Chapter 3- Talks&Troubles

May went to the lecture room with her backpack hastily, knowing that one of those hearthardened lecturers was going to test them on one of the courses he lectured them on. You could choose to come early and stay throughout his lecture which is still not a guarantee especially when the devil had marked you the next in line for Mr Obaros vexation during the lecture. May quickly sat on a long seater on the second row. Mr Obaro was strict and asides that wicked, no one ever wanted to cross his path; and if you did, you either get a carry over or you are in for one of his demands.

At 7:10, he walked in with a briefcase as usual and began his lecture. Each person amongst the 500 individuals in Mays department were listening in the for the first thirty minutes then the back seaters seemed less interested and began gisting away for the next two hours before Mr Obaro sent forty students out after they wrote their matric number on A4 paper which meant…. Carry over. After 5hours more, every student in the lecture room were tired; To them the course lecture was not just long but very complicated. Every student attended the lecture because their attendance mattered and it was a 5unit course. A few minutes later, Mr Obaro was done with his lecture then pointed at a lady sitting right next to May to submit the assignment of everyone which he gave the next day as early as 9am.

Few hours skip…..

May was so done with lectures and decided to walk all the way to the Universitys gate, as she did; twenty minutes later, she walked past Mr Obaro who later called her after she took her second step away.

”Young lady ” Mr Obaro called out.

May looked behind her to know if Mr Obaro was referring to her.

” Oh, yes. You ” Mr Obaro answered the question she was about to ask

May walked back to talk to him ”Good evening sir, how can I help you sir? ” Her accent flowing with every word she said.

”I like you already ” He said and laughter followed shortly. ” Well, I am Joel. Whats your name? ”

”Like me? ” May confused as she has never had any conversation with him before now. ”Am May sir. What can I do for you sir? ” She asked quickly ignoring that moment of confusion.

”I want to see you more often in a personal space not in the lecture room. I would like that May very much if you don mind. And drop those formalities too. You know my name, don you?( May nodded) so its Joel to you ” Mr Obaro smiled again.

” I don understand that very much. And what do you mean by personal space? You see sir, what I understand from all these is not making any meaning to me. You have to be very precise in this matter sir and I don think I have such time sir. ” May said, getting pissed off already but was careful not to annoy him just wanted him to understand that she wasn interested

”You see, I understand all you are saying. Lets not create a scene here, come see in my office on Monday after lectures. I will be expecting you May. Do take care till I see you ” He told May in hushed tones then left her standing not wanting an answer.

May just continued walking to the gate then got into a tricycle home as it was very close to the university. May met Felicia at home, it was just the both of them home at that time. Their parents were at work while Audrey was at the boutique with their grandmother.

”Hey ” Felicia hugged May as she opened the door to the living room.

”Hi ” May replied and left her sister to lock the entrance door, moved towards the couch baby blue soft couch, dropping her backpack on the couch and rested her back wwith her eyes closedon the couch.

”Hectic day? ” Felicia asked with a small smile.

”Really hectic. Feels like I donated blood this morning ”May said and chuckled before opening her eyes.

” Want to talk about it? ” Felicia inquired then sat down on the couch where May sat.

”Oh yeah. The highlight of it all is that sily old man,Mr Obaro who has asked me to come by his office by Monday ” May told her sister and rolled her eye. May continued telling her sister how it happened actually

” I hope you don intend to go to his office, you know what he wants right? ”

”Of course, that old sily man wants to see me in his

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