was right below them.

They were looking at the lava until something came up to the surface. A parasite that looked like a dragon was swimming inside the lava as if it was swimming in a river.

Archie grabbed his magnum and looked at Nova and Eve. “Are you guys ready?” he asked.

“Yeah, we will run the moment it looks at us,” Archie said as he aimed his magnum at the parasite.

Archie shot the parasite in the eye but he missed, and fortunately, that was enough to get the parasites attention. The parasite looked at them and finally, it showed its full body and it shocked Archie and Nova.

“Oh no, this one is twice bigger than the carcass that we found. We need to run, now!” Nova said as she saw the parasite spread its wings and destroyed the walls with its wings.

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