Hate You, Love You

Nightmares in the Daylight

”Y-you are here? ” I asked the man who walked down the stairs and approached me. I sniffed Rays perfume on the sly just to be sure.

His smell was not the same as the mans body last night.

”Yes, miss. I never went anywhere, not even far from you since last night, but suddenly you disappeared, and after we were tired of searching, we decided to rest. ”

I feel a little strange about the statement that Ray just said. My mouth opens to speak, but I refuse. Im tired and want to sleep for a while.

”I forgot what I wanted to ask you, Ray. Never mind … well talk about it later. I want to sleep for a while because my body feels crushed. ”

I walked past Mariana, but turned around when Mariana called me.

”Wait, Zane. The bartender at the club last night said that a man took you. They said you were the one who said that you knew the man, so hearing that, we decided to go back to the villa. ”

I frowned because I didn understand. Whose man? Means not Ray?

”Well … thanks for the information, Mariana. ”

I turned around and started climbing the steps one after the other, but again Mariana called out.

”Who is that man, Zane? Did he not do evil deeds to you? ” she asked, seemingly anxious and curious because I hadn said anything about the man since arriving at the villa this morning.

I shrugged.

”I don know … he didn do anything bad, just taught me how to enjoy life. ” I turned to Ray, who looked expressionless. I don know, just ascertaining if the guy would react when I brought up about last night.

However, it wasn . Is it possible that the man is not Ray?

Never mind, it doesn matter. If indeed the man is a foreigner, he may happen to know my name because I am a singer, although maybe not many Maldives residents know. However, the guy may be one of my fans, or … I don know.

My head was unable to be thought to. As Ive said, my body feels crushed and tired. My bottom still felt throbbing and painful. I didn expect it to be so painful, although I didn deny the other more authoritative pleasure.

That sensation … I can get over it.

Is this what it feels like to make love for the first time?

”Uhm, Mariana, what are your plans for today? ” I asked after stopping the pace that brought me almost to the front of the room.

I didn have to look because it turned out that Mariana was following me and was already behind me.

”How about taking a walk and enjoying the scenery of Baros island? Oh, or how about an underwater tour on a submarine? Youll like it! ” she squealed, sounding excited. However, I just responded by twisting around and entering the room.

”Zane … what the heck is going on? I wonder what happened last night. ” She seemed to be still trying to persuade me to talk. However, I struggled to find the right word to answer Marianas question.

Mariana is the daughter of one of my late fathers confidants and is a close friend as we have even been friends since we were both in diapers.

And since my parents passed away, I feel further away from Mariana. Even from everyone I know.

”Zane … Im just worried. Im afraid you broke the rules that your late parents made. ”

Talk about rules; Ive even forgotten about them.

My parents were an old-fashioned couple, but they loved me with unconditional affection. They never allowed me to have anything to do with men indiscriminately. And I only found out a few days ago that they did it because of an arranged marriage between David and me.

No, Mariana, Im still keeping that rule. You take it easy. ”—Whereas I have violated it.

After all, David and I weren going to be doing anything. Its already in agreement that well probably sign together later as a prenuptial contract. So its unlikely hell know Im no longer a virgin.

Oh yes. My coming to this island was also a ploy to avoid the man named David.

Im not ready to marry that arrogant man.


”Mariana, do you know where the necklace my mother gave me is? ” I asked Mariana, who had just come into my room, to help me get ready. Tonight we will go to the club again. Where are we going?

Even though Mariana asked me to go around or visit several islands in the Maldives, I wasn interested. I came here only to escape.

”Uhm … I haven seen it since you came. Didn you wear it yesterday? ”

Im trying to remember.

The necklace with an orchid-shaped pendant encrusted with black diamonds is a historical item passed down from generation to generation since my grandmother was seventeen years old, then down to my mother, and then me. Ive been wearing it for eight years and have never had anything like this happen.

”Is this a sign that I should start a new life and forget all my sorrows? ” I whispered.

”Maybe. However, I will tell Ray to help find it for you. Now lets get ready. ”

Hearing Rays name that Mariana had referred to so lightly, gave me relentless tingles from the bottom of my heart. Also, in another part that the mysterious man had touched.

Even though Ray and Mariana had explained everything, why can I still believe it?

I know that what the man and I did last night was not the result of coercion.

This morning I just remembered it.

I willingly gave the whole thing; even I stripped the mans clothes. Its just that maybe we were under the influence of alcohol to do so subconsciously.

Wait! What if it wasn Ray?

What if it was a strange man who took me to his place to rob, then he was the one who took my necklace?

Mariana went downstairs as one of the maids called. And not long after, she was back again.

”Mr. Matheo is downstairs, Zane. Do you want to see him? ” asked Mariana, which immediately made me cringe in surprise.

What was that man doing in here? And how did he know I was here?

”Whats the point? If its not too important, tell him to tell you, ” I said lazily. I don want to meet that guy.

”He said it was important. ”

Well … Lets see how important he wants to convey. If he wants to brag or show off his famous model girlfriend, Im sorry, Im not interested.

”What is your aim, Mr. Matheo? ” I asked, with the tone and expression as flat as possible. Im under no obligation to be friendly to him, am I?

”Oh, you call me by my last name now? Didn you squeal my name so loudly last night when we reached the peak of mutual enjoyment? ”

What? Impossible!

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