Hating my mate

Chapter Six


All my conscience tells me that I shouldn do this but hell I want to know how he will react. I haven been able to rest for the last week. My wolf keeps demanding her mate and it has been taking everything in me not to cross that god-damned misty river and intentionally get myself in trouble so that Logan will give me attention.

”Excuse me, ” Logan calmly says though his jaw tightens, I am sure he is trying to hide his fury. Luca looks up at the tall Logan who is looming over us like an angry dad. He cocks his head when he sees Lucas face. Running his hand through his neatly combed hair, Logan purses his lips grimly and then glares at me.

”Is there a problem? ” Luca inquires, definitely not happy about being interrupted.

”Yes, there is a problem here, boy. Get your tiny hands off my mate before I cut them off! ” his voice is commanding, almost like a growl. A shiver runs down my spine and I am not sure whether it is fear or excitement that Logan has called me his mate.

”Whoa! Whoa! Calm down, man. I didn know she had a partner. She didn mention any of that to me, ” Luca says while backing away from me with his hands in the air intending peace.

”Yes, better run, or else you wouldn like what I would do to you. Your father is too good a man to deserve the sorrow, ” Logan says. Luca glances at me like what the hell? and then walks away. My eyes dart back to the man in a neat black suit who is eyeing me as if he could strangle me.

”You did that on purpose, didn you? ” he asks.

”I have no idea what the hell you are talking about, ” I shrug and cross my hands in front of my chest. He chuckles lightly and then roughly grabs me by the waist, pulling me tightly to him. I let out an uncontrolled gasp. His scent stirs my wolf and blood pounds heavily in my veins.

”You very well know what I am talking about, pretty face. You saw me coming and you touched that imbecile. You knew well what you were doing and you wanted to piss me off, ” he says into my ear as one hand roams into my hair.

”You can say that for yourself. I did what I wanted to do and I don give a damn how it made you feel, ” I tell him with confidence and then try to pull away from him. The strength of his grip doubles making my effort futile. I swallow a moan and try to calm myself down. His scent is intoxicating, I feel like I am getting drunk.

”You are a very stubborn girl, Arya. You have proven yourself once more but guess what sweetheart? I know very well how to handle stubborn girls like you, ” he says while he rubs his nose down my throat. His breathing tickles my skin making all the hairs on my body stand on attention. Shit! This is too hot, I am practically dripping.

”You have no right to do anything to me, Logan. I am not one of your loyal subjects. I can do whatever I want with whoever I want and you can stop me, ” I say to him.

”You are so wrong about that, pretty face because you are mine! You are my mate and you belong to only me! ” he tells me in a strong possessive voice. I pull away from him in a strong swift move and he lets me go this time.

”I am not your mate! I don belong to you or anyone! ” I tell him. My wolf coils in sadness. I will deal with her later. Logans jaw twitches and I swear the color of his eyes switched from grey to black. Its clear that he is on the verge of shifting but he is fighting not to.

”You can keep what is mine away from me. And even if you managed to, it wouldn be for long, Arya. You will be mine sooner than later and we both know it, ” his voice is more of a threat.

”Never! In your wildest dreams! I will reject you! ” I scream bitterly at him. He looks taken aback by my words. My anger dissolves when I catch the hurt in his eyes.

”How long have you known this? ” he asks.

”How long have I known that I don want you to be my mate? Ever since I got to know the name Logan, ” I tell him.

”I mean how long have you known I am your mate? ” he inquires.

”I have known since the moment I first saw you in your hideous library, and at that moment I knew I had to reject you, ” I respond spitefully. He looks away as if to hide his face from me. I am telling myself not to fall for the emotions he is displaying because I am on the right track.

”You hate me that much? ” he requires.

”Yes, ” I try not to stammer.

”You are lying, ” he says, cocking his head to the side.

”I am your mate, your present, and your future. You can reject me because deep in your heart, you know very well how much you want me. You can lie to me because my touch renders you powerless. I command your body and it responds without demur. You want me so bad, I can sense your arousal because I am your **ing mate! ” he says with a devilish smirk. I swallow down my embarrassment. How dare he interfere with my privacy? He has no right to know what is going on in my body.

”Tell me. Am I lying? ” he asks. I eye him in silence. He gives me a cocky grin and then pockets his hands in the pockets of his slacks.

”I am leaving, ” I mumble and turn to leave. He grabs my hand to stop me.

”Where are you going? ” he inquires.

”Anywhere away from you and it is none of your business, ” I respond. ”Now let go of me before I scream and cause a commotion. ”

”You wouldn , ” he hisses.

”I will count to three, ” I let him comprehend what I mean.

”You don have to, ” he says, and then lets go.

”And you are so about your beliefs, Alpha. I don want you at all. If I am aroused, it is because Luca was doing a very good job when you interrupted. I can assure you he is more arousing than you can try to be because I see a man not a monster in him, ” I tell him.

Without warning, he pulls me roughly by the waist making me bump against his hand chest. His lips descend onto mine in a violent and possessive kiss. Being caught unawares, I regain my conscience when it is too late, and my needy horniness has already taken over. I groan and let him kiss me, explore my mouth. My instincts toward my mate are very powerful that they overshadow my intention of backing away. My wolf keeps screaming, yes! Yes! as I open up my mouth for him and his tongue enters mercilessly. I give out a frustrated moan when he grabs my ass and grinds his hard crotch against my belly. I can swear my panties are beyond soaked now.

I feel like I have left this earth, and now I am somewhere else where nothing else exists other than Logan and me, our connection, our bond, and our kiss.

I finally pull away and swallow hard. This is total shit!

Logan licks his lips in a slow seductive manner while his eyes penetrate mine.

”Say that again, ” he says. I don respond. I can even say anything.

I try to walk back away from his hold but my back hits something hard and rough. A tree. I can even figure out how he got me here. Hell, I can even figure out what just happened! I feel so unsteady.

”Careful, ” he murmurs and then releases me. I suddenly feel vulnerable and naked when I am out of his arms. I don dare to say anything because I doubt if I can say anything sensible anymore. Not to mention contradicting what I say and what do.

”Arya? ” Pennys voice starts me from my stupor. I turn away immediately and find her walking towards us. I walk away from him. Logan without even saying any farewell.

”What is the matter? ” I ask her. Her eyes dart from me to Logan who is watching us from the position where I left him. She gives me a playful grin.

”Isn that Alpha Logan of the. Black Guardians pack? ” she gasps with shock. ”Whoa! Did he kiss you? ” she eyes my lips which I think are holding solid evidence. I try to hush her and pull her by the hand into the house.

”Tell me what happened! I want to know what that devilishly handsome god did to you, ” she insists.

”Nothing much happened. We just kissed thats all, ” I respond.

”Just that? I am sure a hell lot happened because you have been gone for too long. What happened to Lucas? ” shes bubbly. Shes beaten drunk.

”He scared him off, thats it. You are so drunk, ” I reply.

”Don try to confuse me. You seem to have had way more fun than I have. Tell me everything. I am dying to know, ” she pleads. I roll my eyes in surrender.

”Lets go get some more drinks and you narrate to me how you lured Alpha Logan into kissing you, ” she says while leading me to the bar set up in the hall.

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