HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 157 They knew.

“Thats a lot of things to digest, why dont you just take your time alone for now? But, unfortunately, I can let you go out this building because I dont trust you yet,” Archie said calmly as he stared at Nova who looked like she just got struck by lightning by the truth.

“Let me handle this for you,” Ruby said as she stood up and patted Archies back.

Ruby walked toward Nova and offered her hand. “Come on, lets get some fresh air. I can see that you need a drink as well, lets get some,” Ruby said as she smiled to hold her laughter because Nova was making a hideous expression.

Nova nodded and grabbed Rubys hand. They both left Ivans house, and since Ruby was with her, Archie had no worry about her running away since Ruby was stronger and faster than her.

Vincent yawned as he stared at the empty cup of coffee. “I think Im going to hit the bed,” Vincent said as he stood up and looked at them.

Vincent walked to the sofa and slammed his body on it. It didnt even take a minute until he fell asleep and started snoring.

Eve sat next to Archie and stared at the screen. She was curious about Atlantis and what it was all about.

“What do you think about this Atlantis?” Eve asked as she rested her head on her palm.

“You should know what Atlantis is, right? Its a myth about the richest land on earth and hide thousands of mysteries. If they really find Atlantis then that means they have a base there, but if its just a name, then maybe they have a base somewhere hidden under the water,” Archie answered as he stared at the screen and scrolled up and down.

“I guess there are so many possibilities about that Atlantis,” Eve said as she rested her head on the table. “We need to find more information about it, but after listening what you said earlier, I dont think we will ever know what theyre hiding,” Eve continued as she stared blankly at the table.

“I dont think its really the problem though,” Archie said as he closed the laptop. “If you want to steal it, then I guess we just have to deal with it. But, I dont think there will be any problem if we manage to steal it and leave not a single trace,”

“No, its not just about being unseen or uncaught, but its about putting ourselves in danger because I believe they have changed their way to protect their secrets. You can see amount of the serums they made and modified. We will be dead the moment we set out foot in there,” Eve replied with her eyes closed.

“Yeah, youre right,” Archie nodded his head as he stared at Eve. “Do you want to go to bed?” Archie asked.

“Yeah, I think its nice to get some sleep after traveling for a whole day,” Eve said as she yawned.

They both went to the bedroom and went to sleep.

The next morning, Archie woke up and went to the living room because of the smell of meat being cooked. He checked the kitchen and saw Ivan singing while cooking a sausage and an egg.

“No wonder I have a nightmare,” Archie said as he chuckled.

“What? Because of my singing?” Ivan asked.

“Its still haunting me,” Archie said as he walked away with a smile.

“Fuck you!” Ivan replied as he chuckled.

Archie looked at Vincent enjoying his coffee as he watched the TV.

“Wheres Ruby and Nova?” Archie asked.

“In there,” Vincent answered as he pointed at the closed door in front of him. “Nova got wasted and stumbled on the ground really hard that I awoken because of that. She really let herself go last night thanks to someone,” Vincent stared at Archie as he sipped his coffee.

“Well, its still a better outcome compared to what I thought,” Archie answered as he sat down.

“Fear, intimidation, and threat will always do the work especially the one who threaten her was the one who almost got her killed. She knows how to inflict fear to people, huh?” Vincent said as he stared at the room where Eve was sleeping in.

Archie didnt say a single word but raised his eyebrows.

They spent there until noon, and then they left Ivans house with the hard disk and the copies of the files in Archies bag. Archie planned on giving copies to some people who had influence on the public, but he didnt have someone in mind.

“Are you really going to give one of the copies to Faye, Archie?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah, its better if she know about this. I believe she can make a use of the information since she has a big influence in the military,” Archie answered.

“Doesnt that put her in a serious danger?” Nova asked with her eyebrows furrowed. “Youre not wrong about it, but it sounds like youre using Faye as a sacrificial lamb,”

“I dont think Victor would harm her, but even if hes planning on doing so, Im going to protect her. Its a good chance that we might be able to use the opportunity to dig deeper on whats Victor hiding from us,” Archie answered as he looked at Nova.

“Then what are you going to do with the rest of the copy?” Vincent asked.

“Im not sure yet, maybe I will find someone who can do something with this information. For now, lets just see what will happen when Faye find this information,” Archie answered.

They all went back to the Central Nation because Faye had come back from the Western Nation. They heard that Faye just came back from the big conference with high ranks about Victors request, but nobody knew what the result of the meeting was.

“So, how are we going to put the flash disk in her office without getting noticed or seen? There are so many cameras in the building and it would be hard to do that,” Ruby asked as she stared at the temporary headquarters in front of her.

Eve was staring at the street and then saw a delivery truck parked on the side of the road. She raised her eyebrows and got an idea when she saw the delivery guy walking on the sidewalk.

“Leave it to me,” Eve said as she walked toward the truck and changed her hair color and length.

Everyone watched her cross the road and talked with the delivery guy. They watched her pointed at the truck as she talked with the delivery guy who seemed to be charmed by her beauty. The delivery guy then walked toward the truck and showed something to her.

Eve came back as she looked at Archie.

“Give me the flash disk, that guy will wrap it in a package and will send it to the receptionist,” Eve said as she reached out her hand at Archie.

Archie was amazed and surprised at the same time, he then gave the flash disk to Eve.

Eve walked back and waved at the delivery guy as she showed the flash disk to him. They guy took the flash disk and then went to the back of the truck while Eve watched him from outside. It didnt take long until the delivery guy came out with a small package in his hand, he then walked to the building while Eve walked back to the others.

“Problem solved, right? I told him that the package has no sender name and it was an important package for Faye,” Eve said as she looked at the delivery guy entered the building. “Now, lets leave, we dont need him anymore,”

“Poor guy,” Vincent said as he looked at the delivery guy.

“Faye just come at the right moment,” Ruby said as she nodded up at the parking lot.

Faye was walking with Aster and on their way into the building while the delivery guy just came out of the building.

“This is ridiculous,” Faye said as she hurriedly walked into the building. “Did they not listen to what I said?” Faye asked as she looked at Aster from over her shoulder.

“Theres nothing they can do and so are we,” Aster answered as he followed Faye from behind. “At least we are not a part of it after what happened to our team back then. Im not saying its a good thing, but you know what I mean,” Aster said as he sighed.

The receptionist looked at Faye and then raised her hand. “Lieutenant Colonel Faye,”

“Yes?” Faye replied as he stared at the woman behind the counter.

“Theres a package that just arrived for you,” The receptionist said as she walked toward Faye with the package. “Here, it says that its an important package that only you can see it,” She continued as she gave the package to Faye.

“Thank you,” Faye replied as she looked a bit confused and stared at the small package.

Faye walked into his office as she stared at the flash disk. She immediately plugged in the flash disk on her laptop to see what was inside it. Both her and Aster were shocked when they saw hundreds of files and immediately opened one of them.

“This is…” Faye said with her eyes wide open.

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