After giving the kid some tips, Ryan glanced back at the holographic screen to see what number was up.

Just as he glanced at the screen, he felt his seat start to move and realized that it must be his turn.

Hopping up from his chair, he turned around and stepped into the door, ready to claim his fate.


As Ryan took his first step into the room, he took in his surroundings in awe. The floors were carpeted with patterns portraying humans fighting beasts of all sizes. He saw vivid paintings on the walls depicting female warriors holding swords as tall as a building, fighting beasts as big as skyscrapers.

Straight in front of him was an enormous bed, which must have been at least a double king by earths standards. Directly beside the bed was a dresser, atop which sat an illuminated orb. The orb seemed to be hovering an inch or so off the surface. It glowed blue and radiated a chill so cold that only looking at it made Ryan feel like he needed to find a fire to retreat to in order to warm up.

But the most alluring thing in the room was by far what lay on the bed. As Ryan entered the room, the girl lying on the bed turned towards him. The first thing Ryan noticed about her was her piercing blue eyes. They had a glint of the same frost the orb floating on her desk executed, wanting to freeze everything in its path.

As the door closed shut behind him, Ryan could feel the girls gaze access him as if he was a homeless beggar that just wandered through her door.

The gaze made Ryan feel a chill even colder than the orb. Shivering, Ryan tentatively took off his shoes and stepped towards the bed.

He was, after all, on the clock.

As he reached the side of the bed, he chose to remain silent and recount the sayings Aliza used when conquering cold beauties.

”Always combat frost with fire. Show them your warmth is better than the cold. ”

”Be assertive. Ice will stay frozen in a freezer. It needs the heat to get close in order to thaw it out. ”

As he sat down beside the blue-eyed beauty, she adverted her eyes. Only then did Ryan notice the inconspicuous shaking of her shoulders and thighs.

Seeing this, Ryan slowly lifted his arm and trailed his fingers through her hair.

Letting slip a moan, the girl covered her mouth with her hand as her cheeks turned scarlet.

Looks like the Ice Queen thawed rather easily. She felt more like a snow princess than an ice queen.

Lightly chuckling, Ryan locked eyes with the girl and said, ”My names Ryan, and since I don know your name, Ill just have to call you beautiful. ”


Mara was lying on her bed, trying to cultivate with her ice orb. She was trying but failing.

Today was her first appointment with an enhancer. She had been raised since birth for the military, though she never wanted it. Her family was high nobility, and her mother was a great military leader, so she had to follow suit. It might have been different if she hadn been an only child. But unfortunately, her father passed away 2 years after she was born and her mother refused to marry after.

Mara was growing tired of the pressure and wanted to spite her mom in some way, so against noble protocol, she chose to enroll in the enhancer program exchange.

Usually, using an enhancer was looked down upon, but she knew that everyone still used them in private. They just would hire them under an alias, and everyone acted like none of it happened.

But something no noble would do is give up their virginity to an enhancer. It was extremely frowned upon, and only if that enhancer was your betrothed were you to do such a thing.

Marriages, especially for nobles, were for alliances with different factions or families. The relationship was always female-dominated, where the male would run the house and manage the estate, and the wife would be the breadwinner. The female would, in most cases, treat the man closer to a servant than a partner.

Of course, that wasn always the case, sometimes, the female would fall in love and provide her husband with special pills that could prolong their life, and there existed a pill that even turn that man into an enhancer, but only high nobles could afford it. It would even completely bankrupt a Marquees to afford one.

But in a rash decision, Mara signed up for the enhancer exchange, but right now, her heart was beating out of control.

She had never been around men her entire life. How was she supposed to act when an enhancer, the males who countless women cultivators lusted after, entered her room?

Of course, she knew that this enhancer would be one that wasn trained, and this was a sort of test for them, but her thoughts were racing all the same.

Mara was so lost in her thoughts that she didn notice when her door started to shift, and a tall raven haired young man walked into the room.

When his foot hit the carpeted floor, her distinct hearing picked up on it, and she turned from failing to contemplate the orb to looking at the man.

He had emerald green eyes that seemed to stop her ability to think. As he took off his shoes and she noticed him getting closer, her heart started beating faster and faster, practically becoming as loud as a war drum in her ears.

Could this man sense her inner turmoil? But she calmed down as she knew that was impossible. Her unique constitution made showing emotions impossible.

She had always hated her constitution since it isolated her from others. Her mother had spent a variable fortune on various pills and different techniques, but nothing worked.

Mara had lost hope years ago of ever being able to show any emotion.

But looking at the youth, something felt… strange.

As he was coming closer, Mara felt her body start to shake. What was happening? Was she ill?

She couldn make sense of her bodys reaction as she was trying to contemplate it; she glanced at his eyes… his eyes.

They seemed as though they were magnets drawing her attention to them.

She quickly looked away. Just what was this man doing to her?

Are all enhancers like this?

She had tried to study the topic on the Dawn Net, but she couldn make sense of what she was reading.

She was contemplating knocking the man unconscious when ecstasy assaulted her scalp, and she let out an instinctual moan of pleasure.

As she shivered in pleasure, like the devils whisper, she heard, ”My names Ryan, and since I don know your name, Ill just have to call you beautiful. ”

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