Hate You, Love You

Who was slept with me last night?

We arrived in the Maldives after a half-day trip. Sitting for a long time on a plane made my body feel like a heavy vehicle was crushing it. It might not be that bad, but its pretty painful.

Although choosing to board a private jet for time efficiency matters, in fact, it does not make the trip feel pleasant.

I recently lost both my parents, and going on vacation should be the last option. However, let anyone speculate on that. I don care. I was pretty depressed by the news I had just heard last night plus a guy who came the next day.

Thats why I need an escape.

The man wasn deceiving me; I can tell from reading the will my father left for me. It clearly said I had to marry his best friends son named David whatever—I had forgotten, and the man also showed me the correct identification.

He also said that the marriage was not to control my property but as a condition to get inheritance rights from his father.

”Ive arranged accommodations for you, Zane. Ive picked a place that allows beach parties, bikinis, and alcohol. The bartender is good at making margaritas. Im sure youll like it, ” Mariana said while we were still in the car. ”Oh, yes, and well be at the villa in less than ten minutes. Would you like to stop by somewhere first? ” she asked.

She did not go with her lover but chose to be alone. She wanted to be with me, she said.

Im not surprised by what she said. She is a perfect assistant and friend.

”Uhm … do you have any ideas? Im just out of breath, Mariana, you know? ” I answered. Im just too lazy to rack my brain. I didn want to go to a mental hospital at a young age just because I was thinking, where am I going before I get to the villa.

”Okay, fine. Since your villa is close to the beach, I don think you need to stop by anywhere. Would you like to buy some snacks or something? ” The girl asked again.

”Just buy me a tampon. ”

Mariana widened her eyes when she heard my answer.

Didn you finish your period? ” She asked, making sure.

”You know what I mean, Mariana. ”

The girl shook her head.

”I don know, Zane, sorry. ”

I sighed lazily. How could Mariana not read what I meant? ”Im going to stay here longer. I don want to return to Eastonville for a … enough period. ”

”Enough? ”

”For quite a long time. Just do as I ask. As for the work contract and other matters, well discuss it later when we get to the villa. ”

Mariana nodded at my order, then packed up and helped unload things when we arrived at the villa.

Unlike what I imagined, a simple villa side by side with the beach, as she said. The place she rented was too luxurious for the size of a mourner. I could only shake my head with a look of displeasure when I started to set foot there. And … it seems Mariana can read my expressions.

”Im sorry, Zane. I have to book you a comfortable place so that you can recover faster from your grief. And … this place is equipped with a sophisticated security system, so you don have to worry even if you wander around anywhere as long as you
e not too far from the villa. ”

I watched her speak, but my head was already scattered all over the place. I just need a room and a soft bed for now.

I took off my shoes carelessly, then walked away, leaving Mariana looking like she was about to speak again. Its not that I don want to listen to her; Im just tired and need at least an hour of sleep.

”Sorry, Mariana, please continue later. Ill go to my room and rest, ” I said. ”Ray, you can rest wherever you want. There are plenty of rooms; you can choose. You too, Mariana. Wake me up at three. ”


I don know what time it is, but Im already at a beach bar table with a sea of people who must be with the same goal. What else, if not partying and fulfilling the desire for alcohol?

Mariana said they are good at making margaritas. Unsurprisingly, only a few places in the Maldives allow parties and alcohol, because the majority follow one religion and are pretty strong.

For that one, it doesn matter to me. Mariana knows what I like; thats why Im here.

”One more shot! ” I shouted at the bartender, who was still behind the counter, right in front of me. ”This is for you, don stop me from drinking as much as I want because Im celebrating something. ”

The bartender frowned.

”Come on … is this how you thank me for receiving a thousand dollars from me? ” I asked, which … ah, never mind. I just realized that I mentioned the dollar earlier. Yet they do not use it as a medium of exchange.

Maybe Im drunk.

”Oh, sorry … looks like I forgot I didn bring the right money. ” I turned around and looked for Mariana or Ray there, but only blurry visions were visible.

I didn find any of them.

”Mariana? Ray? Where are you guys? Oops, sorry! Sorry, sorry … Im looking for my assistant. ”

I accidentally bumped into someone. I don know who.

”Hey, Miss! Pay for your drink first! ” shouted the bartender as I was almost away from the table.

I dug into my trouser pocket to find nothing but dollars. I seem to have forgotten the sling bag I originally carried, but now I don know where it is.

”Uhm … a minute. Shit! Nothing … no, these are not rufiyaa; these are dollars! Wheres Mariana? ” I grumbled and nagged myself for this bad luck. Im not too fond of this dizziness; it feels like everything is shaking. Where are those damn assistants and bodyguards?

”Wait, sir … my assistant will pay whatever I spend. Please give me one more margarita. Or—ouch! Watch out, jerk! You spilled a drink on my shirt! ”

The cold and slightly sticky feeling instantly fell on my skin, right on my chest. I removed the satin tank top wrapped around my body, and soon I heard someone screaming.

”Hey, hey! Stop it, Miss Carra, don take your clothes off here! ”

Oh, there he is!

It must be Ray. I just clung to him and let the man take me home.

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