Hate You, Love You

Severe Hangover

”According to the will your father left you, you must marry me. However, I will not give a free marriage; I have a condition. ”

The words the man spoke made me freeze. What exactly does he want? Why did he say that he wouldn give me a free marriage as if I wanted and wished to marry him?

”C-conditions? ” I asked, not understanding what he said.

”Yes, the conditions are easy, ” he said as he took out a piece of paper he handed me.

I can only sigh as I try to tame the rumbling in my chest. Sad, angry, disappointed … all mixed into one.

”Contract? What does it mean? ” I asked again.

”This means that whatever we do, we must comply with what is stated in each article in the letter. For example, I don like it when someone touches me carelessly, so … you need my permission to hold my hand, even though you
e already my wife! ”

I got up from my chair, almost banging on the table. But, of course, I didn because there are names of my late father and mother that I have to take care of right now. No one doesn know them. Moreover, I am a public figure who is well-known to people.

Maintaining the image is the most important thing I have to do now.

The black dress still clings to my body, as well as the burial mound, which is still red and wet, as a sign that I should not act recklessly.

”Its up to whatever you do and what you want. I want everything done quickly. If you have conditions, so do I. ”

”Please … state yours! ”

I was silent for a moment.

May I ask for some conditions? Or is it only one? If I had a choice, Id name them all.

”Monica, write down what Miss Carra said as a condition and later put it in the attachment to our marriage contract! ” the man ordered the woman standing beside him with a tablet in her hand.

”Yes, Sir. ”

”Please, Miss Carra. ”

”I want us to have no physical contact, not at all, unless there is an agreement between us. ”

”Noted. There are more? ”

”I want a separate room, ” I continued.

”Wait! For this one, we have to be a little tricky. My father wants me to be able to have children with you, ” he argued.

”Mr. Matheo, this condition is related to the previous one, you know. Why did you accept the previous one but reject this one? Isn that weird!? ” I shouted.

The man was silent and seemed to think about the truth of what I said.

”You are right. However, by being in the same room, at least my parents would see that we were trying to have children. If we separate rooms, they will think that we …. ”

”We did not marry out of love, Mr. Matheo. ”

David Matheo shook his head.

”Suspend that condition first! I don want to take the risk. My parents want me to marry you, their best friends daughter. Of course, as a condition that they are sure to hand over the company to me. So lets work together. ”

This man was stubborn, but he didn realize he was stupid.

”I married you out of necessity. I don want any physical contact between us. ” I still tried to maintain my stance to request a separate room.

”By being in the same room, we won be doing anything either, Miss Carra. ”

”Are you sure? ”

”One hundred percent! Please don doubt my faith. Im very good at keeping both my commitments and my lust for women who are not attractive in my eyes. ”

Hearing the last sentence, he said, made me feel a little offended. Not interesting, he said. How could he possibly say such a sensitive thing?

”What do you mean … you have a different sexual orientation? Or deviate? ” I shot, which I did on purpose to get back at him.

Seriously … he says Im unattractive!

”No, thats not what I meant. Im not interested in you, Miss Carra. Moreover, Ive been in a relationship with a famous model. You must know Lavenia Origo. However, thats not important. To be sure, Im not interested in getting romantically involved with you, so lets put that on your mind. ”

Selfish! He can make conditions, and I am just a spectator for everything he plays.

”I don want to play a dangerous game, Mr. Matheo. So I hope it won cost me too much. If so, Ill excuse myself first! ”

I got up from my chair and left the man who didn seem to move from his place. I didn hear his footsteps approaching or anything. I do not care. In my heart, I just felt a tight squeeze, and I can deny that I am still in an atmosphere of grief and shock over the sudden departure of my father and mother.

”Miss, we
e here, ” said Ray, my bodyguard, who had worked with me since I debuted as a singer.

Not many people know how my life is because I am close. Even when everyone speculated that Ray and I were in a relationship, it wasn .

However, I also don want to give much response to the news. And finally … it just evaporated.

”Thank you, Ray. You can get a rest! ” I ordered him.

I don want him to be too tired to take care of me, and I want to be alone right now. I want no one to bother me for a few days.

”Mariana, please arrange all my schedules. I want everything canceled for a week, and I don want any work for that long! ”

”Okay, Zane. Is there anything else you want? Do you want me to buy you a ticket for a vacation somewhere? ”

I shook my head.

”No. I want to be at home. ”

I sighed; I don know how many times it had been. It felt so heavy because I had never been away from my parents. They are everything to me, and many even say I am very blessed to have everything that other people my age don have.

”Uhm … Mariana. May I ask for that one? ” I asked then. I changed my mind this time. If indeed a vacation can clear my mind, whats wrong?

”Which one? ”

”Holiday. I agreed to a vacation as long as you and Ray came with me. Bring your lover and tell Ray to bring his girlfriend too. We
e leaving tomorrow morning. ”

”Where to? ”

”Maldives. ”

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