Chapter 4: Confusion

It was noon and Juliana was in her room. She felt bored and decided to take a look at TikTok . Her jaws dropped when she saw Ryan with a girl in a video, she watched the two of them dance so closely. She decided to chillax and not overthink it

” Maybe they
e just dancing for fun, it doesnt mean anything ”, she tried to assure herself it was not what she thought. ”What am I, stupid! they must be dating. She screamed on top her voice and scattered her room like a wild donkey. ” Ive been waiting for you Ryan, I rejected a cool and wealthier guy like Brian just for you but you you…………


Had the fool ever expressed her feelings to Ryan? How did she expect him to know and not have any other relationship? Well lets see how things go

Mrs Wen came upstairs and calmed Juliana down. She asked her what the problem was ”It was just that uhmm i saw…. ” Juliana didn have an excuse for her sudden tantrum. Eureka! Juliana cooked up an idea. ” Mum there was this online competition I signed up for on tiktok on a new trending challenge. The aim was to get the most likes and instead of me my nemesis Wendy won. So does that explain my ouburst ” Her mum told her not to overreact next time a thing like that happened. Mrs Wen also called some maids to clean up the mess in Julianas room.

” And Julie, will you join Parker, your father and I in giving Cree the good news that she has a marriage proposal from Brian for after the completion of her tertiary institution? ”, her mum requested. Juliana suggested that her parents and brother do it themselves as she was not happy about the proposal and would not want to explain her reasons to anyone,

Juliana really wanted to get to the root of the matter but she didn know how to. What better way to do it than to confront Brian. But then she heard her conscience telling her to leave Brian for Cree but I guess her mind wasn determined to do just that as memories of Cree telling her dad that she would be better than Juliana at everything {as if they were competing} flashed before her eyes. She couldnt let Cree succeed.

She didn want Brian for herself but she didnt want Cree to have him either. She dressed up in a red pencil gown with heels. She wore a very pretty makeup. She used a very enticing strong body spray. She left without saying a word to anyone. Parker tried to question her departure but she just told him not to worry.

She got to Brians house and a maid directed her to his room. She walked into his room and found him asleep. She took her seat on a bedside couch and sprinkled water on his face. Brian felt drops of liquid on his face. He opened his eyes to find a female figure in his room. Only after standing up, did he realise it was Juliana.

” Juliana, whats up, why are you here- in my room?, Brian asked surprisingly. Juliana told him she was just here for his answers to two questions.

” Do you love me?……………

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