HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 135 Together.

Archie was laying down in the dark with no light to guide him, the last time he saw was when Eve tried to stop his body from rampaging. After she mutilated him over and over, the light disappeared and it was at the exact same time when he stopped regenerating his body.

Archie could feel every inch of his body was in an immense amount of pain, it was all because the water witches were forcing their way in and splitting his cells from the parasites. It felt like his body was cut hundreds of times every second and it was so painful that he could do nothing but hug himself and endured the pain.

Three days had passed ever since the water witches entered Archies body to split the parasites from his body. They tried so hard to hold him off because his brute strength outmatched the witches, but thankfully, Eve was there since she took care of it.

“It has been three days, but they havent even reached his knees,” The fire witch said as her body started to weaken because she had been in the water for too long and used all her strength to hold Archies legs.

“This is the only way, we can only wait,” The eldest fire witch replied as she started to lose her strength as well. “Thats why if the eldest water witch is still alive, it would only take her a day to do this,” She continued.

“If only theres another option to make things faster,” The eldest wind witch said as she held Archies arm.

Eve furrowed her forehead and then remember the serum that Daniel made.

“There is,” Eve said as she looked at the eldest wind witch. “Do you remember the weapon they made to defeat that dragon? If we inject that serum inside Archies body, it might be able to stop the parasites inside his body,” Eve explained.

All the witches looked at Eve with confusion because they didnt know what she was talking about except the eldest wind witch. She looked at Eve for quite a while and thought it was worth the shot but she was scared that it would only make things worse.

“What are you talking about?” The eldest fire witch asked.

“Theres a serum that could weaken or even kill the parasite, I dont know exactly how it works, but I think its going to work if I give him the right dose of it,” Eve answered.

“Then you should get it, we cant hold him off for weeks,” The eldest fire witch said.

“Can you take care of him for two days? I will be back with the serum,” Eve asked.

“That wont be a problem,” The eldest fire witch answered as she nodded her head.

“I will get the serum then,” Eve said as she removed her hands from Archies head and then spread her wings, and flew to the Central Nation.

It took Eve half a day to reach the Central Nation, and she dove down to the barrack in the silent night.

Eve looked inside the barrack and saw nobody, she then looked around and saw people walking past the barrack and that meant they werent on a mission or something. She decided to walk into the city to look for Ruby because she was the only one who could help her find the serum.

The first place she thought of was the pub but she couldnt find Ruby there as well. She sighed and then used her ability to find Nova since she gave Nova her power and that made Eve able to locate Novas whereabouts.

Since Eve didnt want to be recognized, she changed her appearance again and started to look for Nova.

Nova was hanging out with some people from the Valor special force, Eve didnt hesitate to approach her from behind. She knocked them all at once and she immediately took Nova to the dark alleyway.

Eve woke Nova up but Eve covered Novas eyes with a piece of cloth.

“Who are you?! You just made a huge mistake!” Nova said as she looked left and right.

“You think threatening me will make you live after this?” Eve replied but in a different voice since she changed her vocal cord.

Nova immediately shut her mouth and didnt say a word.

“Good, if you answer my question, I will let you free,” Eve said as she grabbed Novas cheeks with her left hand. “Wheres Faye?” Eve asked as she tightened her grip.

“What do you want from her?” Nova asked back.

“Answer my question or you will die,” Eve replied.

“Like hell I will tell you!” Nova answered.

Eve knew that Nova wouldnt tell her Fayes whereabouts, and since she didnt want to waste her time, she decided to use violence as always. She looked at Nova and threw her onto the wall really hard that Nova got knocked out when the back of her head got slammed onto the wall.

Eve didnt hesitate to spread her wings and flew up to the sky in the middle of the city. She looked at where the laboratory was and the headquarter of the Central Nation. Those two buildings were right next to each other and so she flew there at full speed.

All the soldiers and the Axis Humans were chilling around the headquarters until Eve dove down right in the middle of the fast field in front of the headquarters. The earth trembled heavily and made everyone fall on their back, the headquarters and the laboratory buildings crumbled and collapsed.

Everyone was shocked when something fell down from the sky, they all thought it was a meteorite. When they looked at the field, they saw Eve with her body covered with sharp bones. She had long pointy horns on her forehead with her massive bone wings on her back to intimidate them.

The siren was sounded to alert everyone that a parasite had entered the city, and they all ran away to grab their weapons to deal with her. Eve didnt bother those humans and flew right into the laboratory building and made havoc with her wings to get rid of the debris.

Eve saw a scientist laying on the ground with debris falling on her lower body making her unable to move. She approached the scientist and glared at the scientist with her black eyes while the scientist was screaming in fear.

Eve kicked the debris and grabbed the scientist on the neck with her left hand.

“Wheres the serum,” Eve with her vibrating voice asked the scientist.

“What serum?!” The scientist asked as she tried to breathe.

“The serum that you created to kill the parasite!” Eve yelled at the scientist and that was enough to intimidate her. “Show me where you put the serum or I will eat you alive!” Eve tightened her grip.

“No!” The scientist screamed. “I will show you, please let me live!” The scientist said as she started to cry in fear.

Eve kept choking the scientist but not tight enough to suffocate the scientist.

The scientist showed Eve where they put the serum but the scientist said that it was secured behind a huge and thick steel door. Eve didnt care and asked the scientist to show her where the serum at.

“This is where they put the serum!” The scientist said as she looked at the giant steel door.

Eve kicked the steel door and the door got thrown all the way to the back. The scientist was shocked that it was that easy to break into the safe.

“Which one is it?” Eve asked as she dragged the scientist to the ground.

“Th-this one!” The scientist pointed at the purple solution inside a see-through glass.

Eve broke the glass and grabbed the serum, she stared at it and she didnt believe the scientists words because she could be lying to her.

“Do you think Im stupid? Show me the real serum!” Eve yelled as she slammed the scientist to the wall.

The scientist trembled in fear and she couldnt say a word because she was petrified. She slowly raised her hand and pointed at the small safe in the corner of the room.

“You dare to lie to me?” Eve asked as she started choking the scientist.

The scientist tried her best to shake her head because she was telling the truth, but then Eve broke the scientists neck and threw her away.

Eve walked toward the small safe and used her claws to tear the safe open. She saw the green solution with only one bottle inside, she took it and held it with her left arm.

“Fire!” Fayes voice could be heard from the distance.

Eve turned around and bullets were shot toward her, but she blocked them all with her wings as she walked toward them. She noticed from one of those bullets, they used the serum to immobilize her.

Eve glared at them and all of the Axis Humans suddenly died except for Faye and Aster who were staring at their teammates died. When they turned around to look at Eve, she was already gone and flew all the way up behind the clouds.

The sun rose, and the witches were still trying their best to hold Archies body. They saw a shadow from above, and they saw Eve descend from the sky but then stopped flapping her wings as she free falling to the ground.

The eldest wind witch slowed her fall and slowly dropped her to the ground. They saw Eves body melting, but she was still conscious and looked at them as she showed the serum in her hand.

“Give it to him, now,” Eve said weakly.

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