Hate But Married

Graduation Announcement

Clara blushed at the question. Honestly, right now she felt like she was being wanted by a man in the truest sense. Smith had previously said so. However, today is different.

Smith deliberately keeps Clara in a cafe. Incidentally, it is also quite crowded. So no one bothers them. Although the noise enveloped them.

”Clara, can you hear me? ” asked Smith again.

Clara broke her daydream. ”Uh, yes. I heard you, ” she said.

”What was the answer to my question earlier? ”

”You already know the answer. Why are you still asking? ” replied Clara.

”Because I want to hear it again, Clara. Honestly, I do like to listen to myself when asking questions, ” explained Smith.

Clara flashed a smile. It wasn easy for her to say yes. Yet in her heart was struggling to say yes.

”Why are you silent? I also want to hear a direct answer from you, ” complained Smith.

”Sorry if I made you wait. Yes, I want to. But what about your family? Ive never met your family either. Im afraid they won agree, ” Clara answered worriedly.

”Thank you. Im glad to hear that. Don worry! After this, I will invite you to meet my adoptive parents. Even though they are my adoptive parents, I already treat them like my own biological parents. And you don have to worry, Clara! Whatever happens, I will marry you, ” explained Smith.

There was doubt in Claras heart. For some reason, Clara felt that Smiths adoptive parents did not agree with their marriage which was considered too early.

Clara and Smith also spent time together at the cafe. Enjoy the scenery that is presented in front of them. Also, live music is going on.

Clara is also still worried if Smiths adoptive parents don agree with their wedding plans.

Although Smith has said that Smith can meet all of Claras needs, starting from daily needs and also tuition fees. However, Clara also has feelings. If you don agree, how can Clara get married without the blessing of her future mother-in-law?

But Smith always encouraged Clara if everything was going to be okay.

Arriving at the house, Clara and Smith were greeted by Claras parents.

e home, ” said Elen.

”Yeah, I did, Mom. We just got home, ” Clara answered.

”Come on, Smith, come in! I have prepared food for you, ” said Elen.

”Thank you very much, Auntie. But I want to go home. Because I have business with my business. Previously, I also thanked you for being offered food. Maybe next time I will stop by. But coincidentally, this time I have to come back, ” said Smith gently.

”Oh, okay. Thats fine. Maybe next time we can have coffee together, Smith, ” Herman said.

”Yes, Uncle. I will try. Hopefully, you will always be given health. Then Ill excuse myself, Uncle and Aunt. Clara, Ill go home first, ” said Smith.

After the motorbike and Smith were not seen again, Clara was about to enter the house but was prevented by Herman.

”Clara, try sitting here first! I see your gloomy face. Why is that? ” Herman asked.

”Its okay, Dad. Just thinking about it a little, ” Clara replied.

”Don lie, Clara! This dad has known you for a long time, hasn he? Don think this dad can recognize your face. Tell me what happened! ” Herman orders.

Clara sat beside her father and told her that she doubted that Smiths parents would agree to their marriage.

”Oh, so thats your worry. Its normal. But you don need to worry! You just need to show that you
e ready to get married! No need to think stagnant there! You show them at least you
e ready to become a wife! ” Herman said.

Clara herself is currently still in doubt if she can become a wife. ”But, I still have doubts, Dad. If I can become a wife. Imagining having a household and then taking on the role of a student doesn seem easy, ” answered Clara.

Herman smirked. ”This fathers daughter is in a real dilemma. Being a wife might be difficult for you, huh? Then why did you agree to Smiths invitation? Im sure that Smith has thought about it before. You have to learn to think maturely! At least you don just think about yourself! You also think about how Smith feels who loves you. Finding someone who sincerely loves us is not easy, Clara. So you also have to fight to get that sincere love. Indeed, love can be forced, right. But it was Smith who tried to pursue it. Your love. So accept him and his family too. Because marriage is not just uniting two people, but uniting two families, ” he explained to Clara.

Clara tried to understand her fathers explanation. Indeed, she has also felt for a long time that Smith likes her. Even though there was a misunderstanding, Smith remained loyal to Claras feelings to this day.

Maybe Claras father was right. If the current challenge is to melt the hearts of Smiths parents. I don know what will happen later, at least Clara has to try her best.

Because Smith has also tried to show him seriousness by asking Clara to be his wife. Clara was determined to be able to melt the hearts of Smiths parents.

Haven met Claras feelings yet. Especially if you have met her future mother-in-law. However, Clara has faith that Smiths parents will agree to their marriage. Thats a good possibility. At least Clara has that mindset.

Clara then went into her room. Then lay down on the bed. Do you think that what you are going to do is the right thing to do? Is the decision to marry at such a young age the right thing for her and Smith? Clara was completely confused. Finally, she fell asleep.

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