HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 158 Everything you need to know.

“This is unbelievable, who managed to get all this?!” Faye asked as she stared at the reports in the files. “Aster, ask the receptionist who gave this package,” Faye looked Aster in the eye.

Aster hurriedly left Fayes office and went all the way down to ask the receptionist about who sent the package. Not long after Aster left the office, Ruby and the others came in and they looked at how shocked and bewildered Faye was.

“Is something the matter? I saw Aster running in the hallway as if he was getting chased by a ghost,” Ruby asked as she sat down on the sofa.

“You need to look at this! All of you!” Faye said as she grabbed her laptop and brought it to the table.

They were all acting as if they were shocked with what they discovered and Faye was mind blown by the information on the flash disk. Aster came back and told Faye that the receptionist didnt know who the sender was. The package was sent by a delivery service, and there was nothing else.

“What are you going to do with this information?” Archie asked as he looked at Faye who was focused on staring at the screen.

“I will show this to Gard, and all the Marshals,” Faye said as she closed the tabs. “Im going to show this now while theyre all still here, come on, Aster,” Faye continued as she closed the laptop and hurriedly left the office.

“Should we go and follow them?” Nova asked.

“Yeah, we should, we need to know what will they react to that information. Lets go,” Ruby said as she stood up.

All of them left the building, and entered Fayes car even though the car wasnt big enough for all of them. They went to headquarters where all the Marshals were attending the meeting with Faye earlier.

As soon as they arrived at headquarters while it was being rebuilt, Faye got out of the car and hurriedly went inside. Archie and the others followed her from behind while Aster had to park the car since it was blocking the path.

Faye told all the soldiers that were present in the headquarters to find all the Marshals and told them to meet her in the conference room.

Faye didnt have to wait long until Marlon and Gard came into the conference room. Both of them looked absolutely confused and asked what on earth Faye had asked for such a sudden request. Faye decided not to tell them anything until all the Marshals came since it would make it easier for all of them to understand.

One by one, the Marshals from the Western Nation, Northern Nation, and Southern Nation came into the conference room. Nova told them their names. The Marshal from the Western Nation was Anthony Auliffe. A man in his forty with white hair and a mustache, Archie recognized his face because he was there when Flavius gave his speech before he sent his son to the expedition.

The Marshal from the Northern Nation was Tolstobrov Zinon Vsevolodovich. A man with polished black hair, his gaze was quite intimidating because he looked like a man who had killed dozens or even hundreds of lives.

The Marshal from the Southern Nation was the exact opposite of Tolstobrov. He was a bit chubby and he looked so calm and easy going, he looked like someone who would listen to anything and agree with it. His name was Jasper Mussett.

“Thank you for coming in a short notice, and Im not going to waste your time if its not important,” Faye said as she walked to the front of the table.

Faye opened her laptop and projected the screen of her laptop on the white projector screen. She showed them the files inside the flash disk. All of them were staring at it, and they were surprised when they read the information inside it.

“Where did you get this?” Tostobrov asked.

“Someone sent it to me, and thats not what matter right now. This information right here is why I brought all of you here. This is what Victor has been doing behind our back! We need to do something about this because this isnt right!” Faye answered as she pointed at the screen about the report of the experiment to Axis Humans.

“You just dismissed my question, Lieutenant Colonel. I asked you where did you get this information?” Tostobrov stared at Faye as if he didnt like what he was seeing.

“I dont know, someone just sent it to me and it came in a package. The delivery guy said it was an important package for me, thats it,” Faye answered and she looked a bit puzzled.

Tostobrov looked at Gard and Jasper.

“Did you make a copy of that flash disk?” Tostobrov asked as he stood up.

“No. I came here as soon as I know the content of the flash disk,” Faye answered as she stared at Tostobrov walked toward her.

Tostobrov opened his hand as he reached out to Faye. “Give me the flash disk,” Tostobrov said with a serious expression.

“What?! No! Whats the meaning of this?!” Faye asked as she unplugged the flash disk and held it tightly. “Wait a minute, you all already know about this, dont you?” Faye stared at all of them, but Marlon was clueless.

“Thats none of your concern, Lieutenant Colonel. Now, give me the flash disk or you will lose everything you have,” Tostobrov said as he stared at Faye.

Faye looked at the others and saw Marlon was writing something on a piece of paper. She then looked at Gard and he just stared at her with a bit of disappointment and then looked away. She immediately felt betrayed that all this time they did this behind her back and sent her away just for their own interest.

“I cant believe it, you all doing this even after knowing the risk? You sent me out there so you can continue your fucking experiment?!” Faye shouted at them.

“You act as if you have the right to say it when you decided to volunteer for the experiment. Dont be a hypocrite, Faye. This is for the best and we all risk our lives so we can survive this cruel world that we are living in,” Jesper said.

“Marshal Gard! Tell me, do you know about all this and what Victor did?” Faye shouted as she glared at Gard.

“Yes, we all know everything and we all agreed on this, except for Marshal Marlon who have no idea about this,” Gard answered.

Faye chuckled in disbelief as she shook her head.

“So thats why you guys obeyed Victors order to hunt the Axis Humans even though my whole team experienced death?!” Faye asked as she walked away from Tostobrov.

Marlon took a deep breath as he leaned on the chair and stared at Ruby.

Ruby saw the piece of paper in Marlons hand and immediately approached him, casually grabbing the paper from under the table without anyone noticing. She then walked back while the others were focused on Faye, and hid the piece of paper away.

Ruby walked back and stood behind Vincent so she could read what Marlon wrote. There were only two sentences on the paper. She then crumpled it and put it in her pocket. She then whispered to Aster, and he immediately nodded his head.

“I wont ask you for the third time, Lieutenant Colonel. Give me the flash disk,” Tostobrov said.

“No, I wont give you this because I will expose this to the world what you guys are doing behind our back!” Faye said as she was cornered.

The door was bust open and dozens of soldiers were pointing their guns at Faye. They threatened to shoot her if she didnt follow Tostobrov order.

Faye didnt know what to do, but at the same time, she didnt want to give the flash disk to them because she hadnt seen everything. She was stuck in a dilemma, and she didnt know how to get out of it.

Ruby poked Archies back and then leaned toward his ear. “Can you take care of them? Marlon need distraction to leave and we are going to meet him and Colonel Fanheim after,” Ruby whispered.

Archie nodded his head with understanding.

“Faye! Run!” Ruby screamed.

Archie ran toward the soldiers and kicked one of them. The soldier was thrown away and pushed the rest of them onto the wall. Faye who looked at the opportunity, ran as fast as she could and then was followed by Ruby and the others.

Archie and Eve quickly grabbed the soldiers guns and started firing them into the air to attract the soldiers attention.

“Archie! Eve! What the hell are you doing?!” Gard asked as he covered his head with his hands.

“What are we doing?” Archie asked and then shot a soldier in the head who tried to enter the room. “We are making a distraction,” Archie answered.

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