Ryan felt like this had to be a dream, yet he kept pinching didn wake him up; it only made his arm sting.

He was somewhat listening to the Lieutenants words, but when she mentioned cultivation, his mind went from foggy to clear in a nanosecond. He then focused on her words like he was listening to holy scripture.

When she released her aura, Ryan felt it. He felt power.

He didn know how or why he was here, but he suddenly realized that he wasn on earth, and he only then looked at his hands and noticed that they weren the chubby palms he was used to. They were callused with visible veins running down his arm to his bicep.

He felt his body that didn feel like a bloated balloon. It instead felt like a well-maintained supercar that could run a marathon and have energy left to spare.

Ryan heard the Lieutenant say that men didn have the ability to cultivate, but he felt that might not be true as in his body, he saw the same type of energy she released inside of him.

It wasn on the same level as the Lieutenants, but it was there.

Ryan felt ecstatic at the possibility of having super-hero-type powers but kept himself from jumping up and down like a two-year-old by pinching his arm again as he suppressed the stupid grin that was forming on his face.

Ryan was so ecstatic that he almost missed the Lieutenants words, but when he replayed her words in his mind, he unconsciously blurted out, ”Our cum?! ”

The room turned deathly quiet, and just when everyone was cringing, expecting Valeria to rip Ryan a new one, she only glanced at Ryan before turning and addressing the rest of the room, totally ignoring the outburst.

Ryan was utterly horrified when he unconsciously shouted, but when the Lieutenant only glanced at him, he wondered if he was living in the twilight zone.

Clearly, he had said it out loud because he saw all the recruits look at him as if he had lost his mind. He couldn make sense of the Lieutenants actions, but he didn have time to decipher them now as she continued her speech.

”But to answer the very first question, what do you have to do in order to pass the recruitment test? Well, not just any enhancer is allowed to be a part of our ranked military. In order to pass the recruitment test, you will have to achieve climax within 3 hours or 180 minutes. ”

Hearing this, Ryan was sure he had misheard. Did she mean last for 3 hours? If she did, he was utterly and entirely screwed. Although he had the best game in the business, he fell short in the stamina department, it was something Aliza had always teased him about.

But as he looked around, he could hear several recruits whispering to each other,

”3 hours? It usually takes me at least 5 how am I ever going to qualify? ”

”Ha, I can easily get one out in 2 hours; this will be a piece of cake. ”

”Wow, if I could do it in 2 hours, my girl would be ecstatic. ”

Ryan was now convinced that he was either going mad or that, somehow, guys were a lot different on this planet than on earth. He had never met a guy capable of lasting 5 hours, let alone while he was trying to cum. He wondered just how different males were on this planet.

As if reading his mind, Lieutenant Valeria brought out a pen from her pocket and pressed the barrel, then dropped the pen to the ground. When the pen landed, it shuttered and stood upright with the ink facing the ceiling shooting a holographic screen into the middle of the room.

As several oohs and aahs sounded from the crowd, the hologram solidified and a globe that, while one might mistake it for the earth at first glance, one would notice that while the earth was made up of 71% water, this planet named Raveir as indicated by a pointing arrow for the less mentally adept, was somewhere between 12-15% water.

”What Im about to teach you is not something you have learned in school. Rather it is something only those who need to know are taught. ”

”Im sure everyone has learned about this in health class, but males of all species on Raveir are only capable of ejaculation after intense stimulation; some even need to go to extreme measures to force out their seed. On top of this, while females find the act of fornication extremely pleasurable, males find it rather dull. ”

”This has always been the case in ancient times, but from the collaboration of the Red Dragon Empire, Holy Phoenix Empire, our Human Kheaweth Empire, and The Dawn Pavilion, we have created The Blissful Cultivation Network or BCN for short. ”

As Lieutenant Valeria named each country, light blue dots appeared on the globe, indicating where the empire was located. When the Dawn Pavilion was mentioned, little orange dots appeared. What surprised Ryan was that the orange dots were so numerous that the globe suddenly looked more like a fruit than a planet.

Pointing to the orange dots on the screen, Valeria explained, ”As Im sure you
e all aware, the Dawn Pavilion is the worlds biggest force and has a base in nearly every kingdom or empire on Raveir. ”

”But many don know that millions of years ago, when the Dawn Pavilion was first founded by the Dawn family, and the four great empires were barely considered kingdoms by the heavens, the Dawn family signed a heavenly contract with the four Queens that forbid them or their descendants from ever establishing an empire. ”

”In return, the Dawn family was allowed to grow undisturbed throughout every empire or kingdom in the world as no force was worried about them taking power. As none of their forces could launch a heavenly invasion. ”

”But the main reason for the Dawn Pavilions success is what we know as the Dawn Net which allows people from every empire or kingdom to share information, communicate, fight mock battles, and much more with each other as long as the two are registered in the Dawn Net System. ”

As she talked, the hologram changed, and something close to an iPhone appeared on display.

”These are the devices that allow you to connect to the Dawn Net, called phones. They are purchasable for 1000 heavenly credits at any Dawn Pavilion. ”

As the Lieutenant was talking, a hand raised up from a more well-dressed recruit. Seeing the hand raised, the Lieutenant beckoned for the man to speak with a placating gesture.

”My name is Marcus Montgomery, of house Montgomery, and I am sorry if I sound rude, First Lieutenant, ” The man introduced himself as he stood up and gave a low bow in the Lieutenants direction, ”But I fail to see the purpose for such an explanation? Who here has not heard of the Dawn Pavilion or the Dawn Net? ” Marcus asked while sweeping his hand out theatrically, indicating to the recruits.

Most of the recruits nodded as well, but a few lowered their heads in embarrassment.

”Well, Mr. Marcus of house Montgomery, ” She said while accentuating the Montgomery in a slightly mocking way,

”Some people here weren born in the household of a Viscount, nor any other noble household for that matter. ”

Giving a glare at the pretentious boy, Marcus could only grit his teeth and sit down with a huff.

Seeing the boy retreat, she continued, ”Most common people of the empire, while they have heard of the Dawn Pavilion, live in the outer edges of the empire. They do not cultivate, and even those that do, do not have the recourses or talent to open their heavenly screens. ”

”In fact, the most common people know about the heavenly screen or anything related to the heavens are folk stories passed down from generation to generation. ”

Marcus flushed red with embarrassment and only crumpled back in his seat.

Seeing that she got her point across, she continued with the topic beforehand,

”The Dawn Net has been active for hundreds of thousands of years, but only recently has it been upgraded from a C-Rank Heavenly Treasure to a B-Rank Heavenly Treasure. This upgrade brought with it many changes, some of which are still kept secret, but the biggest change was the ability that we now call the BCN. ”

”The BCN or Blissful Cultivation Network purpose is to connect enhancers with cultivators while fixing the two biggest problems that enhancers faced. ”

”The first problem was the enhancers didn have enough stamina and were often dying due to overwork. The maximum amount of times a male outside of the BCN can ejaculate in a day is three without severely serious consequences to the body. ”

”That being said, even three climaxes in a day would lead to needing treatment just two days in a row. This problem is nothing when inside the BCN, which allows the enhancers stamina to be replenished after every orgasm. ”

”The second problem was that enhancers weren fond of intercourse, and after day after day of fornication, they had trouble performing. ”

As she said performing, she looked meaningfully at the recruits, who nodded in understanding.

”The BCN nullifies that problem as inside their rooms enhancers receive a heavenly buff known as Erotic Performance. Which delivers you pleasure equal to the pleasure you give to the cultivator. ”

”This buff allows the enhancer to feel pleasure, and while it doesn increase the frequency of orgasms, it does increase the lust of enhancers. Making them eager to spurt over and over… ” She said as she bit her bottom lip and a slight red hue appeared on her face as she seemed to be imagining it.

Coughing, the Lieutenant regained her composure and seemed to remember she was in front of a bunch of recruits and was expected to act as a military leader, ”The BCN or Blissful Cultivation Network purpose is to connect enhancers with cultivators around the world safely. Enhancers are very limited in number. Estimates put it close to only 1 in 10,000 males that are born are enhancers. ”

”Considering the odds of a female being born a cultivator are 1 in 10, not to mention that females can be turned into cultivators will some pills, it can be imagined that there are not enough enhancers to go around. ”

”While the BCN can produce more cultivators, it does allow for a streamlined process of connecting enhancers with cultivators. ”

”All a cultivator has to do is pay some heavenly credits or whatever fee was agreed upon by the two parties and schedule an ”appointment ”. When the time arrives for the appointment, they will be transported to a heavenly space inside the blissful cultivation network. ”

”They will then be teleported out after the enhancer is done providing his service. Making the process very easy for the cultivator and enhancer. ”

”This has led to not only a lot more cultivators getting access to enhancers, but enhancers to make more money. ”

”Since the disproportionate amount of enhancers to cultivators wanting enhancers, it has caused the market to skyrocket, and some of the best enhancers are even better paid than a C-Ranked Cultivator! ”

The shock was evident on the faces of the audience, and even Marcus had shown a flash of excitement at he heard the news.

”But sadly, none of you are destined to be able to access the BCN… at least not anytime soon. ”

After the Lieutenant said that, the audiences excitement turned into dismay as one couldn help it and shouted, ”Why?! ”

Seeing the recruit speak out of turn, Valeria turned toward him and activated her aura, focusing it on the youth.

”Do not speak out of turn recruit! Raise your hand like a good boy, or I won hold back next time. ”

Releasing her aura, the youth fell down like a broken toothpick. His face was ashen white, and he was gasping for breath, but nevertheless, he hauled himself up and back up into his chair.

When the Lieutenant released her aura, all the recruits were quiet, but they all turned and stared at one lone recruit, wondering just who he was.

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