Hating my mate

Chapter One

ector and has been since I was born. I know I am very stubborn and sometimes I get on his nerves, more often than I intend, but he is very nice and patient with me. Thats why we have been together and so close for this long.

”Please, Jex. I promise well get back immediately, ” I tell him and he looks resignedly. Yes! Now I know I have won. I know how much he treasures my happiness much more than his own. I used to think it was too much until I got used to it.

”Okay, but please don go far, ” he begs.

”Sure, ” I tell him and sneak into the partially dark woods. Thanks to the full moon we can spot another hare. I take my time to calculate my steps and when I catch it, I become so excited that I almost let go of it. Jex keeps closely behind watching me as I devour my prize.

As we walk back towards the river, Jex turns towards me and I immediately try to smile. Thats when I realize that I am now in my wolf form and I can smile. How the hell am I supposed to display my emotions?

”Be careful this time not to dive into the water, ” Jex warms me. I mentally roll my eyes at his brooding nature. ”The water is too cold for you to get into again. ”

At that moment, we hear movements and we stop dead in our tracks. The movements get closer and my heart hammers in its cage. Are we in trouble?

”Jump! Now! ” Jex commands me. As I jump, I am caught in something. I watch with fear as Jex manages to make it to the bank on the other side. My vision is blurred by threads networked, and thats when I realize that I have been caught in a net. There are murmurs around me. I try to turn in my trap but I can . I see a pair of big black boots and then feel a sharp piercing pain on my side. My world spins and spins. I look into Jexs scared eyes, my eyelids become heavy and my vision blurs. The last thing I see is Jex jumping from the bank and everything around me turns black.

I try to open my eyes my eyelids weigh a **ing tonne. My head is swimming and I feel like I am sinking. I hear fainting sounds that keep getting clearer. I manage to open my eyes and all I can see is a stone wall. I try to think, to remember what happened. The first thing that comes to my mind is Jex jumping to save me. Jex! Where is he? Is he alright? Where the hell am I and what happened to me?

A door creaks open and the same black boots I saw before blacking out appear in front of me.

”Its clear that she is from the Blue Blood pack. We caught her in our territory, hunting, ” I heavy manly voice says. I try to get up from where I am but I can even lift my head. Did they drug me? I wish to shift but I will be naked if I do, and I don want that.

”Alpha Logan is interested in seeing what weve got. Seems the Blue Blood pack has surely forgotten the terms of peace we put amongst us, and Alpha won hesitate to remind them, ” he adds with a scornful laugh. My stomach churns with fear at the sound of Alpha Logan. This is total shit! I hate to admit that I should have listened to Jex, but it is too late to regret that now.

”You should shift right now, ” a different male voice says. I now gather up the strength to look up at the two of them. One is a bearded heavy man in the black boots and another a skinny man with no beard at all. Quite an odd pair I should say.

I hope don expect me to shift in front of them. That would be too much and quite disrespectful even though I am their captive.

A young woman with coffee-brown hair walks into the room with a neat pile of clothes in her hands.

”We shall now leave you to shift and use these clothes if you want, ” says the skinny man. I mentally roll my eyes at the last statement, finding it so unnecessary to add. Is he giving me the option to stay naked when I shift?

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