I heard a crack emanate from my body. I felt numb and lifeless immediately it seemed as though I had been paralyzed. My shoulder and my head twisted in a frightening and awkward position into the door frame of the kitchen. For a moment, I couldn move. I lay down there and groped in the darkness for something to hold on to but there was nothing I could feel. Only the solid and endless stretch of the wall. I mumbled out a cry as I couldn hear her voice any longer. I was terrified, fearing that he had done it. Elena did not deserve any of this, I said to myself as I began to sob. She was just an innocent child.

The sob soon turned into a cry. She did not deserve this, I cried in my heart. It was not her fault that she was born that way, neither was it her fault that things were going on this way. She was innocent of all of it and deserved not to be hurt. Perhaps she was still a little girl. None of that mattered to him, what mattered to him was that he found an outlet for his anger. He was always simmering in anger and occasionally, he would look for an outlet to let loose his anger on. We were normally the outlet of his anger but today he chose to beat up the both of us.

And If I allowed him to beat Ella the way he beat, she was surely not going to survive it. I forced my eyes open immediately and continued to grope for something but I didn find anything. However, I guessed that my shoulder had been dislocated from the impact of the way I crashed on the wall. Black dots and stars danced in front of my vision. I finally found something to support me. It was the frame of the kitchen door. I held on to it tightly while still groaning in pain. My lips were shaking and my whole body trembled.

I crawled to the frame and sat propped up against the door, thinking about how I was going to stand. My hands were hanging down lifelessly, I was not sure if I could go any further. I was totally broken. Yet she revived me even after I had lost hope. ”Diana! Diana! ” Her screams rang out again, loud and clear. It was raining, so nobody could hear us and come to our help. We were just going to be left there to die. The screams seemed to renew the lost strength. Not knowing how I even did it, I jumped to my feet and spun my head towards the direction.

I walked on my toes, to avoid the pain of the shards. Some of them still hurt me even as I walked towards them but I endured it, having learnt how to do so after many years of maltreatment and suffering. I coughed as I got into the kitchen. She was on the ground and the Alpha grabbed her legs with his hand. She kicked away while screaming on top of her voice. He was dragging her into the basement.

”Stop ” the words left my mouth weakly as I coughed again. ”Stop ” I said to myself, coughing and staggering while trying to catch up with them. I soon saw him taking off his belt. I never knew what his intention was. I had to stop him. You never know with a drunkard. I started running towards them, my hands outstretched to stop him. He noticed that I was running towards him from the corner of my eyes and kicked the door with an inhuman force.

The door shut on my fingers, and another scream tore off my throat. I screamed and fell down again, wailing. I stood up almost immediately with the tears streaming down my face, and grabbed the door handle to open it but it was locked with the fingers of my left hand trapped. I started trying to yank my hand free but it seemed so stuck. I forced all my strength and soon took my finger off. Clenching my bloodied hand into a fist and opening them again, I grabbed the door handle and began to force it open with all my power.

I could still hear her intensified cries as she got beaten up. Despite the twitching vein in my shoulder that disturbed by what I felt was a dislocation, I still held on to the handle and tried to force it open. The door was very hard and did not seem to even react to my punches. The effects of my punches on the door was no more than that of a stone thrown at a wall, so I decided to use my body.

I walked back in quick, short steps and began to run towards the door. I jumped and slammed myself at the door. It banged but I was rebounded and sent careening on the floor. I stood up again, my eyes filled with determination as my Hybrid powers gradually emerged. Screaming, I ran for the door and slammed at it again with my whole body. I broke through it and crashed on the floor but I had landed near the Alpha, making him lose his footing. My fingers were definitely broken. Ella stood and raced away, utterly terrified.

Thank God she was gone, at least she was safe. He cursed and growled as he stood up. He staggered towards me and grabbed my hand. He cursed while staring me in the eyes. I tried to defend myself but he was an Alpha, he was too strong and his grip was as hard as steel manacles. Perhaps, my fingers were broken. I was happy I had rescued her, but the whole Pain surged back. The last thing I saw was the way he grimaced in anger before a punch landed on my face. Then it was all darkness, total darkness.


Three weeks earlier…

To be continued.

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