Overwhelming and intoxicating pleasure.

The throbbing need, the curling of his toes, the faint whimpers escaping his mouth.

It was like a drug to Ryan.

He needed it. It was his purpose.

His breaths became quicker, and so too did his pace as he stared at her mesmerizing frame and two perfectly sculpted mounds.

They were perfectly circular and crested by a lone pink spot in the middle with the succulent peek hard and firm, waiting to be touched… waiting to be played with.

Ryans thoughts became erratic, and he reached for them. He needed to touch, to taste them…

”Alizaaaa! ” With a final scream and with frantic and unceasing strokes, Ryan shouted and exhaled all of his pent-up sexual energy that overflowed from his being.

Spurt after spurt covered his stomach, and some even managed to land on the pillow next to his head.

He put his phone down beside him as he glanced at her picture one last time, a single tear running down his cheek.

Ryans breaths came haggard as though he had just finished running a marathon, his vision becoming blurry with black dots that danced and swam around him. Ryan unsteadily got off his bed, wanting to clean himself off and go take a shower, but the moment his feet hit the ground, he felt as though the world around rotated, and his body instinctually veered to the left.

He tried to stop the momentum, but it was too late. The last thing he saw was the corner of his desk headed directly to the side of his dome before everything went black.


Hazy figures appeared in front of Ryan as he raised his head. Yawning out of habit and rubbing his eyes, he looked around to view an unfamiliar environment.

The room he was in was rather spacious, with severely plain white walls adorned with the occasional picture of a female in military attire.

Besides the pictures, the only other item in the room were chairs that lined every inch of the walls. Each chair was occupied by a male who looked to be around the age of 18.

Ryan was perplexed by the peculiar combination of the starkness and the tense atmosphere that could be felt in the air.

As he looked around, he noticed that all the boys had anxious looks on their faces, causing him to tense up in trepidation.

As he racked his mind for an explanation of what was happening, a door Ryan was sure wasn there a moment ago opened, and out walked a woman that caused Ryan to feel something between fear and lust well up inside him.

The woman kept walking until she was in the center of the room before stopping and looking around.

She had on dark black latex boots that fully covered her knees. Positioned right above her boots so as to not show any skin lay a pitch-black skirt with spiraling gray skulls embroidered on the fabric. Tucked into the skirt was a slightly unbuttoned light green military-style uniform that had medals pinned to her right breast area.

Seemingly pleased with what she saw, she nodded and opened her mouth to speak, ”Hello, my name is First Lieutenant Valeria Waters, ” She spoke in a very formal tone as she addressed the audience, ”Id first and foremost like to welcome you on behalf of the Kheaweth Military to our Male Recruitment Headquarters. ”

”Im sure you
e all wondering why you
e here, so let me skip the small talk. Today you have been selected to be a part of our male enhancer program. Something Ill explain more about in a moment. After I explain some things to you, you will have the opportunity to become a ranked member of our military! This is an honor and privilege many people would die for that you now have in the palm of your hands. All you have to do is grasp it. ”

Shocked and excited expressions could be seen on the recruits faces. As Lieutenant Valeria spoke, she walked around the room, making eye contact with a few recruits.

”But not everyone is fit to be one of the ranked. First, you must pass the recruitment test. ”

Lieutenant Valeria halted her words as she seemed to be waiting for something.

Soon enough, a hand popped up from a freckled boy seated near the far right corner of the room.

As his hand was raised, it garnered the attention of everyone in the room, including Valeria.

Seeing all the attention, the boys face turned to beat red, and he lowered his head but still chose to keep his hand up.

With a slight smile on her face, Lieutenant Valeria bent over, exposing her breasts to the freckled youth, and asked, ”Tell me, recruit, whats your name? ”

Tentatively raising his head, he gulped at the sight and stuttered, ”K-Karis Fulm-more, maam. ”

”Well, Karis Fulmore, what is your question? And its Lieutenant, not maam, ” Lieutenant Valeria asked as she reminded the boy.

”S-Sorry, Lieutenant, I was just wondering what we must do in order to pass the recruitment test. ” As he apologized, he straightened his back, and he seemed to gain a little more confidence because he wasn reprimanded for raising his hand.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

”I was waiting for someone to ask, ” She said as she clapped in approval, making an effort to squeeze together her breasts as she brought her hands together.

”As everyone knows, since ancient times, women have been the only ones blessed with the ability to cultivate. This has led to women-run governments, militaries, and overall women-run societies. ”

As she spoke, all the recruits seemed to be nodding along with her words.

”However, most don know that there exists a group of males that, while they can cultivate themselves, can improve others cultivation. ”

”We call this group of males Enhancers. ”

As she spoke, the room became lively as several low whispers and shocked gasps could be heard as the recruits processed the news.

”Quiet! ” Valeria said as she released a sliver of her aura.

Immediately the noise died down, and several of the ones that talked had pained expressions on their face as they seemed to have taken the brunt of the aura.

”Enhancers are an integral piece in both our military and empire. Even our current empress uses enhancers on occasion. ”

When talking about the empress, the tone of Valeria suddenly changed to soft and respectful. It was obvious how much respect she had for the empress.

Most of the recruits also had a fanatical look in their eye as they thought of their empress.

A bigger recruit raised his burly hands, and when Lieutenant Valeria nodded at him to speak, he asked in a baritone voice, ”How do enhancers improve others cultivation? And what does that got to do with us? ”

Seeing the nodding heads of the recruits, Lieutenant Valeria chuckled and said, ”Well, thats the fun part. To answer your first question, enhancers improve a females cultivation by performing intercourse with the cultivator. Each enhancers sperm has different properties, but a universal rule for all enhancers is that their sperm increases the females cultivation. Enhancers improve the cultivators cultivation by depositing their sperm into the participants mouth, vagina, or other orifices. ”

”And to answer your second question, its because all of you are enhancers. ”

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