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Ice Queen or Snow Princess?

Ryan was deeply bewildered; why did the Lieutenant brush off his outburst, but when someone else spoke out of turn, they got beaten and told to act like a good boy?

Ryan was puzzled at the Lieutenants behavior, but he was more so worried and confused about this whole situation. He hadn been in this new world for even 30 minutes, and he was told that cultivation existed, a sort of all-powerful system existed, that dragons were real and that his cum was a precious resource that made women salivate.

Well, the last one was something he could get behind, but the real problem was that he couldn remember anything!

He didn know what he or this person he was inhabiting had been named before, he didn know where he grew up, and most importantly, he didn know how long his dick was!

That was the biggest problem, the only issue was that he couldn just whip it out here and see, but surely if the cultivation was real, then there were pills that could increase the size down there, right?

As far as the Dawn Pavilion and the BCN, he couldn care less; Ryan just wanted to know if he could last as long as the others!

What would it be like? Would he truly no longer be a one-pump chump? Take that, Aliza!

As his fantasies ran wild, Lieutenant Valeria continued her oration,

”The Heavenly Will, The Interface, The System, call it what you will, but the heavens are very much real. The heavens only reveal themselves to people who reach the F-Rank in cultivation or E-Rank Enhancers. The screen looks like this. ”

Pointing to the hologram, the image changed to one that looked like a game screen. It only had two options which were for Status and Allegiances.

”These two are the basic options you will get after becoming E-Rank Enhancers. Status is a screen that will show your cultivation/enhancer rank, heavenly credits, race, gender, and any other special characteristics about you. ”

”Your Allegiance tab is the most important for you and what youll need to pay attention to the most. In this window, youll be able to view and select factions to join, whether they be private or public, and the what qualities they are looking for. ”

”For instance, this is my allegiance tab, ” The hologram turned to a screen that read:

[Allegiance (1)]

[Kheaweth Empire]

[Rank: First Lieutenant]

[Upgrade Conditions: 10,873/100,000 Merit Points]

[Restrictions: Cannot act against the Kheaweth Empire]

[Failure to Obey Restrictions: Loss of Rank in Kheaweth Empire, Title of Traitor set to Active when in Kheaweth Empires Territory]

”As you can see you
e able to view your rank and what you need to upgrade to the following rank. This also automatically tracks any contributions you make to the empire and will promote you in real-time. ”

”The reason why none of you will be able to join the BCN is that it requires a heavenly screen to join. ”

”Thus, you will have to become an E-Ranked Enhancer before joining the BCN. ”

Seeing the worried looks on the recruits faces, she chuckled rather sadistically, ”But don worry, hope is not all lost. As long as you can pass the recruitment test and become a ranked member of our military, we will provide you with resources that will accelerate your growth in becoming an E-Ranked Enhancer faster. ”

”Now, are there any questions before we begin our test? ”

Looking around, she was about to turn around when a hand raised, and she arched her eyebrows in surprise and thought, What does he want?.


Ryan more or less understood the situation; when he saw the allegiance tab, he was surprised as the system looked more complicated than he originally thought.

He had expected that the system would only oversee such things as cultivation, but this allegiance tab spoke of another possibility. Thinking back, he realized that Valery, as he was now calling her, spoke about some heavenly invasion. He would have to learn more about that.

But he had something more important thing to focus on, Valery.

Alizas teachings had been ingrained into his very being, and he was certainly not going to let her down on his very first target in this new world.

Analyzing Valery, he was only sure for now that she fit into groups two and three.

Helpful with power and helpful with information.

As for the other groups, he would have to wait and see.

As he saw Valery finish her speech, he hesitated while contemplating whether or not to gamble.

He recalled Alizas sayings that Ryan had named ”The rules of conquering women ”. Reciting them day and night until he started reciting them in his sleep.

”Always press an advantage. ”

”Always leave a unique impression. ”

”Get into her thoughts. ”

”Miss Valery, how do Enhancers get stronger? ” He asked with a stoic impression on his face.

When Valeria heard the boy in front of her call her Valery, she was stupefied. This man either was the most arrogant man on the planet or had the biggest balls shed ever seen.

But then she replayed the question in her mind, and she was dumbfounded yet again.

She had somehow forgotten to tell them the most important thing!

Clearing her throat and ignoring the rising embarrassment, she answered, ”Enhancers are not like cultivators. While cultivators do improve their techniques through combat, their progress on the path of cultivation comes from meticulous meditation and through ingesting valuable resources. ”

”Enhancers, on the other hand, grow through their own type of combat, sex. ”

”Every time an enhancer releases their seed into a cultivator, their power increases proportionately to the rank of the cultivator. ”

After she finished speaking, she started walking towards the door she originally came from and stopped at the entrance.

”Under your chair is a number marked from 1-552. When your number appears on the hologram the door behind your chair will open, and you will be allowed to enter. Once you step foot inside, the 3-hour countdown begins. Good luck. ”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at Ryan before walking through the door, which shut behind her.

As soon as the door shut, the lights dimmed, and the floor lit up and displayed holographic numbers under each of their chairs.

At the same time, the hologram in the center lit up and changed to a big number 1.

The person who was in the number 1 chair yelped in surprise as his chair started to swing forward slowly.

Everyone watched as the wall behind the chair started to move, and a doorframe appeared to which the chair seemed attached.

As the chair was about to come into contact with the next chair over, it started to dissolve into holographic light and integrate back into the wall.

The recruit who was sitting in the chair promptly fell to the ground, much to his chagrin and the delight of everyone else.

Whipping off his butt, he huffed and strode into the room, closing the door behind him.

After the door was shut, the hologram shifted and changed to the number 2.

This recruit was a lot brighter than the previous one and chose not to stay on the moving chair and climbed off. After he entered the room, the door automatically shut after a few seconds.

The room entered a sort of trance, watching one recruit by one enter their door before finally, when the hologram showed 40, a lanky boy with wavy auburn hair spoke up, ”Hey, I-Im number 481, and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips to possibly… you know… ”

As he trailed off and the silence lasted, the boy was about to take back his statement in embarrassment before a sigh broke the silence, ”Okay, kid listen up. ”

It was time for Ryan to shine.

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