As Ryan ran his hand through the girls hair, he noticed her icy gaze start to melt as her body reacted to his touch.

Slowly he inched closer to her and placed his hand on her chin, and moved it, so their eyes were just inches apart.

Her once Icy blue eyes now looked like the ocean, full of life and a calling to explore.

Stroking her cheek, he leaned in and placed a kiss on her soft pink lips.

Ryan could feel her body tense as she faced the attack unprepared.

However, before Mara had time to react to the new sensations assaulting her, Ryan pressed forward and entered her mouth with his tongue.

Maras body was practically on fire as she felt warmth and pleasure assault her like never before. The icy constitution which had inhibited her all her life had melted in a matter of moments with this man. It was too much to take in. Combined with the new sensations she was feeling, her brain didn seem to function right, so she just gave up and followed her instincts.

As Ryan assaulted Maras mouth, he felt her start to respond in kind, moving her mouth sloppily. While the technique wasn that good, there was a fiery passion behind it that made it oh-so-good.

As they kissed, Ryan moved his hand from her cheek to lower down her body, trailing her sublime frame as he caressed her sensitive parts as while making his way to the bottom of her shirt.

As he got to the bottom, he paused and looked into the eyes of the girl he had just met and who had yet to speak to him before lifting it off and over her in one swift motion.

Over the years of experience with women, he had learned the arts of the craft really well, except for the most important one, of course, stamina.

He already felt the uncomfortable bulge press against his pants as he gazed at the beautiful girls exposed bra.

She was wearing a light blue push-up bra that accentuated her already bountiful mounds. As he took in the sight before him, Mara once again studied the man before her.

Although her mind was rather foggy, she still held some semblance of reality as she was a cultivator, although not of F-Rank yet. She realized for the first time that this man was… handsome. She had seen a lot of nobles before, as she frequently went to parties, and while some of them were good-looking, she had never seen one as stunning as this. His face was sculpted like a statue, and while his muscles weren bulging, she could sense the strength hidden inside the compact exterior.

She wondered for a second how he could get so strong without being a cultivator, but her mind went blank when he took off his shirt.

She thought his face was sculpted like a statue, but his body looked like that of a god. His muscles looked like they had been meticulously carved by a divine being solely to express his vanity.

As he moved his body closer on the bed, her face turned even a deeper shade of crimson, and her breath turned haggard.

That little bit of sanity was conquered by the raging lust that seemed to have crept into her since the moment this man had walked into the room.

Her primal urges desired to be satiated, and her need for pleasure ramped up.

Mara gave in as she reached her arms forward, wrapping them around the muscular back of the man giving herself to him.

Receiving the girl in his arms, he knew he had won; although it did seem a bit easy, he brushed it aside as this was probably her first time.

He reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra as her chest bounced free.

Ryan never got over the satisfaction of freeing the masterpieces attached to girls chests and once again swore his oath to continue his calling in life.

”I swear to thee, oh breasts I adore to see, I will come one day to set you all free. ”

Running his hand down the back of the girl as she shivered in anticipation, he ran his other hand in circles around the bare skin surrounding her breasts.

Her eyes turned hazy as she instinctually started to grind her hips against his leg.

Ryan chuckled maliciously as he took in her lust like it was life-giving air, breathing it in as energy seemed to seep out of her as the lust built.

Ryan did this all on instinct, but as he regained clarity a moment later, he realized that actual energy seemed to be flowing into him as he could feel something enter and remain inside his lower stomach.

He didn think about it for the moment as he was sure it wasn a bad thing, and he was too focused on his mission right now to pay attention to anything else.

Refocusing on his movements, he slowly inched his fingers towards her nipples as he traced circles with his fingertips closer and closer to them.

He got so close that Mara was panting with need and trying desperately to press her breasts forward to make contact with his torturous fingers.

But how could Ryan allow that? He quickly used his right hand to press Mara down on the bed and sat atop her stomach as his legs locked her arms in place and his hands masterfully manipulated her arousal.

Maras pants turned into whimpers as the lust she felt could only build and build but never tip over as the tortuous circles Ryan was making with his hands never came into contact with the one place she needed to be touched.

Finally, when Mara was about to go crazy with need, Ryan completed the circle and pinched her nipples.

A jolt of pleasure washed through Maras body as she felt her body spasm in ecstasy.

Wave after wave of pleasure came crashing into Mara as Ryan pinched and pulled her nipples until her body couldn handle it anymore.

After the teasing torture Maras body experienced and the state of heightened arousal she was in, her body couldn take it anyone, and she spasmed as her pussy clenched and juices flowed into her panties as she came.

Mara screamed in pleasure as her body twitched and spasmed in bliss.

Ryan could feel that as Mara came, the energy wheeling up inside of him increased multiple times.

Sitting on top of the twitching Mara, Ryan smiled down at her as he slowly got off and took off the remainder of his clothes, freeing his dick.

Ryan had been worried about the size of his little brother ever since he realized he was in another body, but his worries were for naught.

What was set free from his pants wasn a little brother but a monster. Its length was at least 9 inches, and its girth made any who looked at it widen their eyes.

As his monster was set free, Mara, who was still trying to recover from her first-ever orgasm, saw his dick and gasped.

The lust that was fading seemed to reignite, and her pussy throbbed as fear and lust wheeled up inside her.

Her rational brain had long since left, and only her instinct guided her as she slowly stood up on the bed and undid her pants as she, slowly lowered them to the floor, staring into Ryans eyes.

Ryan watched the once Ice Queen taking off her clothes for him exposing her most private parts.

The desire to conquer this woman and make her his started to take over his thoughts.

He didn know where this desire came from, but it was one that was primal, that was rooted deep inside, giving no room for argument.

He let out a low growl as his aching dick leaked precum at the sight of her drenched pussy.

Ryan felt as though his brain had been taken over by a beast, as he couldn think about anything other than conquering her.

His body seemed to move on its own as he grabbed Maras naked body and threw her onto the bed, and climbed atop her.

He didn even give her a moments notice before he jammed his dick into her sopping wet hole.

With the last semblance of control, he tried to slow the entrance as much as he could. In hopes of sparing her from some of the pain before he lost all control and only became a blissed-out observer controlled by his animalistic instincts.

Mara cried in pain as Ryans member penetrated her and broke her seal. But soon, her cries of pain turned into cries of pleasure once more as his member relentlessly attacked her walls.

The violent thrusting of his hips made her body respond in kind as she moved towards his thrusting cock everytime he came down.

Her cries turned louder as her hands reached around to grip Ryans back, pulling her closer to him and allowing him to go even deeper.

Ryans growls and grunts sounded in Maras ears, making her experience an overwhelming sensation of elation as she spoke for the first time screaming, ”Please! Ryan, give it to me! ”

Thrusting his whole nine inches into her, Ryan roared as he felt all the energy that had built up from Maras previous lust and orgasm shoot out of him along with his seed into Maras eagerly waiting pussy.

As she felt his seed enter, Maras body turned burning hot, and all her senses screamed out in delight as her whole body felt as though it was on cloud nine.

Her body shook and spasmed as the most intense orgasm of her life wracked through her body.

She shook for ten full minutes before her body finally calmed down, and her breathing steadied.

Her rational mind seemed to return as she lamented the fact that it was done; she had, for the first time in her life, done something against her mothers wishes.

But feeling the smile on her face, she was sure that she would do it again. If it was him.

She stared up at the ceiling, only panting before she felt enough strength return for her to raise her head, but she only saw an empty room.

A single tear fell from Maras eye as she wasn sure if it was for what she had lost or what she had gained.

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