Hazel Pierce

Chapter 9

”Dude, I can wait until later. ”.

”Whats happening later!? ”.

Dave looks between Tessa, Spencer, and me like hes missing out on something. I have no clue what Tessa is on about. When Dave shakes his head, I know that smirk is on her face.

”A new prospect. ”.

The five of us groan in unison when she snickers. I feel sorry for the man shes got her eyes on…he doesn know what hes signing up for.

”Im eating, Tessa, so don say anything…as youd usually do. ”.

I glance over at her as she rods back in her chair, plopping her legs on her desk. ”What are you trying to say, Pierce? Im a delight to conversate with. ”.

Carla clicks her tongue as Spencer shakes his head.

”If thats the case, then Im terrible company. ” – Carla and I look at Spencer…he glares at us. – ”I dare anyone of you to say otherwise. ”.

Dave and Perry laugh at how Tessa, Carla, and I have to pin our lips shut. Spencer and Tessa both are…I return my attention to my food.

”What I don understand is…why do you date at all? ”.

Tessa looks at Dave with a slight frown. ”Not everyone sees the appeal of marriage. ”.

Carla and I shudder with her, making Spencer chuckle. ”You three are almost similar. ” – Carla glares at Spencer, but he raises his hand before either one of us can cut him off. – ”Hear me out. Tessa here dates, but when it gets serious, she dumps the poor man. You. ” – Carla lowers her phone giving Spencer her full attention. – ”Won even consider dating, meaning the serious side of things you avoid too. ”.

Carla shakes her head. ”Its not the same. ”.

”But it sounds like it. ”. Dave nods, agreeing with Spencer.

I fold up the wrapper, place it in the trash, then snag a water bottle from the fridge.

”Theres a distinct difference. ”.

”Yeah, you ** like so many different women at once, while I at least commit to one dude. ”.

I take a swig from my water as I return to my seat, finding Carla glaring at Tessa, who has that smirk on her face. She loves Carlas reaction.

”Im not like that. ”.

”No? ”.

Spencer raises his questioning eyebrow…Carla jumps up to her feet, leaning down on her desk. The muscles in her arm…bulge against her cute tight t-shirt. Its one of those long-sleeved ones printed with a vest and tie. ”First of all, both of you are way off. I don ** random women! ”.

”Carla, inside voice! ”.

Spencer and I snicker at Jen as Carla lowers herself back into her seat.

”Okay, okay, we aren …accusing you of anything…its just they both sound like neither of you want a relationship…. I don get whats the point. ”.

We all give Dave a look…sometimes…sometimes, he can be slow to catch on. When he finally does, his eyes widen as we burst out laughing.

”What else other than good ass sex, especially with me. ”….…

Spencer and I groan, hoping Tessa isn about to get started. If I have to sit through another speech about her sex life…why must conversations always go in this direction. These five don seem to mind talking about…those things.

”Thats my line, but Ill let you have it. ”….. Carla grins, and Spencer and I groan again.

”God, you two are just…. ” – Dave and Perry laugh when Spencer drags a hand across his face. – ”There isn a thing wrong with having meaningful intercourse. ”.

Carlas grin grows wider…if you can picture it. The twinkle in her eyes is…. ”Its always meaningful with me. ”…..

”Can we just change the topic. I don want to hear about any of your sexual activities. ”.

”Don act like a little prude, Hazel. We all know you ain no saint. ”……

Carla…winks at me…and now Im sucked into this. ”I know Im going to regret this, but what is that supposed to mean? ”.

Spencer turns to me…I already regret asking. ”If we didn go to that welcome party, I would have never known you were dating anyone. ”…

”No one ever asked, and again, what does that have to do with what Carla said. ”.

”Maybe because your eyes like lingering on certain body parts. ”.

Spencer and Carla snicker with Tessa like she said something magical…I don understand. ”So checking someone out makes me a little beast? ”.

”No. ” – I look at Carla. – ”But the way your eyes wander was like you was single. ”…

I don believe that. In the three years, Ive been with Len, Ive never yearned for anyone else…not downright. ”I need to clarify something. ” – I shake my head when they all look at me expectantly. – ”Ive been in a committed relationship for three years now. ” – Dave whistles…I sigh. – ”I still have eyes, and so…they continue to point out things I find appealing. At no point do I actually…you know, get the thought to do something. ”. Carla, Spencer, and Tessa look at me like they don believe that…I don care. I really haven .

”I get it. ” – Thank you, Perry! – ”Its like once you
e secure with your partner, little things like that don matter. ”. Spencer and Dave slowly nod along with Perry.

”But thats not what I meant about being a saint. Those eyes were hungry at the welcome party. ”…

The smile on Carlas face makes me pause for a moment. My brain can fully recover everything I eagerly deleted that night. ”I was drunk, Carla…liquor tends to make me…like that. ”.

”Uh-huh, but those eyes wasn only pointed at your man. ”……

”What, I don remember this? ”.

”I don either, so spill it. ”.

Spencer and Tessa lean on their desk, waiting for Carla to open her big mouth…..

I don want to discuss…that…topic. ”Im not a saint, never said I was. Sex is…was like a drug for me…sometime…ago. ” – My hands fidget with the top of the water bottle, recalling those…wild years. – ”If Im being honest, Im really good at it, but I…don like, brag. ”. I look pointedly at Tessa and Carla. Perry and Spencer snicker because they both somehow took that as a compliment. Carla grins as Tessa…raises her chin…they both are the definition of smug.

”There isn anything wrong with a wild side, Hazel. My wife says as animals, we know the basics, but as humans, we can master it. ”..…..

”I think thats the first thing your wife has said that I understood. ”.

Dave glares at Spencer as we all laugh…agreeing.

”Ill like to also clarify that I usually divide my attention among a handful of women. Nothing more. We go on dates, but things stay casual. ” – Carla locks eyes with me. – ”Im not a dog. ”…….

Spencer, Tessa, and Dave look between us…Im trying to understand her meaning as well….. I haven …been a…dog in so long.….. How does she even know about that? I feel like asking would…be unfavorable, so instead, I take some gulps of water.

”I…is your wife…referring to…toys? ”.

Water flies out my mouth as my head jerks towards Perry. Shes hiding her bright red face behind her hands. Her shaky voice…was so freaking cute!

”That is a good question. ” – Spencer glares at me….. Im already moving to the counter for some paper towels, coughing out my life. – ”Some toys Im fine with…that other stuff…not so much. ”.

”What, no role play? ”.

Spencer turns his face up like Tessa just said something disgusting. ”No. There is nothing worst than someone talking too much. That will turn me off in a heartbeat. ”.

I laugh with the others as I soak up the water on my desk.

”I…I don mind it. ”.

Carla reaches over, rubbing Daves shoulders. ”Of course, you don . Im sure your wife has a whole routine planned for you. ”. When Dave blushes…we snicker again.

Tessa slams her chair on the floor, tapping Spencer on the shoulder. ”I have to agree with Spence. I don like the ” – Tessa clears her throat, dropping to this dead tone. – ”How does it feel/you like that, convo…or waterworks. ”.

”Oh my gosh, guys! ”. Perry lays on her desk to hide her face further.

”I can agree with that, but I don like ropes…. Nope, do not tie me down. ”. We laugh as Carla shivers.

”You really put a new meaning into uncommitted. ”.

Carla grins at Spencer. ”Thank you. ”.

He shakes his head before looking at me….…. I move away, throwing the tissues in the trash…hoping theyll move the conversation along, but by the time I make it back to my seat, they
e all watching me…expectantly. ”Why do I have to be involved in this. Perry hasn said anything either. ”.

”We all know Perry is a closet fre –

”Tessa! ” Perry squeaks, jumping to her feet.

”I couldn picture that face getting any redder, but look at it now. ”.

Spencer laughs, pulling on my shoulder as Perry covers her face, dropping back down into her seat. We collectively laugh at her for about a minute…before everyones eyes fall on me…again….…

”My turn-offs? ” – Carla and Spencer nod. I rest my back against my chair, briefly closing my eyes. – ”Being yelled at, hit, choked, and Noahs voice. ”.

”That list…leaves a lot of other stuff. ”.

I shrug at Spencer. ”Ill try anything but those. Sex is more so an experience for me. Everyone has different tastes, so I basically listen to…what my partners body want. ”.

”So you
e a –

”Depends. With women, I usually take the lead, but most of the time, I play along with my partners flow. ”.

Carla grins at me. ”I knew you were bisexual. ”.

I shake my head as Dave curses under his breath.

”Since my workload just got lighter, I think Ill take a little nap. ”..…..

I look from Tessa to Dave, then to Spencer and Carla. ”You guys…placed bets on that? ” – I shouldn be surprised when they all nod. – ”Im…who thought I wasn ? ”. Carla grins, tilting her head to Dave, then Spencer. Dave, I understand, but Spencer….. Before I can ask, he raises his hand.

”I did say that maybe she wasn sure if she liked women. ”.

”Yeah, whatever, old man, you both lost. ”.

Carla, Perry, and I snicker when Spencer glares at Tessa.

”Ive dated women before. That attraction doesn confuse me. Im just not single, which makes me an entirely different person. ”.

”You say that like its a bad thing. ” – Carla leans forward on her desk. – ”I bet single Hazel is soooo much fun. ”.

I smirk at her as Dave points at my face, snickering. ”Well, that there is your answer. ”.

”Work started five minutes ago! Can it! ”.

Its funny how fast Jens voice shuts off our games. As we pull our laptops out…Perry sits up. She still looks flushed, making Spencer, Tessa, and I laugh again.

”…You…guys…. ”.

Her face is behind her hands again…she is the cutest. Dave suddenly jumps up as Carla bursts out laughing. They both gain our attention…as Dave wrestles with her, trying to cover her mouth.

”Please don say anything. ”.

Carla is laughing so hard she can breathe. Its funny watching him trying to pin her down…I don think anyone could.

”What!? ”.

Dave turns red, glancing at Spencer before focusing on Carla…she…maneuvers his face down on her desk…he should have seen that coming. Carla is laughing so hard that she has tears running down her cheeks.

Tessa impatiently hits her desk. ”Spill it! ”.

”He…he –

”Carla, please! ”.

I reach over, covering Daves mouth, allowing Carla to continue. ”He…put…a…re…reminder…to…look…up…water….works. ”….

We all burst out laughing as Carla releases Dave.

”Davie…say…its…not…so. ”.

Dave buries his face behind a stack of papers, cursing under his breath at Spencer. ”Why is it so funny that I don know! ”. His frustration just makes us laugh harder.

”Even…Perry…kno – Ouch! ”. Tessa leans to the side, rubbing her leg, laughing directly at Perrys embarrassment.

”Fuck…I…can …breathe! ”. Carla falls out of her seat, coughing as she hits the floor.

If Spencer wasn holding on to me, Id be down there too. His wheezing is keeping me from calming down anytime soon.

”What did I say? ”.

Each of us looks up at Jen standing next to Daves and my desk. My teary eyes can barely make out her pissed veins….. That is even funnier…and Im not the only one whose laughter is renewed.

Carla jumps up, pulling on Daves shoulder. ”Ask…her! ”.

She falls back to the floor when Jen glares at her. Tessa, Spencer, and I collapse against our desk when Dave groans.

”Whatever stupid thing you six find humorous, can it! Get to work! ”. Jen turns to stride back to her office when Tessa sits up. She manages to pause her laughter long enough to ask.

”Do you know what waterworks mean? ”.

Jen folds her arms, staring at Tessa… The moment she realizes the question…she flushes.

”OMG! ”. Spencer is back to holding on to me.

”I…uh…why…get to work! ”. Jen rushes to her office, slamming the door shut.

”That…was…so…damn…cute! ”.

I nod, agreeing with Carla. It takes us a few minutes to calm down. Once we do, we work for a few hours until our shift ends.

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