“Who are you?” Eve asked as she stared at Nova who suddenly made some distance after knowing Archie had someone.

“Im Nova, Im here to show him around the city,” Nova answered and she didnt dare to tell Eve the real reason because deep down she believed that Eve was a strong Axis Human as Archie. “Do you live here, Miss?” She asked back as she looked at Archie then looked at Eve.

“No, Im new here as well thats why I came all the way here to see him,” Eve answered.

Nova looked so confused and thought something was weird with Eve but she didnt dare to say anything. She then decided to stay quiet and brought them both to the headquarters.

Eve looked around and she was fascinated by the technology and the city. Archie was the same and they both looked like a tourist which also attracted the peoples attention because they had similar hair colors and both of them were beautiful and handsome.

“Where are we going?” Eve asked Archie as she stared at him with her eyebrow raised.

“Military headquarters, Nova wanted to join a special team and Im also going to see a friend of mine that works there,” Archie answered.

“A friend? The one from back there? Who was her name again? Ruby?” Eve asked and Nova immediately turned her head to look at Eve and Archie. She really felt something was off with Eve because she knew Ruby but she didnt seem from the Eastern Nation.

“No, a different woman, my old friend from the Western Nation. I just wanted to see her since it has been seven years more or less,” Archie answered while looking at Nova who seemed uninterested in his conversation with Eve.

They finally reached the military headquarters, Nova showed her identification to the soldier and then the three of the entered the gate. There were so many Axis Humans gathered on the field and they were all there to join the Valor special force.

“Look at these people, every month there are more people in here,” Nova said as she put her ID card in her pocket and stared at the crowds.

“Hmm? These guys are so weak,” Eve said and everyone who heard that immediately turned their heads to look at her weirdly.

Nova looked at Eve and raised her eyebrows. “You can tell by just looking at them?” She asked with curiosity.

“Yes, compared to Ruby theyre nothing and a horde of weak parasites would be enough to kill them all,” Eve answered as she stayed close to Archie and stared at those people who stared at her. “These people have no hope for the future,” she continued and it made them a bit annoyed by her words.

“Hey, lady! Can you stop saying nonsense? What do you know about us? Huh?” A guy finally spoke up. Eve didnt even bother to respond to the guys words and kept looking down at them.

Thanks to Eves provocation, the commotion started and it didnt look good that Nova felt uncomfortable with the situation. Those who didnt even know about what happened immediately looked at Eve after the others told them what happened.

“Attention!” The soldiers shouted at the front and it was enough to make everyone quiet.

Archie lifted his head to look at the front and a woman with long dark purple hair in a uniform walked toward the crowds with five men walking behind her. Archie couldnt help but smile when he saw Faye and she looked different from the last time he saw her.

“Is that the woman? Now this one is strong,” Eve said and everyone was glancing at her.

“Yes, shes my friend but I never thought she would become this strong. She was an ordinary human before I left and she was the reason why Im standing here right now,” Archie answered while kept staring at Faye.

“What about the guy whos standing next to her? Is he her partner?” Eve asked as she stared at the guy with brown hair with his sharp gaze.

Archie didnt notice until Eve mentioned it, and it was Aster, the guy who had been supporting him for years in the Sky Station. “Thats Aster, the three of us used to be hanging out together,” he answered with a smile on his face.

Nova looked at Archie and raised her eyebrows. “I forgot to mention,” she said as she approached Archie and Eve. “Aster and Faye are husband and wife,” she continued while she stared at Archie.

Archie looked at Nova and raised his eyebrows with a shocked expression. Nova wasnt expecting him to make such an expression, he looked so happy when he heard it so Nova thought he had no feelings for Faye. Looking at the woman who stood next to Archie, Nova thought maybe they both had the same relationship as Faye and Aster.

“Good morning, everyone,” Faye said with her soothing voice, the same voice Archie remembered.

“Morning, Lieutenant Colonel!” Everyone answered as they stood at ease.

“I see that you all have been waiting for this moment, unfortunately, we currently dont have many spots in the Valor force,” Faye said as she looked at them with a bit of a pitiful face. “So, we are only taking five people in this recruitment,” she continued and all of them immediately looked at each other and murmured.

“Only five, huh? This is going to be hard,” Nova said to herself.

“Why is it hard?” Eve asked as she stared at Nova.

“Well, by looking at the crowds, my chance of getting recruited is so small or almost none,” Nova answered as she looked at Eve. “Not to mention if Archie is going to join as well, and now its only four spots left,” she explained as she stared at Archie.

“Youre going to join them?” Eve asked as she turned her head to look at Archie.

“Im not sure but theres no reason for me to not join the test,” Archie answered as he looked at Eve.

“Really? Why do you want to join them?” Eve asked again.

“Because theyre the best Axis Humans in the world and theyre going to explore the unknown which is why I want to join them and go out there to see what kind of things that I will see,” Archie answered.

Eve furrowed her forehead and tilted her head. “Thats it? You know I can just bring you wherever you want, right? Theres no need for you to waste your time here with these weaklings,” she replied as she pointed her finger at the people in front of her.

“I know, but isnt it more fun to have more people? You can make new friends and know more about the people around you,” Archie said as he raised his eyebrows.

“I dont know, I have been on my own,” Eve answered and that made Nova so curious about Eve.

“Right, I almost forgot,” Archie said as he exhaled deeply. “Why dont you join as well? You said youre fine as long as youre with me, right?” he asked.

“Of course, thats my only reason to be out here,” Eve answered as he stared at Archie with a smirk on her face.

“Then, lets join them. Who knows, you might find it interesting,” Archie said as he looked at Eve with a bit of a smile.

Nova sighed as she looked forward. “I guess there are only three spots left then,” she said to herself.

Eve raised her eyebrows and turned her body toward Nova. “Do you want to become strong? I can give it to you,” she said as she stared at Nova.

“Of course, I want to become strong, but ho-” Before Nova could finish her sentence, Eve grabbed Novas cheeks then Eve kissed her in the mouth which made Archie shocked.

Eve didnt stop kissing Nova and everyone started to look at them both with surprised expressions. Faye and Aster even looked at them from the front, Faye noticed that it was Nova and she just shook her head and smiled.

Eve slowly put her tongue back and her saliva was all over Novas tongue. Eve smirked and stared Nova in the eye with her eyebrow raised. “Done, hows it? Do you feel it?” she asked.

Nova could only raise her eyebrows and was speechless about what just happened. She never thought a woman would kiss her and she didnt hate it at all even though it was her first time getting kissed by a woman.

“You should feel it soon,” Eve said as she walked back to Archies side and looked at him with a smile on her face.

“That was unexpected,” Archie said as he looked at Eve.

“Thats the only way, and I did the same thing to you as well, remember?” Eve asked.

Archie raised his eyebrows and nodded with understanding.

Faye clapped her hands and took everyones attention. “Without further ado, lets start the test. Good luck to all of you,” she said and then left.

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